Thursday, October 21, 2021


What is it about camping near water?

By Jerry Brown
I love camping near water, and I know I’m not unique. Those waterfront spots always fill up first — and they often carry a premium price. Ocean front, lakeside or river bank: it doesn’t seem to matter. We’re all drawn to water.

I find water appealing on many levels. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the surf is among the most soothing of sounds. The burbling of a rill or small stream seems to be a universally happy sound. The roar of rushing water is always satisfying, whether it’s from a nearby creek or a more distant cascade or waterfall. Do you sleep better to the accompaniment of the sounds of water? I know I do – unless it’s the sound of water dripping!

RVs along the Colorado River in California across from Parker, Arizona.

ON THE VISUAL LEVEL, what scene isn’t more appealing with water in it? Dramatic seascape, reflected landscape, or just a bucolic rural scene enlivened by the graceful curve of a stream. Artists have known this for generations.

Then there’s sports: boating, fishing, swimming, diving. I could write an entire essay just on this aspect. We are of course creatures of water. We’re mostly made of water and our lives depend on it. So beyond the esthetic angles, I suspect there is a basic and universal aquatic appeal that we are born with.

For all of these reasons and probably more, I love being near water. One of the great benefits of the RV lifestyle is the ability to travel to and stay near all kinds of natural and recreational water resources. Over the course of a few days or weeks, I can enjoy the entire spectrum. Wherever I travel, you’ll nearly always find me near water.


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2 years ago

I live in a home overlooking water. It is a very calming and relaxing to sit in my family room and just watch its different moods. Many times I’ve found myself in a campground packed in like sardines and thought, “Why am I doing this?’ I have a more pleasant place at home.