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Readers tell us: Did you buy your current RV from Camping World?

By Emily Woodbury

Listen, folks, I’m no Camping World expert (nor do I want to be) so please excuse the lack of industry knowledge here. I’m fitting the pieces together as best as I can.

Last Monday we asked you if you bought your current RV from Camping World. The results aren’t exactly what you’d call thrilling. Most of you, actually, almost all of you, 92 percent, did not buy your current RV from Camping World. A small 6 percent of you did though, and you bought it new, and another 3 percent of you bought your RV used from Camping World.

Now, back in August of 2018 we asked: Camping World RV buyers: How happy are you with your purchase? You can see in the results below, you probably aren’t very happy with your Camping World RV purchase. Perhaps we should ask that question again, but we’re guessing the results would be about the same.

Here’s what a few of you had to say in the comments:

A reader who called themselves “Not Politically Correct” (ha) commented: “Never Buy ANYTHING from Camping World! Especially a RV, unless you enjoy misery!”

“I wish I had known about Camping World what I know now. We would have never purchased from them!” — Kaeleen Buckingham

“Many years ago I found the 5th wheel trailer that I wanted at a Camping World dealership in Akron, Ohio 1,500 miles from home. I was assured it was in great condition. I arrived to find a handle on the fridge broken, a weld on the steps broken, light bulbs burnt out, and a few other issues that could have all been fixed for under $100.00. Overall I was happy with the camper and did the repairs myself but I was disappointed (I used that word because I shouldn’t use “really pissed” in this forum) that the dealer couldn’t have found the time to do one hour of work to make the experience quite perfect. I will never deal again with Camping World.” — Impavid

“Purchased my forest river 5th wheel new in 2016. Had a few minor problems, had to replace microwave and electric fireplace. And a couple other things. Made this purchase in Byram,MS. Camping World there was prompt, very cooperative and I was very pleased with them. I have read the horror stories that some have had dealing with CW but I did not have such.” — Thomas

Now we know that RV sales have been declining, and we know Camping World has been suffering. What do you think will happen to the RV-selling giant?

If you’re one of the 9 percent who did buy your RV from Camping World and didn’t comment on Monday’s poll, how was your experience, and are you satisfied with your purchase? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks!


Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodburyhttps://www.rvtravel.com
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at RVtravel.com. She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for RVtravel.com she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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P Caress (@guest_68963)
3 years ago

Bought a 2016 Bullet from Camping World in Vacaville, CA. Very unhappy with the service. We live over 70 miles from their service dept and we had to take the trailer back and forth 3 times and one of those times, I followed my husband to Camping World so we could leave the trailer with Camping World with the mandate that they keep it until everything was fixed. Two weeks and many phone calls later, we went to pick up our trailer. Several things came up later but we were not inclined to go back there. I would not ever do business with Camping World again.

Jane (@guest_68942)
3 years ago

We have had decades of great service at the Harrisburg, PA Camping World. We bought our latest rv, slightly used, from them. We had minor problems on our first weekend trip. Called Monday, got a service appointment for Tuesday morning, had it back by lunch time!
On 2 recent trips, we’ve had problems, pulled into the nearest CW, and had great service. This is why we continue to use Camping World!

Dan Parkhurst (@guest_68816)
3 years ago

Sometimes we blame the RV dealer for the problems of the shoddiest workmanship of the RV manufactures.The mfg runs the unit through production as fast as possible knowing many things are wrong with the unit counting on the dealer to fix the problems under warranty. I’ve found that the dealers are overwhelmed with other repairs for customers that they don’t have the time or shop people to make the repairs. This results in a very long waiting period.
We as RV customers should hold the manufacture feet to the fire for shoddy workmanship. If dealerships would refuse sell from the manufactures maybe they would get the picture. It took awhile for the American car manufacturers to get the picture when imports took over our auto industry.

Enough said!

Daniel Morfenski (@guest_68792)
3 years ago

We my wife an I, would never, ever,buy any thing from there,we purchased a 2018 RamPromaster/Sunlight van One, at CW Las Vegas, I’m so sorry, the sad part is we have it and will have till we leave this earth, from the million dollar owner down to the person that details the units are the worst people, it’s typical American companies that could care less about the consumer, but the American dream slips away as soon as you sign the contract, Just about everything inside our unit is or has fallen apart. Did I mention that we hate Camping world, and everyone there . Some would say well why did you buy there, well we screwed up, but we still should have the rights to be made whole. Did we mention that we HATE CAMPING WORLD!

Robin Petersen (@guest_68649)
3 years ago

We purchased our travel trailer from Camping World several years ago and still love it.

Vincee (@guest_68580)
3 years ago

What I see happening to CW in my neck of the woods, upstate or I should say Western New York, is that CW is reverting back to the original owner’s names of many of the independent dealers they bought out to grow. This is a common practice in many industries, trying to hide the corporate parent company. I believe without this strategy CW will be gone before we know it.

