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Getting medical care on the road is no longer a given

Planning your RV travels now has a new ­­– and potentially deadly – factor to consider, thanks to COVID-19. Will you be able to get the health care you need as you travel from state to state?

The worldwide pandemic has certainly been a roller coaster of emotional decisions and bureaucratic missteps during the past two years. We all thought we were emerging from the dark place with the advent of vaccines last spring. But then, vaccine hesitancy and breakthrough infections shifted the goalposts.

We won’t go into the wisdom, or lack thereof, of ignoring the vaccines today (at least until the end of this essay). Like everyone else, I’ve got my opinions. We are all entitled to think what we will. But we also need to be aware of the actual fallout of our decisions.

The facts are that while new infection numbers in many states are starting to decline, hospitals in many locations are still totally overwhelmed.

Take Montana, for example

Take my former home state of Montana, for instance. Hospitals throughout the state are operating at well above capacity and are starting to turn away patients.

KTVQ-TV in Billings, Montana, recently reported that the father of a family from Colstrip, a small town about 55 miles east of Billings, was turned away from both Billings hospitals when he needed emergency surgery for a perforated bowel. His wife also tried hospitals in Helena, Bozeman, and Kalispell. All major hospitals in the state said they weren’t in a position to help because of overflowing patient counts due to COVID-19.

Shawn Loyning’s wife, Janelle, finally found a small hospital in Cody, Wyoming, that would take them in. Shawn had to be stabilized in the Cody Hospital’s ER before he could get the surgery, and he nearly died. (He did survive and is doing better now but isn’t out of the woods).

The two Billings hospitals claim they are operating at about 175 percent capacity right now, mostly filled with unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. Administrators at Billings Clinic admit that they are putting patient beds in hallways and conference rooms to try to deal with the burgeoning crowds.

Last week, Montana had the second-highest number of new Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations, per capita, of any state. It’s also one of the least vaccinated states, at 49.3 percent. I’ll leave it to you to decide if that fact is a factor in all of this.

Many other states are struggling, too

Billings and the rest of Montana aren’t the only places that are struggling. Other states and cities are reporting overflowing medical facilities, exhausted staff, scary protocols for rationed care, and a lot of potential “no vacancy” signs for those requiring immediate help. Hospitals in more than 10 states reported their highest rates of COVID-19 admissions in late September.

How does this impact you, the traveling RVer? If you are confident that you can tiptoe down the highways without getting seriously ill or injured, I guess you’re good to go.

But if you are unlucky enough to fall ill or get hurt in one of these hospital “hot spots” during your travels, you’re in trouble. Good insurance or even lots of cash won’t save you.

So, add a little health care hotspot research to the list of things to do when making your travel plans. The fact is many hospitals – including in major U.S. cities – now resemble understaffed Third World village clinics. You’d be wise to precisely understand the medical situation for areas where you plan to travel. Welcome to a new travel reality, at least for now.

Be careful out there … and get your shots.


Mike Gast
Mike Gast
Mike Gast was the vice president of Communications for Kampgrounds of America Inc. for 20 years before retiring in 2021. He also enjoyed a long newspaper career, working as a writer and editor at newspapers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, and Montana. He and his wife, Lori Lyon, now own and operate the Imi Ola Group marketing company, focusing on the outdoor industry.


  1. Using CDC numbers and the U.S. population being roughly 333,000,000 you have 0.22 percent chance of dying from covid. You do have a 14 percent chance of getting covid but the trend is downward. You must understand that people are resistant because of how heavily politicized covid has been. Why the suppression of anything that goes against the government’s talking points? Why the suppression of studies that contradict the “party line”? Why the suppression of doctors who have successfully treated covid patients with alternative medicines? It reminds me….

  2. Recommendations from Canadian healthcare experts are that regardless of less stringent measures in many US states, Canadian travelers should act as if they were still in Canada. Our regulations and higher vaccination rates have protected us better overall than in the US. Of course, there are some notable exceptions such as Saskatchewan and Alberta, which appear to share the experience of states that border these two provinces. A lower vaccination rate due to vaccine hesitancy and other factors have led to this worsening situation. However, in my home province of Ontario, the daily Covid numbers are on the decline, and the majority of new cases are occurring among the unvaccinated. So, to reiterate, get your shots, wear your masks and practice safe routines in the US, just as you should be doing when home in Canada.

  3. It’s just not worth traveling to states that have such high covid rates and hospitalizations. Even if you don’t need medical care why risk exposing yourself to covid if you don’t have to?

