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Will dryer sheets keep mice and rats from your RV?

Through the years, we’ve received emails from RVtravel.com readers asking us how they can keep rodents out of their RVs. Other times, readers have written to report how their method works, whether it’s using Irish Spring soap, or in the case of the video below, dryer sheets — the ones you toss in your clothes dryer to make your clothes smell fresh. Of course, for every reader who says a particular method works, another will disagree, and say the rodents paid no attention.

In this video, Shawn Woods conducts an experiment in his barn and hen house, where he knows mice and rats lurk. He used motion-activated cameras to see how the rodents react when they encounter dryer sheets. He sets up some tasty treats in places where he knows the rodents live, and surrounds them with Snuggle dryer sheets, a brand he chose because of their strong and, to him, offensive odor.

So did the sheets keep the rodents away? Or did the creatures pay no attention? You’ll find out in this short video.

And when you finish, watch the previous one in this series, where Shawn tests whether Irish Spring soap will keep the critters away.



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Ann Marie Shannon
4 months ago

What about ridding the smell of mice urine? In our bedroom ceiling at our cabin on the tongue/groove. They nested in the insulation. Pulled insulation out and now a bad smell. Any ideas besides pulling out the beautiful ceiling??

1 year ago

Grid Guard – Anyone using this “Rat Mat”. Electrified mat you place around the RV,
Looking to purchase but quite expensive. Wondering if anybody has had luck with it keeping rats out of engine compartment of RV..
We have had our motorhome towed twice now, due to rats eating thru the fuel lines.

1 year ago

I have issues with squirrels nesting in my deck roof. Someone suggested fox urine. I am sure it smells but does it work? If it works, I may consider hanging rags or something soaked in the fox urine under my RV (not in) at any climbing points (tires) to keep them away.

2 years ago

We’re desperate to try anything. Dryer sheets & mint didn’t work. The mice loved the “felt batting protection” covering our truck battery connectors. So we drowned the top of the felt with capsaicin chili. Can’t exactly tell if it shooed them away, but the felt doesn’t seem to have gotten worse. So we think it might have worked. Now we have tree rats building nests in our oak trees. Think we might need a critter gitter for those. Feral cats don’t seem to be very good at controlling any type of mice or rats.😬

2 years ago

No video to see

Jesse Crouse
2 years ago

Urinal cakes. Ask any guy- they stink- and you never forget that odor.

BILLY Bob Thronton
2 years ago
Reply to  Jesse Crouse

I like the ones in the VFW Post mens room the best. Makes you empty every last drop.

Judy Braund
2 years ago

We have tried Cab Fresh in our cabin. We place it under our kitchen and bath sinks when the mice can follow the piping into our cabin. So far, we have not had a single mouse since we started this 2 yrs. ago. Please do a video on this. You can purchase it at a Farm and Fleet or Ace hardware store.
Thank you,
Judy Braund

Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

My wife was told years ago to use only the original Bounce brand of dryer sheets. Any bounce sheets that are scented or any other brand simply do not work. We’ve used this since dryer sheets have come out and never had any indication of any mice in the RV. Trying other brands is nice but, based on experience, other sheets simply do Not work.

2 years ago

Best thing I’ve used is a bucket trap. May not be as humane but they work.

BILLY Bob Thronton
2 years ago
Reply to  Ray

Ray, fill the buket with RV antifreeze. They will get drunk, then drown. Much more humane.

theresa smith
1 year ago

Where do you put this bucket?

Helen Lottridge
2 years ago

Thank you for posting the words of John Lewis.

Judy Castle
2 years ago

We have successfully, so far, used tea bags placed in all cabinets and drawers, in the outside bins and generally throughout. I use them liberally. We live in the woods of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. No mice for 4 years.

Bill Frederic
2 years ago

Re: Dryer sheet article.
I gave up on dryer sheets about 7 years ago, ineffective. I then tried Kanberra Gel, and the low cost TeaGel which is essentially the same stuff but made in FL. Both work to keep the critters out of the RV. Also spiders and other critters stay away. Smells good but not noticable unless you poke your nose in it.

2 years ago

I use a dog flea collar and cut up pieces and place them throughout the camper – never had a mouse in 12 years.

2 years ago

Ultrasonic repellers work great.
I have found however that something that works in one region of the US won’t necessarily work in the other.

I would like to see these tests done without Bait or only a few pieces of bait as their need to feed might override their fear of something.

2 years ago
Reply to  Brad

i thought about the bait too. it may keep them out of a place without food if they are just looking for a warm spot to nest.

2 years ago

I use Moen’s Mouse Mix. I would be interested to see your video on it.

Al H.
2 years ago

I question your methodology. When you leave an rv for the winter, you remove anything that resembles food. You front-loaded the test for failure by putting the seeds in play. Even at that, the first mouse clearly didn’t want to cross the barrier. It took him three tries to cross the sheets to get to food he could smell and see. With the box, they came over the ends between the rows of sheets, clearly avoiding the sheets. The sheets aren’t a panacea, but, without the food incentive, they tend to avoid the sheets.

All that said, we have used original scent Bounce for nearly 20 years, with no little visitors, until this year. This year we are, just now, opening our camper. We find that they climbed over the Bounce and attacked an open box of tissues, and went around the scattering of sheets to chew-up a roll of toilet tissue. I have no explanation, except for the late opening. Next year we will remove paper products. I’m open to other solutions, if you have them.

2 years ago
Reply to  Al H.

Ultra sonic repellers. Since using have had no traces of mice inside the RV . But they have been around it outside. So next year I will have them outside as well in the engine and generator

P. Beliveau
2 years ago
Reply to  Al H.

I have found also that only the Bounce Original scent works ..others do not. I spread a whole box all over the RV, under drawers, in the outside storage cubbies, under the bed, even by the driver pedals and we haven’t had a mouse problem. Of course Murphy’s Law since I stated this I’ll probably see some droppings this year!

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

The old building where I used to work was crawling with rats at night. By day they lived at city hall, but that’s another story. We tried various poisons, but came across a diabolical method. We set out pie pans outside the building, filled them with soda pop chilled to a slush. As a slush the soda pop did not release the carbon dioxide. The rats enjoyed the sweet treat, the carbon dioxide expanded inside their digestive system, and the rats were unable to belch/burp. Other rats would eat the exploded rats. You want the rats outside !

Jerry R
2 years ago

Balsam oil packs seem to work

STEPHEN P Malochleb
2 years ago

I have tried the peppermint oil,dryer sheets,moth balls,and traps. Traps work but messy. This past winter I had a stray cat around the yard. So I provided it with food,water,and bedding. No mice to be found this year.Hope he comes back next winter…..

Joe Rocci
2 years ago

I’ve successfully used mothballs. It would be interesting to see that tested.

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