Most of us reading this newsletter, online forums or even the business section of your local newspaper will have a less than favorable view (to be nice) of Marcus Lemonis and the ruinations he has brought to CW, Gander Mountain, and Good Sam Club.

Angela Mahoney Zurawel Retrocentricgal@aol.com (@guest_68467)
3 years ago

Buying a 2 year old used RV from Camping World has been the absolute WORST nightmare possible. Never again!

Gerry (@guest_67806)
3 years ago

Mechanical issues were cured in a timely manner but finding an sewer issue took way too many trips. On my case it was a shop full of dummies who just did something without triage . Turned out to be bent disconnected from black tank. They changed the vent on the roof, then charged the vents inside. I finally got the coach ‘ripe’ and make the service manager visit. That got it fixed properly.

Captn John (@guest_67797)
3 years ago

Bought my last 2 TTs and 3 5ers from CW in Myrtle Beach. Good prices and good service! Have needed very little warranty work on any unit! Always clean hen ready for pickup, all units were new. I had them do off warranty work too; washer and dryer were hundreds less than other dealers, slide toppers installed on 3 units for less than all others around. Never have my units sat for months, have had to wait for parts but used the unit until they arrived and repairs made while I waited or went to lunch

Chris Anthon (@guest_67713)
3 years ago

Bought my 2019 Forester from Camping World in Thornburg VA and am not happy at all. Was led to believe that unit did not come with a diesel generator (not true), did not have a spare tire, or a solar collector. Unit Did have a spare tire and a solar collector and that model could be ordered with a diesel generator. There are other issues…
Bottom line, they don’t know the product and lied to us.

Jeff (@guest_67703)
3 years ago

My question too everyone is this. How long is it going to be before camping world goes under after reading all of the bad reviews?

Angela Mahoney Zurawel (@guest_68469)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

They automatically “cruise” their website comment section and automatically remove any bad reviews or complaints. They will give you the standard answer that they are sorry to hear you had a negative experience and then promptly leave it at that.

Joe (@guest_67652)
3 years ago

Horrible customer service. I will not buy anything else from them.

Len Claytor (@guest_67647)
3 years ago

I bought my 2016 Thor Freedom Elite Class C from Camping World of Dothan, Al. I am happy with the product as a whole. However, I went in to by a coach type vehicle. The salesman strong-armed us into the Class C. After I got home I called back the next day saying I wanted the other RV. I was told it was too late. So I have lived with the Class C. It serves it’s purpose, but I will never trust another of their salesman. The salesman convinced my wife she could drive this vehicle ( never has, never will). I felt like we were victims of switch and bait!

shiplap (@guest_68405)
3 years ago
Reply to  Len Claytor

I assume your are an adult and can make your own decisions of your own free will? If you were ‘strong armed’, shame on you. Unless he had a loaded, pointed gun at you, put on your big boy pants. I am also going to assume you signed a contract and drove off with your new RV the that YOU wanted. They owe you no such return.

Becky (@guest_67634)
3 years ago

It’s not the sales side… it’s the service..
We choose Gander in caldwell. Love them

Laura G (@guest_67829)
3 years ago
Reply to  Becky

We bought from Gander too, guess what…Gander is owned by Camping World as well…
We’ve had problems every time we bring it in for repairs or maintenance. Can’t win with Gander either.

Richard Jackson (@guest_67633)
3 years ago

Bought a 2014 class A camping world in Colorado. RV from hell, Jack’s broke down within 3 weeks, no other camping world would do warranty work for. Wall paper and inside trim was falling off. Took it to a CW in North Carolina to fix the walls, when I slid the side out I found 2″ nails sticking out. The list goes on and I bought it in 2014

Todd (@guest_67627)
3 years ago

Bought from camping world and had a terrible experience. my camper I bought in spring had issues and they kept it for 3 months and gave me the run around. Wouldn’t return calls. Never again!

Todd (@guest_67626)
3 years ago

Bought from camping world. Terrible place and people. Would spend more just to NOT buy from them!

Cathy (@guest_67620)
3 years ago

Bought a used 5th wheel from cw in myrtle beach. We regretted it soon after. Had many problems with rv and had to fight with them to get things repaired. They were not easy to work with and took their time on things. When it comes to purchasing one, you’re treated good but it doesn’t last. I would never buy from them again.

Shane (@guest_67615)
3 years ago

Bought my RV used at camping world we are very pleased with our purchase everything worked as described it’s a 2001 and we bought July of 2019 price was reasonable and camper is pristine for the age

Glen Ward (@guest_67611)
3 years ago

I bought a class a in 2017. From Greenwood Indiana camping world. They didn’t even clean it before pickup there were several issues but we were in a hurry to get going. I called trying to get it fixed and they quote 2 months to fix. I ended up fixing it myself.
They also really low balled my trade in.

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