  4. Getting the shot won’t help! Since I’m diabetic and have had Stents we were offered the Modena vaccine Last February and took it.
    We still got COVID in early September. We were sick for 5 days and had zero energy for the next week and a half. Best thing we did was get Hydroxycloriquine(sp?). We started it on on day 5 and we were felt 100% better the next morning!
    A month later and we can smell and taste normally now.
    What good was the shot?

  5. Well we do know, or we all should know that down through history governments often became the worst enemies of the people.
    And of the worst were those governments that forced medical treatments and procedures on their subjects.
    A word to you Jeff. I mentioned below that 50% of NIH employees are shunning the jab. Do you assume they are all “FoxNews” watchers? Is this “science”??
    When one resorts to this type of dismissal your adding nothing of value to civilized discussion.

    Those of us with many many years have seen a lot of intentional stampeding of the masses. Only to find out the truth years later.

    • I can’t even follow your logic. 50% of NIH employees shunning the jab (if true) is not science it’s statistics. My mother might say, “If 50% of your classmates jumped off a building would you do it too?”

      It was governments who got behind vaccinations for polio and small pox. Was that bad science? I think too many people believe what they see or hear on social media or from their misinformed friends. There are people I know and love who tell outright lies to make their poor choices seem logical.

      If you are speaking aginst the Covid vaccine, you are on the wrong side of science, history and community well being.

  6. After reading pages of comments, I conclude our society is going through great tribulation. I also conclude that it is folly to expect a political party to emerge as a hero and establish peace in the country and cast the virus aside. I encourage all to follow facts (there will be references to confirm) and evidence. Even evidence requires further research to learn the process that led to the evidence because sometimes evidence can be misleading. I encourage you to find sources of information that have a limited amount of opinion and that would likely exclude TV and Social Media. Regarding the article, it is an alert for us to be aware that getting medical care may be must more difficult than finding a local opioid dealer. It is my belief that none of us know the long-term impact of COVID nor do we know the long-term impact of vaccinations. For those who are curious, I chose to be vaccinated.

  7. So much ‘Fox News/OAN bullshit in these responses here. It is seriously disgusting how blatantly stupid most of you conservatives have become. Mind you, I am a proud Eisenhower Republican – but you idiots have made my political opinions equal to a Progressives. If you can get the (NOW FULLY APPROVED) vaccine, TAKE THE {bleeped} SHOT. I’ve had an actual, experimental vaccine (not human trialed) for Anthrax during the Gulf War (so I research what shots I get), and the COVID vaccines have been trialed, tested and FULLY APPROVED. Anyone who says otherwise IS A LIAR.

    If you don’t want the vaccine because your ‘God’ tells you to not take it, fine. But when you get sick, DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Stay home and pray your keester off, but you better not take up a bed for someone who REALLY needs it. And, if you die, well, that’s all a part of ‘Gods plan” I suppose.

    • Well, maybe we should tell the smokers who get lung cancer, the obese with diabetes (type 2, not type 1) who have many comorbidities, the drug addicts, or people with heart disease who don’t change diet, or people with cirrhosis of liver due to drinking, that they can’t get health care either?

      • I’d agree with you on this Diane, but you do realize that most smokers were lied to for decades about the health effects of tobacco by cigarette makers, right? Sugar is the most heavily subsidized ag product in America – and it acts on the brain in a similar manner as cocaine. Yet, food manufacturers can put as much sugar as they want in their products. Drug addiction is a nightmare – and yet Perdue Pharma just got a settlement that was approved by a Trump appointed bankruptcy Judge – allowing the Sackler family to pay pennies-on-the-dollar in compensation to the people they made into addicts, or killed.

        Maybe think about things instead of just arguing in the future. Happy Motoring!

        • I smoked full time until I was 35. Then intermittently until 45. I’m 72. We were told the risks back then. So people had the info, yet continued to smoke…like me. Until I made the decision to totally quit. The cause and effect of sugar, overweight has also been known for decades. These aren’t new findings. I know about the opioid crisis. However, there are and have been more drugs than just those, heroin, cocaine, etc. Again, not new news that these are harmful.

      • Actually, I’m a moderate. But since you obviously worship Herr Twittler, I can understand why you’d think otherwise.

        Happy Motoring!

        • Moderate my backside! You people think you can just run roughshod over others but we have news for you, you can’t. But keep looking in that mirror and repeating to your reflection: I am blatantly stupid!

    • Why do people not understand that the largest groups unvaccinated are African Americans and Hispanics. Are the majority of them Fox watchers or R’s? And the highest group, percentage wise, not vaccinated? PhD’s, you know, ignorant rednecks. We are a large, diverse population. The issue of vaccine or no vaccine can’t be packaged in it’s one “group” of people. My dentist & his wife, who is also a dentist, will not get vaccinated. Oh…and they aren’t Trump people. 40% of the population that is not vaccinated is one monolithic group. BTW, my son, his wife, my step-daughter are all angry that they were backed into a corner to get the vaccination. So not all vaccinated are happy about it.

