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Readers tell us: Would you like to own and operate an RV park if given the opportunity?


By Emily Woodbury

Howdy, folks! Jeez, I sure hope you’re all staying healthy – what a weird time, huh? Anyway, let’s get your mind off the news for a few minutes and focus on a whole “‘nother” RV subject: RV parks.

On Tuesday, March 10th, we asked you: If given the opportunity, would you like to own and operate an RV park? This must be a hot topic because more than 3,600 of you voted! Wow! As you can see from the results above, the majority of you, 73 percent, would not, while another 23 percent of you would like that opportunity.

I think I’d like to operate a park…if it were in the deep forest, near a waterfall, with nobody else around…including customers…wait. OK. So maybe I actually wouldn’t like to operate one…

Anyway, as usual, let’s see what you had to say in the comments:

Reader Bill brings up a good point. He writes, “Definitely NO on owning and operating a campground. Just like any other business catering to the public … when would you get the time to go RVing or camping yourself?” Mhm.

Rammer commented, “I answered yes to the question of campground ownership. We had the privilege of owning, improving and developing a campground. After ten years of owning we received an offer we couldn’t refuse so sold to the bidder. It was a great 10 years. If you control the property, select who you allow to camp and limit length of stay, etc., it can be a very rewarding business. Sorry we sold the campground/RV park and constantly dream of having it back!”

Oh, hey! I should’ve read the comments first. Turns out that M. Will feels the same way I do. They wrote, “Would love to be rich enough so that I could buy an RV park and have no campers at all staying in it. Everything except the people and their vehicles.” Exactly, M. Will, exactly.

Russel J. Hutchison writes, “No thanks on owning a camp ground. Too many crazy campers . !!!!!! lol” Another good point…

And lastly, TravelingMan… C’mon, man. You’ve got it all here. Just open the darned park already! He commented a very lengthy description of exactly what his park would look like. I highly recommend you read his comment, which you can find by scrolling down here.


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Shredder J.
2 years ago

I know that dealing with the public would be a very tough job, but instead of looking at it as how difficult people are, I think it shines a light on each of us – to see if there is something that we can do as individuals to make us easier to deal with. I’m sure I’m being naïve. I would like to give it a try though.

chris p hemstead
2 years ago

I can’t imagine a worse job than dealing with the public.

Philip H. Wood
2 years ago

I am retired. For the record, I worked as a park host for a little over six years. My experience was that when the owners found out that I had over twenty years of sucessful management they basically just walked off and left it with me. I was sorta fun but not what I signed up to do.

Katherine Dunsirn
2 years ago

We would love to own or manage an RV park in Texas on the coast. Rockport,Texas, Aransas Pass, Texas or even Port Aransas, Texas. WE LOVE TOOOOOO ******

Larry Boswell
2 years ago

I managed a B&B in Germany from 2000-2002. That completely satisfied any urge I might have to deal with the public in that capacity. I also taught public high school for 30 years. No RV park management for me, thank you.

Ian Cook
2 years ago

I read almost every word every day.

Very informative.

I think we all need to step up and help Chuck with donations to keep him publishing…

Bob p
2 years ago

To owning a campground, 30 years ago yes, today NO. Part of that answer is due to age, the biggest part is the nature of people today, yes I’m being offensive to the younger members of society. Grow up people!

Susan Mitchell
2 years ago

Re: Your poll. I enjoy it all. Especially now house bound for the pandemic! I look forward to it all!

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