Tuesday, May 17, 2022


The world’s longest RV? We think so!

We’ll take a wild guess and say this is the longest RV ever made. If you know differently, please tell us, and send a photo, too.

At first glance, we concluded a few things about this RV.

•It will not do well on tight turns.
•It will fit in perhaps one percent of back-in campsites, and maybe two percent of pull-through sites.
•It will not fit in 98% of American’s driveways.
•It will get stuck in 77% of all dips in the road. We mean. . . wow! Check out that overhang!

Okay, reality check: We were wrong about what we concluded so fast when first seeing the photo. The trailer actually retracts while not on the road. When fully extended it’s 55 feet long. But going down the road, the front and back thirds pull into the center, making the actual tow length a modest 20 feet. The RV, we are told, was designed in 1934 by a Frenchman to accommodate an entire family.

All that said, what we believe is most certainly true is that the RV never made it into production. No surprise there.

##RVT834 ##RVDT1423


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1 year ago

It looks more like a horse trailer.

1 year ago

If you look real careful the front and back telescope.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

What could POSSIBLY be in that thing that woudn’t make it hugely overweight, especially with only one axle?

Stanley Sokolow
4 years ago

I’m having a hard time picturing what the floor plan of this thing would have been. With the front extension and rear extension moved toward the center until the whole thing is 20′ long, where would the contents of the extensions fit in?

4 years ago

Holy mackerel. Looks like the horse trailer from hell…..!

4 years ago

First slide out, man was before his time

Judy G
4 years ago

First thing I noticed was the single axle – then you explained it.

Bill Jeffrey
4 years ago
Reply to  Judy G

The ends move toward the center for travel? Sounds a lot like my more modern TrailManor! Granted, the TM doesn’t expand out to 55 feet. But its a lot easier to find a campsite. I wonder if this is where the inventors got the idea.