Video: Update on recent cougar attack in Colorado RV park


As previously posted by Russ and Tiña De Maris, things got a bit exciting at the Riverview RV Park & Campground in Loveland, Colorado, on Wednesday, March 11, when a mountain lion attacked two people. Testing later revealed the 93-pound mountain lion was infected with rabies. The sheriff’s deputy is now being given rabies shots.

To view a very brief video showing a responding sheriff’s deputy wrestling with the big cat, click here or on the video above.


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David Howard

The officers appear to be approaching this cougar as if its a house pet that just needs to be grabbed. I would have thought that police in a part of the country where encounters with animals like this are not impossible would carry nets or other gear to use in capturing the animal. That the cougar did not run away when sighting the humans might have given them a clue that the cougar was rabid or otherwise unwell. I’m glad that the officer was not apparently seriously injured, however.