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re: If you’re an Amazon shopper, chances are some of your purchase prices may go up soon.
I’m shocked, shocked I say, that retailer would high grade their merchandise in the wake of a shortage…real or imagined.

Ed D.

As of March 8, there has been 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Indiana.


I wish Los Angeles County would privatize its RV campgrounds. Ditto Mojave County, Arizona, at Bullhead City. In both of these areas, county-run RV campgrounds are falling apart and littered with trash. If county bureaucrats can’t run the campgrounds they should turn them over to companies that can.

Ron Lipp

looks like Good Sams has been screwing us rv people for years on our fuel plan! I will not renew my good Sams when it is due


Re the Alberta plan to divest itself of campgrounds… the govrrnment of Newfoundland-Labrador in Canada did this many years ago. They retained the half dozen most popular and either sold or leased the remainder to be privatized. They improved the kept parks, which became much more popular and to-date most of the divested parks are doing okay. All this, considering our camping season runs from mid-May to Mid-September, is actually working out quite well.


Regarding the Wilcox’s and their trailer being rear ended by a semi. Why should they have to pay the clean up fee. It was the semi’s fault. Shouldn’t his insurance pick up the tab and they (the Wilcox’s) get reimbursed for their loss??

DJ Daerius

Proceeding with the FMCA International rally is reckless. The CDC doesn’t issue warnings Willy-nilly!
Elders are at the greatest risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19). Setting up a rally where thousands of at-risk people are mingling together is akin to having each one of those people have to play Russian roulette before passing through the turnstiles!