      • Oh, Diane… wrong again. I pulled up a survey that was released six weeks ago which has graphs to make it easier for people to understand. It’s actually white Republicans who are the largest group that don’t want the vaccine. Now, black and hispanic folks I can sympathize with, as white folks tend to either ignore their health issues, or do outright experiments on them. They don’t trust the system, with good reasons in many cases. In the case of white Republicans, it’s because it doesn’t fit with what you believe, and some millionaire TV dinner heir has lied to you about the facts.
        Happy reading!

          • You laugh, but you have zero counterpoint to it. This is why we can’t have nice things. And, Ed, if Fascist sympathizers like you hadn’t taken over the GOP, we wouldn’t look like the last gasps of the Confederacy.

      • Because your post is not true – rates are similar between the three groups. However, political affiliation does make a big difference in vaccination rates with Republicans much less likely to be vaccinated “Of Americans surveyed from Sept. 13-22, 72% of adults 18 and older had been vaccinated, including 71% of white Americans, 70% of Black Americans, and 73% of Hispanics. Contrast these converging figures with disparities based on politics: 90% of Democrats had been vaccinated, compared with 68% of Independents and just 58% of Republicans.”

  8. Whoa! ‘Be careful traveling the Black Hills – there are tunnels that your RV may not fit thru” Thank you for that info. ‘Be aware that camping in a canyon can be dangerous during Monsoon weather.’ Thank You. ‘Be aware that fires in the West have closed these campgrounds.’ Thank you. ‘Be aware that certain areas of the country may not be able to take care of your heath needs.’ THEN – no Thank You?, but just political trash talk? I don’t get it at all. You do know that it is the gov’ts fault that the tunnels in the Black Hills are so small, don’t you?
    Mike, thanks for the info. I have liked visiting Montana but it is nice to know that I may want to wait a while until my next visit, just like I will be waiting for the closed wild fire camp grounds to open up again. I don’t care why the hospitals are full, but it is nice to know. Thanks again, Mike

  9. This is from Montana’s own Covid-19 website. Yes, the unvaccinated are a greater percentage than unvaccinated, but I found this fact quite disturbing. “Findings • From February 7 through September 4, 2021, 3,610 (10.5%) cases, 248 (11.4%) hospitalizations, and 54 (16.5%) deaths were reported among fully vaccinated persons in Montana.” Just as I wondered about reported unvaccinated deaths, I am now wondering about vaccinated deaths. Are they “from” Covid or “with” Covid. There are many well known doctors, some at Johns Hopkins that believe the number of deaths could be overstated by 40 to 50%. The lesser number would still be tragic. But just as tragic would be the overstating of deaths. Con’t…..

    • Con’t… It troubles me to believe, because hospitals are paid extra for Covid patients & even more for ICU Covid patients by the govt that they would “misrepresent” someone’s death for financial gain. By the way, don’t doubt some hospitals could be overwhelmed. There are currently 59,000 people in the hospital for Covid in the entire United States. This is down from well over a 100K just a month ago. Find it hard to believe every hospital in US is overwhelmed. Also, some hospitals are overwhelmed due to staffing shortages. Many because health care workers don’t want the vaccine.

      • Diane, THANK YOU for the voice of reason. You are spot on about the shortage of beds being due to the shortage of Hospital workers being fired for refusing to take the SHOT! Hospitals are only allowed to admit as many patients as they are staffed for. Once again, THANK YOU!

      • What utter Fox News/OAN rubbish. Doctors don’t want people to die, and they don’t want to have to work a 36 hour shift because people (apparently like you) are gullible enough to ignore science. Can you get sick and die from COVID with the vaccine – Yes. But, you only have a (last study I saw) 4% chance of catching the original version, and a 10% chance of catching the Delta variant. Now, if EVERYONE who was physically able to get the vaccine got it, that would take it from 57% of the population to 93% who are protected. It is UNPROTECTED PEOPLE who are spreading it. You not getting the vaccine is as stupid as being an HIV patient and knowingly spreading the disease. Hospital workers who refuse to get the shot, and get sick, are carriers as well. This isn’t about ‘FREEDOM’ – it’s about responsibility. I got a ton of vaccines to fight in two wars for you people, and your ‘attitudes’ about “Your Freedom” really makes me wonder if MY sacrifice was worth it. You people disgust me.

          • So, I provide facts and all you got is name calling as a retort.


