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Rate your Fleetwood Bounder

In this new feature, we ask readers to rate their RVs — their overall satisfaction with the vehicle.

Fleetwood Bounder
We ask on all surveys to respond only if you own such a vehicle, and that the model is no older than six years. The idea is to provide a resource for buyers about how owners of a particular recent model vehicle feel about it.

If you do not own a Bounder, to see the results without voting click the bottom left corner of the poll question where it says “View results.” Be sure to check back later as the number of votes increases.

Please leave a comment to provide insights into your opinion of the RV.

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R Schuster
4 years ago

I have had a slew of the little things but most have been a easy repair by me.

My largest complaint is the poor quality of assembly, hoses to jacks and propane lines not supported or tied up, and rubbing. Battery cable pinched between the frame and the house, mounting bolt to LF jack jammed into the main chassis wire harness. Another .0001 of an inch and it could have been a big problem. Holes in floor not sealed, do they need a 1 1/2″ hole to pass a pair of 16 gauge wire through. And then the person who gets paid by the pound to use the spray foam gun doesn’t fill the holes.

It is time to service again and I know it takes an hour to change oil and do some fast checks under the hood the six more hours crawling under to fix the latest stuff I find.

Had trouble with the Vaccuflush and awning but those were both fixed under warranty and not FW fault.

Over all if FW would pay attention to the details while assembling instead of shoving it out the door so it lasts 366 days before it falls a part would go along ways in customer satisfaction.

Dave and Carol
4 years ago

2012 35K Bounder has had issues with the 2-toilet, one black tank since we bought it. Replaced the vacuum pressure pump in 2016, again in 2017, ordering parts again. Probably because this is a marine toilet system. Boats live at sea level. We are full time mission volunteers at all kinds of elevations during the year.

Ron Schmitz
4 years ago

We have a 2016 Bounder we bought new. We had many little items & a few big problems that we brought to the dealer & Fleetwood’s attention. Dealer fixed some of items, we had to fix others, & after 3 yrs still have 1 we are dealing with. But over all we are glad we bought our Bounder. Drives great, not all the problems I see some gas class A owners have. It has a great layout for our (& dogs) needs. Fleetwood was very good to deal with the first year. Dealer was not. I did not get rvtravel until after we purchased our 1st MH, Had been TT owners for years. Rvtravel & irv2 sites have been a great help. Thanks for all the good information.

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