Tuesday, March 21, 2023


What we learned about you last week (October 27-November 2)

By Emily Woodbury

Hello and happy November! We’ve had a busy week here at RVtravel and we’re excited to start showing off some pretty neat changes we’re making to the site (though nothing too dramatic, so don’t be scared). Anyways, let’s get to business, shall we? 

Photo by Rusty Clark, Flickr

Last Saturday we were curious to know if you’d spend $15 a night for an electric hookup at a truck stop. Would you? Oh yes, you most certainly would. Nearly half, 45 percent, of you answered you absolutely would spend $15 a night, 40 percent answered that you might do it, though rarely, and a small 15 percent said nope, not interested. The general consensus in the comments says truck stops are usually pretty noisy, and where truck stops are available, usually Walmarts are too. My vote would be to stay at a Cracker Barrel because helloooooo, have you had those cheesy hash browns? 

On Monday we wanted to know what device you were reading our newsletter on and, to our surprise, most of you, 47 percent, were reading it on your computers. The rest of you were reading it either on your smartphone, 30 percent, or on a tablet, 23 percent. 

A rainy Tuesday rolled by here in the Pacific Northwest, and we asked: For current owners: Will your next RV be longer or shorter than your present one? The majority, 36 percent, say you don’t plan on buying another RV, and about a quarter of you think it’ll probably be the same size as your current one. Most of you are going smaller: 21 percent answered your next RV will be shorter than your present one, and 13 percent answered it’ll be longer. A small 5 percent aren’t sure yet. 

It’s a hot day out there – what’re you drinking? Our Wednesday poll tells us that on hot days you usually like to stick to good ol’ H2O (at least that’s what 54 percent of you say). We do have a lot of iced tea drinkers out in the crowd though! A decent 22 percent of you, nearly 700 votes, say you like to drink iced tea on hot days (well, it is tealicious after all). A tied 10 percent of you like to drink soft drinks or beer, and a tiny 1 percent answered you like to drink either iced coffee, hard liquor or other (shout-out to La Croix and lemonade!).

On Thursday we asked if you use a pressure restrictor when hooking up to water? Yep, 80 percent of you always do, 13 percent of you say sometimes you do, and 6 percent answered you never do.

Bonus quiz! Rate your Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel. Whew! Good news is that 21 percent of you think it’s excellent, and a whole 46 percent of you answered above average. Still, 17 percent of you answered you think it’s about average, 9 percent think it’s below average and a disappointed 6 percent of you think your Montana Fifth Wheel is poor.

All right, folks. Thanks for reading, thanks for participating in our polls (and commenting) and we’ll see you back here again next week. Be safe out there, and happy November travels!


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Shannon Stepp
4 years ago

How about a poll of how happy people are with their Forest Rivet Columbus fifth wheel? I bet you will get a lot of responses! Personally I like my 2018 Columbus 320rs. Several warrenty issues including a mismounted front jack! Overall about 20 items to get fixed correctly! Traveling 500 miles to factory for the repairs. Local RV dealers did some repairs and charged me $400? I did buy a couple small items, less then $20. Bad experience!

Joel and Betty
4 years ago

If we really needed a place to stay, YES, in spite of the truck noise……Watching TV is important and we use a tailgater. Better than $40 a night and safer than Walmarts.

JH Huntington Beach

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