            To answer your question, vaccinated people can still get sick with these vaccines. They have been shown to be 93-96% effective at keeping you out of the hospital. Which means you can still get sick (but likely only have mild symptoms). People with comorbidity (underlying) issues can still end up in the hospital (the recent passing of General Colin Powell is a prime example) and as another study showed, you can get sick with COVID Prime, and still die from COVID Delta. The facts are out there and as with all scientific advancement, can be chaotic until thoroughly investigated, hypothesized, tested, peer-reviewed and tested again, and again, and again.

            That’s something you won’t get on Tucker Carlson.

      • You keep posting stuff like that without any evidence. Which, admittedly, would be difficult since it’s not true. Of course not all hospitals are full. Some states have good vaccination rates so they have empty beds. But that doesn’t help any if you get sick in a states with lousy vaccination rates. You may be surprised to learn that if you need to be hospitalized in Idaho you can’t transport yourself to an available bed in Vermont. Hospitals are shortstaffed because staff are burnt out taking care of people who refuse to get vaccinated. Compliance rates for covid vaccination are excellent – for example.

  10. There are quite a lot of stories out there with these scary situations of full up hospitals. The thing of it is, most of those stories aren’t … quite true. Due diligence in reporting – do your research. There is a government run web site that displays the data as reported by the hospitals here:

    As seen there, at the moment (Oct 17, 2021) for the state of Montana, 74.34% of inpatient beds are in use, with 15.8% of those being used for Covid patients. That is somewhat below normal levels. Typically, hospitals keep bed utilization around 80-85%. Specifically to Billings, 85% of inpatient beds are in use, which is pretty much a normal number.

    So … it seems that someone is being a tad dishonest, or at least, overly dramatic.

    • Lissa, I’d suggest you go a bit deeper into the research than a self-reported government website with woefully outdated numbers. Here’s a story in one of the best newspapers in Montana. The story was written by the former editor of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle about the specific situation at The Billings Clinic. The story quotes hospital administrators who said the ICU is operating at 160% of capacity. Overly dramatic? Hardly. The entire point of the story was to issue fair warning to our RVing friends that the previously expected level of care in some areas is no longer a given. Here’s the story link with the real numbers for at least this Billings location.

      Pay special attention to those photos of exhausted staff, ICU beds being installed in the hallways and doctors and nurses attending to a COVID patient in the overflowing ICU. That seems like a rightfully “dramatic” situation to me.

      • What it the political leaning of that writer? I’m suspect of most reporters who throw in their OPINION among the facts. “Just the facts maam”. Who, What, When Where, Why and sometime How not what you think.

  11. Bottom line, people that contract Covid who are not vaccinated are getting priority over people who have a life threatening emergency. Decisions have consequences in an adult world, adults must accept and live with those consequences. Why, if not for political reasons, would a person with a life threatening condition be turned away? Has the Health department in Montana really made the decision that hospitals are nothing more than Covid treatment facilities? Sounds like there’s more to the story.

  12. Well I reread my comments. Don’t think I have called anyone “names”. And I’d hope no one on here is made of sugar.
    I also don’t think Montana made this issue “political”. But Washington D.C. certainly has.
    I note how no one in the media…or here wants to point our that only about 50% of the employees of NIH have accepted the experimental jab!
    Not a show of confidence.
    Where was it written…”Give me Liberty or give Death!! Unless there’s a virus with a 99% recovery rate in which case strip me of my constitutional rights and put me under house arrest.?

    • “LIFE, liberty and pursuit of happiness”
      if (as you said) “99% recovery rate”, than 1% didn’t recover.
      Even if 0.01% didn’t recover, or a relative didn’t recover, or a heart attack person didn’t recover because of insufficient staff, or a nurse quit because they were overwhelmed. Don’t they deserve “life”

      • They deserve to make the decision as to how they want to live their life. They DO NOT deserve to have the government, or people like YOU, tell them how to live their life!

        • Yet they follow the speed limit, wear seatbelts, don’t try to snort cocaine while operating heavy machinery on the clock, wear pants to the grocery store, etc….

          People follow the rules all day, every day. You’ve been lied to that this is about ‘freedom’, and you worship a balding proto-fascist who tells you what you want to believe is right… I pity you.

          • I don’t need your pity but you do need to educate yourself on what it is to be a Patriot. By the way, I worship ONLY the Lord! But your liberal leaning was just brought to the surface. I see you worship a senile, bumbling, little girl hair sniffing pervert. But this is America after all and that is your right to do so.

          • I’ll put my 20 years of Naval service up against your definition of ‘Patriotism’ any day of the week Ed. As for your religious beliefs, that’s your bailiwick. Not everyone has the same beliefs – There have been over 3000 ‘gods’ documented in human history. There are three major religions that worships the same ‘God’, and they can’t even agree within their own belief systems (Sunni/Shia, Protestant/Catholic, Orthodox/Cafeteria), but after seeing the hate and vitriol done in their ‘gods’ name, I worship none of them. I do try to live by a code of ‘do no harm’ and ‘do not bear false witness’ amongst others.

