Tuesday, October 3, 2023


The best RV wheel chocks and how to properly chock your RV

By Cheri Sicard
If you are an RV newbie you might not have ever even heard the term “RV wheel chocks” before, but you need to know this important bit of information.

More seasoned RVers have no doubt run across the term and the tools, along with frequent advice on the vital importance of chocking the wheels on trailers.

That’s because there are no brakes on trailers once you unhitch. And nobody wants a runaway trailer. Wheel chocks ensure that will NEVER happen.

But are using your RV wheel chocks properly? Do you even have the right kind of wheel chocks?

I confess I did not always have proper wheel chocks. And I wasn’t always using the wheel chocks I had properly either. Perhaps you aren’t either.

Luckily nothing bad happened as a result of my ignorance, but I did learn a lot from this video from Mark Polk of RV Education 101. I likewise won’t make those mistakes again.

Unless you are a super RV expert, I predict you will likely learn a thing or two as well from the short but informative video below.

Mark talks about various types of wheel chocks, along with the things you should look for or consider when buying chocks so you can choose the best wheel chocks for your RV.

He also says blocks of wood stuffed behind and in front of your trailer tires, something I used to do, are NOT sufficient wheel chocks. Oops.

Did you know there are even RV wheel chocks that act as theft deterrents? Chock your wheels while preventing RV theft at the same time. Genius!

You will learn the best placement and ways to use RV chocks for maximum safety.

One thing Mark does not discuss but is a common question is how many wheel chocks are needed. However, judging from the video demos, it seems that two are sufficient.



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Donald N Wright
1 year ago

I have never seen his little device anywhere.

Steven D. Ostrander
1 year ago

What about “x” chocks? We have them and love them. Better than plastic or rubber and lockable

1 year ago

Forget those plastic pieces of junk. Get rubber chocks at a place that sells truck parts.

Gary G
1 year ago
Reply to  wanderer

Harbor Freight sells excellent heavy duty chocks. I agree the plastic chocks are JUNK.

1 year ago
Reply to  wanderer

Yes, I agree as well, Princess Auto in Canada (aka Harbour Freight of Canada) has very good Ultra Durable rubber models that are 10x or stronger and now more than 10+ years old. I use them in very terrible conditions and I trust them…. unlike the plastic ones that blew into many pieces more than once.
My neighbor just purchased the exact same units and is very pleased as well.
I know this is such a simple thing but when they fail…. you will hate life. Pay a little more. Go Heavy Duty Rubber!

1 year ago

Even chock your RV when in your driveway. Only takes one bad experience to drill this in your brain.

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