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Readers tell us: How many bumper stickers are on your RV or tow vehicle?

By Emily Woodbury

Does your RV or tow vehicle look like this one below? Do you just have a few stickers? Do you not have any? And if you do have bumper stickers, are you thoughtful/strategic about where you place them or do you just smack ’em on?

This is a photo from Reddit. We don’t know who this car belongs to, so please keep your political comments to yourself. Thank you!

I have a love/hate relationship with bumper stickers. I think I want it on my car… and then I put it on my car, admire it for a few days and then immediately want it off. Anyone else in the same boat (er, RV)?

Speaking of bumper stickers. We’ve thought about (for quite a few years actually) making bumper stickers. If we did, would you want one? That’s a poll for another day… but I’ll keep it in mind (feel free to leave a comment about it though).

OK, now let’s talk about you. According to this poll, which we asked you on Friday, May 1, 77 percent of you don’t have a single bumper sticker on either your RV or your tow vehicle (okay sooooo maybe bumper stickers aren’t such a great idea…). Only 9 percent of you have one sticker, and 7 percent of you have two. You can see the rest of the results above, but I’m curious to hear from the 1 percent of you (15 voters), who answered that you have “Wayyyyyy too many to count!” As the song Summer Nights from the movie “Grease” goes, “Tell me more, tell me more” … in the comments. 🙂


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2 years ago

I have a rear bumper storage locker that I paste bumper stickers on. I have one for just about every special place or park we’ve been. Awhile back I noticed that many of the places only had T-Shirts, magnets and such but no more bumper stickers (or the sticker was too large for my liking). So now I take a picture of the sign (or the T-Shirt) and when I get home I use the website Vistaprint to create my own bumper stickers. Vista charges $2.99 each and after I photoshop the pictures I took I generally can put 2 or 3 stickers on one full-size bumper sticker. When the arrive, I cut them down to individual stickers.

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

I have a US map, like most other RVers, on our Georgetown Class A, along with a US Navy Retired and Everett Silvertips hockey team sticker.

My Jeep, however, tends to be a bit more of a rolling billboard. Stickers are like temporary tattoos for your ride – they show a lot about you, as much as your ride does in many ways. From the Oklahoma shaped OSU and Star Trek placards on either side of my license plate, to the National Parks stickers on the drivers side rear window, NASCAR tracks we have visited and my favorite drivers opposite them on the passenger side, and the rolling array of political stickers on my rear glass (always on the glass save those two placards – because you don’t want to mess with the paint job!) my Liberty is a statement of what I love, what I am passionate about, and the life I’ve been lucky enough to live.

Captn John
2 years ago

I have 1 small oval sticker (easily removable) “US Air Force Veteran” and a small oval magnet “Trump 2020”. Not really a fan of stickers.

2 years ago

Not all are on the bumper of our TT. We put the oval stickers for the State Parks we visit on the back of it.

2 years ago

One on rear window of our toad. U S Coast Guard Retired

Joe Sesto
2 years ago

I’ve only seen 1 bumper sticker that had any class or style. A few decades ago a local business owner had a custom chrome housing made that sat above his motorhome’s rear bumper. It framed the local Chamber of Commerce’s bumper sticker promoting our town.

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC
2 years ago

I don’t like clutter thus don’t like bumper stickers. My exception is “I survived the Trans Labrador Highway.”
You see this is a badge of honour/honor as in 2018 almost all the 1500 kilometres/932 miles Labrador route including Quebec was gravel. It was my furthest trip from home, 5776k/3589miles, even longer than my trips to Key West, 5635k/3501miles, longer by 88 miles.

At 36’ 5th wheel we were, apart from semis, the biggest thing on the road, that was until we met our new friend from Minnesota in his 45’ tag axle Tiffin.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

Hi, Steve. That reminds me of my trip with my sons to Skagway, AK, many years ago in our 1975 Suburban. We went up the Cassiar Hwy., and 200+ miles of it was “gravel” — but the chunks were about 2″ or so in diameter. I think I vibrated off a couple of pounds! 😆 —Diane at

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

The guy in the photo obviously felt that bumper stickers were cheaper than a paint job.

2 years ago

I don’t have any bumper stickers because it devalues the RV/car. I know a detailer who works for a car dealer who told me having a bumper sticker diminishes the trade in value. He first has to remove it because people don’t want vehicles with them on.

2 years ago

We have lots of bumper stickers on our little towed. We put new stickers on magnetic sheets then put on the car. We easily remove when we wash the car and and sometimes change out. They are frequently a topic of conversation at parks and once we had somebody exchange one of their bumper stickers for one of ours. One rule is we never apply any political, controversial or identifying stickers because people are crazy. A ritual when we travel with our grandson is to buy a bumper sticker after we complete a hike or visit a park with him, glue it to the magnet and put on the car. He loves these “badges of honor”

Gary Kaiser
2 years ago

We enjoy bumper stickers. We are currently trying to visit as many National Parks, Monuments, sites etc as possible and try to place an oval sticker from each visit on the rear of our motorhome. Not all parks have ovals so there are a few of different configurations. Have bottom 1/3 filled. Wonderful reminder of all our visits and a great conversation starter.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Kaiser

I am one NP away from completing the lower 48 that are RV accessible and wish I could attach a photo. We do need a standard format and as president that would be my first executive act. The 4 letter abbreviation with full park name above and state(s) below should be that standard. The thick black outlined stickers are lower quality and I have had to replace a few of those. So I usually buy extra.

It is an amazing conversation starter but also an addition to my blindspot as I see families playing “Guess the sticker” all the time. Have fun completing the set!!

2 years ago

I like bumper stickers. I lease so every 3 years I have to replenish my favorites. When I had a Toyota Tacoma I had “Toyoda” on it. But my favorite still is “I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands”. I saw the Beatles twice among others. I get many comments from people of all ages on that sticker.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

I would like an RVTravel bumper sticker. Bumper stickers give tailgaters something to read when they are not staring at their phone.

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