            There is a saying I’ve seen floating around the interwebs a lot that applies to your comments. ‘You need to get right with Jesus’. You spew the same ignorance, haughtiness and anger I have seen in uneducated and uninformed people all over this planet. Maybe accept some of Jesus’s actual teachings, instead of the ‘Old Testament’ judgement that some people preach, and you will be a better person.

          • Hey Craig, don’t worry about the type of person I am. The way you are judging me, I believe you think you are God. You don’t have a clue as to what a Patriot is! If you did, you would know about the Constitution and our Rights under it. So you keep on standing on your soapbox, preaching to no one and I will continue being myself. I do not hate anyone and for you to make that inference, shows me just how shallow and judgmental you are! Have a nice life and I truly hope you learn respect and what it entails. Because you surely fall short in that category. I will not answer, or read, any more of your dumb comments. So don’t waste your time writing any more to me.

      • There is only One who knows the time and place you will leave your mortal body. I’m not saying jump in front of a train but sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do or what the Dr does it is your time. I know several elderly people who have survived serious bouts of Covid at home refusing to go to the hospital and possibly be put on a vent which would have killed them. They chose to leave it in Gods hands. I have heard of others that got the vac and got sick, went into the hospital and never walked out.

  13. Montana is a red state. I am astounded and embarrassed that “they” make this pandemic a political issue. I am a native Montanan & I know that if my family needs hospitalization… we won’t get it. The reason being our hospitals are full of un-vaccinated patients fighting for their lives; people who believed the lies and half truths of political entities. They put their faith in folks that aren’t intelligent enough to embrace science. I used to be a proud Montanan, even surrounded by red; we used to talk to each other.

      • Yeah, his opinion actually is based in facts. I have friends in Whitefish, Kalispell and Anaconda. They are all seriously upset with their fellow Montanans about their attitude over their ‘freedoms’ versus their responsibility to their families, communities and employers. You need to educate yourself Ed.

        • So I guess you consider your “friends” as being facts! Nice try but no cigar Jeff! Why don’t you dazzle me with your education and present facts, not your friends opinions? You are not capable, that’s why!

          • If I posted links to them here, would you actually look at it? Do you even have an open mind to check them out? Could any information I provide change your mind? If yes, fine – I’ll gladly post several links. But, you and I both know you won’t. I’m betting you won’t even reply to this.
            (Hint – the third post I’d show is the same one Cee posted below!)

          • Reply to hint…You are correct. I would not bother to read anything posted by a radio show. It would only be hyperbole and bs.

          • Shows what a closed mind you have. There are two-sides but you will only recognize one… the one in your head. You are a very angry person. I feel sorry for you and anyone who has to put up with you. Mike Drop!

          • That is NOT what I said. I said I would not read anything produced by a radio station. They are not an authority. But you can respond to this message if you like. The fact is, we disagree and nothing at this point is going to change that. Happy camping cee.

          • And that’s why I have to regard you as a ‘flat earther’ Ed. You refuse to see anything beyond your own, personal horizon. NPR is reporting from boots on the ground. They have a long history of accurate, impartial coverage. The fact you won’t look at what is being reported says plenty about you.

      • It is also the “opinion” of Montana Public Radio, follow the link

        Also the opinion of Dr. Shelly Harkins, St. Peter’s Health Helena, MT

        “Our morgue is full. For the first time in this pandemic, we face the reality that we’re going to need to bring in additional morgue support. What that actually means is a freezer truck in the parking lot.”

        Billings Hospital Considers Rationing Care As COVID Hospitalizations Climb
        By Edward O’Brien
        Published September 15, 2021 at 6:11 PM MDT

        I could go on Ed D., I could give you more concrete facts. Or you can search valid info sites… or not

    • And you think ivermectin is only a horse pill right? I mean you are from Montana. I lived there for over 20 years and thought people there were smart!

  14. “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?”
    ― Frédéric Bastiat, The Lawson

  15. First: The author doesn’t address the issue this is an emergency only approved shot which they have no idea the long term effects. We are only now seeing it – if people are willing to research and read what they are finding. And it is not a vaccine in the sense we have known vaccines: a shot that prevents 99% of the people from getting the illness. This shot does not even come close to it.

    Second: If when someone test positive if doctors would ignore the CDC and use proven therapeutics that stop the patient from getting seriously ill hospitalizations and deaths would drop dramatically. But, hospitals and doctors refuse to use therapeutics used around the world that helps. Even if the patients knows about them and demand them because the CDC won’t approve them they are refused. IV high does Vit C, D3, and Zinc; Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, asthma inhalers medications have all proven to prevent the majority from getting serious. But, the CDC won’t allow.

