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Readers tell us: Are you shopping more online now than a few months ago?


By Emily Woodbury

On Thursday, April 9th, we asked you if you’re doing more online shopping now than you were a few months ago. Before I even really look at the results of this poll, I’m just going to guess that the answer is yes, you’re doing more online shopping now. How could you not be? (Ladies, are you missing TJ Maxx and Home Goods as much as I am? *sob*)

Maybe the more specific question here is: “If you really need an item, will you go to the store for it or will you order it online? And why?”

For example: My dog, Astor, hurt her paw at the dog park. I’ve needed a few ACE bandages, some first-aid ointment and spray, and a few other things to help it heal. Now, here’s the thing: I tried to go to Petco (because this was time-sensitive) but was told they were only doing “curbside pickup” – the stores aren’t open. My thought process here is, “OK, if I’m going to go through the process of placing an order online anyway, then have to drive to pick it up, I might as well order on Amazon when it can just be delivered straight to my door.” Not to mention, there’s just something ultra-comforting about reading Amazon reviews.

Do you think people are shopping more online these days because of reviews? Have our brains been rewired to want to buy things when we see five golden stars next to it? I do. I am much more prone to buying something online because it has good reviews. I don’t want to go to Petco and have to Google each individual product to read reviews – I’d be there all day! I’d rather order a product on Amazon knowing that it has good reviews and wait a day or two to get it, than go to Petco (or any store) and risk buying an item that doesn’t work.

OK, anyway, let’s get back to the poll and see what these results say. Let’s see if my guess was right…

A combined 34 percent of you are shopping either quite a bit more online, or somewhat more than you were before. The majority of you though, 52 percent, are online shopping about the same. As you can guess, I’m surprised that 11 percent of you are shopping less online than before! The small remaining 3 percent of you don’t ever shop online.

All right, that’s all for today. Happy shopping, y’all!

P.S. This is what I ended up buying for Astor, my dog, because of all the positive reviews. I’ve been spraying it on her cut for two days now and it’s healing beautifully – highly recommend to keep in your pet’s first-aid kit!

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2 years ago

Thanks for the update Emily. I have never bought anything on line, and don’t intend to in the near future. What future one might ask? What is the future of retail shopping?

There will be changes in the way people (possibly myself eventually too) “shop” . The thinking behind you finding convenience in purchasing the necessary aids for Astor (which under the circumstances I fully agree with) is at the heart of what in time may spell the doom of brick and mortar retail.

In concert I predict cardio, eye, obesity and other health related ailments will jump proportionately as people become more sedentary of lifestyle.

The human race didn’t need a pandemic to see that coming. Health concerns due the sedentary lifestyle has been a mounting public health issue for years. Data on this curse is readily available for anyone interested enough to learn about it – and more importantly – DO SOMETHING about it – before it is to late………….

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