    • Doctors can’t even prescribe them because pharmacies won’t fill them because they could be in trouble with the CDC and FDA.

      3rd: The author continues what the liberals are doing: another method to divide the country.

      • Doctors can’t prescribe them because Ivermectin is an animal dewormer and not fit for human consumption. And there’s no proof that Hyrdoxy does anything for anything other than malaria.

        • That is completely and utterly untrue, ma’am. Ivermectin is a medication that was first used for humans, and has gone through the usual testing and is FDA approved. There are numerous studies that also show that it is effective in treating Covid in early stages, preventing it from advancing to more severe disease and death.

          Just because it is also used for animals does not mean that is it’s only use – penicillin is also used for horses, cows, dogs and cats – does that mean it is only fit for them?

          Turn off CNN. They are liars.

        • False. It was developed for humans. The researchers who developed it were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It has been used by millions, if not billions, because it cures parasitic diseases found in Africa, India & elsewhere. Your local pharmacy probably has it on the shelf. It was then determined it could be used for horses. Dr Sanjay Gupta from NBC pretty much apologized to Joe Rogan when he was on his podcast for NBC saying he took “horse dewormer”. He had a prescription from his doctor that was filled at his pharmacy.

        • BARBARA. Millions of HUMANS are treated with Ivermecin every day…you are an {bleeped}! And i presume you own an RV. Keep me off the road you are on!

      • Sorry missed 3.
        3rd: The author is doing their very best to relate not only a story that shows one of the side effects that affect both unvaccinated and vaccinated. Unvaccinated because there are so many who refuse to listen to the experts that they are filling up emergency rooms and ICU units to the point that many hospitals are turning away patients because there’s no room at the inn. IMHO Covid and its variants have become the pandemic of the unvaccinated.

        • In many cities, there are vaccinated Covid patients make up 30 – 40% or more of the inpatient population. San Diego, CA is reporting 54% of Covid patients are vaccination.

          Also, the vaccine does not prevent infection or spread. It reduces (somewhat, as it is turning out) the risk of severe illness and death. There are many vaccinated people who get infected, and carry viral loads similar to those who are unvaccinated, and sick with moderate to severe illness, yet they have no symptoms, and could be unknowingly spreading the virus.

          Catch up on the actual science and data. It helps prevent the spread of hysteria.

    • First: Deaths would drop dramatically if people would get the jab! But their thick heads prevent them from taking care of themselves.

      Second: Deaths would drop dramatically if people would get the jab! But their thick heads prevent them from taking care of themselves.

          • That is something that has happened to MANY people who have gotten the shot…KILLED SOME. What about the youth that have gottne the shot and been injured for life with heart and lung issues.

          • Interesting the CDC knows nothing of Hot Heart and it appears you don’t either or you would have cited information from credible sources like scientist and doctors. As I suspected, Ed D. made it up.

          • Have you noticed that your comments haven’t been responded to? Because you are 100% correct. I agree with you totally!

          • I actually should have used the term “Heart Inflammation”. The shot also causes Blood Clots. So, again, NO THANKS!

    • First: There are 3 vaccines that are FULLY APPROVED by the FDA. Boosters for one is already FULLY APPROVED by the FDA. The other two are expected to approved for boosters soon. Most people do not have any medical training or research training so those who don’t should in my opinion should be to listen those who have the knowledge AND the training.

      Second: The treatments you are espousing are those that have been NOT be proven. I mean be for real…. there is ZERO studies that show either of the two medications treat the virus. Side effects of those two medications can be deadly. When you compare the data, the results of taking those two medications is chilling. Why would someone willingly consume a horse dewormer? Or inject bleach into their veins? An anti-malaria drug for a virus that has no clear results of healing?

      I stand with the CDC on these facts as do a large majority of Americans. I’m not a born in Montana Montanan. I grew up there when my father was stationed at Malmstrom and lived there for many years. 2 of my kids were born there. I’m a transplant, but that doesn’t lessen my love for the state nor for the people that have the privilege of living there. I can do nothing other than to help educate using the facts that are based on the data. If I can convince one person to get vaccinated, then I will consider myself successful. So, please get the shots. They only hurt for a second, if at all. The benefits to you include a milder case of COVID if you catch it and a lesser chance of spreading the virus to your loved ones and your community.

      You know… now that I think about it. Community is the major reason I love Montana so. I will get back there before my time on this earth is finished.

      • Oh but there ARE studies that show there are effective treatments for Covid, both in the early stages, as well as if it progresses to more severe illness. Literally hundreds of studies.

        Learn the facts before you spread misinformation like this.

      • Just because it is approved doesn’t mean it works and is good for everyone. People should have the right to choose. Just like you have the right to travel in an RV or sit at home and consume CNN 24/7.

  16. Oh WOW
    I am profoundly startled by the discourse I’ve read thru on responses to this intentionally reserved and cautionary article.
    It’s disturbing how some people politicize what should be a normal everyday discussion about what situations we might face when needing hospital care on a trip.
    What’s most disturbing is the aggressive language used by some…especially the name-calling. This is not the forum for this behaviour.
    For those who threaten to stop reading this site, I can only say please do. It would be more enjoyable without your participation.

    • Ln Em, as the comments to this essay article demonstrate, everyone has an opinion and is welcome to express it as long as they can accomplish the task with a minimum of vitriol and name calling. I wrote this essay as both a fact-based warning (certain hospitals are indeed rationing care) as well as a bit of personal opinion. My own family has been affected by the lack of care caused by the glut of hospitalized (and mostly unvaccinated) COVID-19 patients. That makes me angry, but I do value other’s rights to their opinions, so the farthest I’ll go in name calling is to label those folks “misguided.” Again, just one man’s opinion.

      • Yes, indeed everyone has an opinion, and in the proper forum (eg. Twitter..I don’t FB), I’m happy to read all opinions. But unless dealing specifically with an RV issue, political arguments should not have a place here.

        Mike, your advice was warranted for travellers thru places like Montana in these Covid times. I go thru Montana twice a year and I have to admit I never had given a thought until now of what you have warned about. I’m aware there are other states under similar conditions so in these times I plan to be more cognizant and careful.

        I have been greatly angered by what healthcare givers have had to deal with now. Your beneficent label “misguided” is much kinder than my views of willfully ignorant, intellectually lazy and critical reasoning-lacking people.

        • Your comment above is NOT rv related but rather your opinion! Speaking of “willfully ignorant, intellectually lazy and critical reasoning-lacking people”, you foot the bill perfectly.
          This is an excerpt from your previous comment:
          “What’s most disturbing is the aggressive language used by some…especially the name-calling. This is not the forum for this behaviour”.
          So I guess you don’t believe that calling people “willfully ignorant”, “intellectually lazy” and “critical’ reasoning-lacking people” is NAME CALLING? Hypocrite Much?

          • Hits to close to home?? When you do all these actions, on a consistent basis, it’s not ‘name calling’. At that point it becomes part of the discussion.

          • I’ve returned to further read the postings on this article. Again I’m dismayed to see such politicization of what initially was put forth as advice to travellers.

            Again, too, I’m dismayed to see unwarranted name-calling…the most egregious from Ed D.

            Ed D, I’m positive many of us readers would appreciate it if you could please raise yourself up to decent discourse in this forum.
            Thank you.

          • By the way, what I wrote on my last comment to Craig was just repeating what he had just said to me. Apparently, you conveniently missed his comment to me. But that’s okay. You have your opinions and I have mine. Just don’t tell me what I should say. That is not your place.

      • An excellent article. As I said in a previous reply, this has become a pandemic of the unvaccinated which causes so many side effects that affect everyone.

      • And that “misguided” label is YOUR “opinion” Mike. I respect YOUR opinion, as well as you should respect MY “opinion”!

        • Opinion only goes so far, Ed. You may be of the opinion that the earth is flat, but your opinion is not based in fact or evidence and easily disproved. Clinging bitterly to a disproven opinion doesn’t make it your ‘right’ to be immune from scrutiny, and deservedly, ridicule.
          That’s not politics nor liberalism – that’s life.

          • You can critique me all you want but the minute you ridicule me, you will get it back in spades. The last thing, just because YOU say something does not make it factual!

          • You are right, just because I say something doesn’t make it fact.

            That’s why I verify what I say, before I post it. If you find fault with ANYTHING that I post, please feel free to show where I am wrong. Not insults and arguments – show your work. Lords know I do.

  17. People who are vacinnated should get preference to medical care. I agree you have a right to choose what goes into your body. But when your decisions outcome has a scientific negative effect on your medical condition. Than you deserve to pay the consequences by allowing those that followed scientific recommendations first shot at emergency care.

  18. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
    ― H.L. Mencken,

  19. To the ones who claim this site is bias, the story just stated the facts that if people don’t follow medical advise this is what happens. Everybody has to right to make their own choices. But when hospitals get overwhelmed because of some choices people make it should not be the people who did everything not to get sick but need emergency care they should get the care over someone who decides not to do what’s right to protect themselves.

    • Bob, in other words get in line. Behind smokers, over eaters, alcoholics, snowboarders, skateboarders, and a million other lifestyles and habits that can lead to health issues. Do you want to be “God”?
      Every one (at least in Chinada) pays into the health ration system.
      Regardless of how they are exercising their freedom.
      Covid has a 99.5% survival rate and as I pointed out below (please note) the minimizing of health care in rural hospitals with very qualified doctors and centralizing “care” has led to many problems that have been evident…LONG before covid.
      Please don’t present your opinion as fact.

      • The problem is all of those other people you mentioned are not overwhelming hospital’s. I have heart issues not related to lifestyle but by genetics. I am full vaccinated plus booster because I know if I don’t and catch Covid I will be dead. So being someone who has been pro active in fighting the disease I should forfeit my life because the hospital has no room left because of irresponsible people who are to stupid to see what is going on. They screamed herd immunity and now that herd is going over the cliff.

        • I’m so sorry to hear of your health issues. I’m kind of in a similar boat. Genetic not lifestyle. I too am fully vaccinated and waiting to get the booster as soon as it is approved.

          I agree with your statement on herd immunity. We’ll need to replace that cliff since so many unvaccinated are dying

          Best wishes, Denise.

  20. I cannot understand why hospitals accept patients with covid that haven’t been vaccinated.
    They need to have room available for patients with other injuries or illnesses.
    If it is your choice not to be vaccinated then it should be the hospitals choice not to admit you.
    People that are having heart attacks or cancer or anything else probably didn’t have a choice. People that are not vaccinated made a choice.

    • It’s a harsh philosophy, but I support it. But then someone will sue (if they survive COVID) if a bed is instead given to a smoker (could have caused the cancer), a poor eater (could have avoided that heart attack)… There just is no easy answer. Well, other than to care enough about others to just take the jab.

    • What if the heart attack was caused by smoking too much? Should that person be admitted? Quit attempting to play God! It is not your place!

        • Ahhhh I have stumbled upon an athiest. Better known as the devils advocate! By the way Craig, why don’t you preach to Colin Powell who died today of covid, even after being fully vaccinated. Peddle your wares elsewhere.

  21. My wife slipped and fell in our TT in a campground in Butte, MT last month. When I took her to the ER in the only hospital in Butte, they were somewhat busy but more than willing to tend to her immediately. Her hip was fractured and they wanted to do surgery on it right away. We elected to drive back to our home in Illinois and have the repair done at one of our local hospitals but it would have been no problem to have it taken care of in Butte.

  22. Our daughter works in an Edmonton hospital. “80% of patients coming in and testing positive are vaccinated.”

    To be honest our system has been stressed to capacity for decades because of the protectionism (unions) and licensing hoops that has infected the health professions.
    Good qualified doctors from other countries immigrating to Canada made to wait and do redundant education in order to practice.
    We have rural hospitals where our children were born 40 years ago…no longer doing babies!! No longer taking out tonsils.
    We send every pregnant mother into the all ready crowded city hospital! Nuts!

    This article is yet another example of the “fear porn” directed at the public that cause people to live in fear and hide in their fox holes.
    i think it’s a crime and an attack on our freedoms and way of life.

    • Here is something to think about, supposedly 750,000+ people in the USA died of COVID-19 in the USA, in 2020.

      So … where are all the extra funerals, with long lines of cars and limos, from grief stricken family members burying their dead, along with the police escort?

      I haev been by funeral homes, they are dead.

      I have sat in hospital parking lots, practically the only ones going in are staff.

      Then once inside the medical establishment, they have designed the system so employees and customers waste their time doing busy work.

      Fact: We live in an actor based reality where they lie about everything. They are lying about COVID-19, what it is, and how many died in Wuhan China, and why. I would post some links, but, I do not want to get censored, and this is not the correct site to post the truth to.

      FWIW: They do not do appendixes anymore too.

    • The article gave references. Let’s see? Oh, yes, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Contact the sources to see if the messenger got it right.

  23. Maybe to stop the spread of the virus we should have like separate bathrooms for the unvaccinated and separate drinking fountains. And signs in the windows saying UnVaccinated Not Allowed. And we can call these health measures Joe Crow. Didn’t the Democrats do this already?

    • Hmmm, Ii thought the other guy was in office thru most of this? Does it really make any difference why the levees in New Orleans broke during Katrina? We all jumped in to help then.

    • Without addressing specifics the answer is YES to both. Many of the nurses who slaved during early days to render good care despite their families and coworkers dropping dead around them-went into that small breathing space between the covid waves to discover themselves stillbeing short staffed more than ever, a few contracted travelnurses working beside them for twice what the staff nurses are making, and no more appreciation from their administration than a “thanks yall” for letting us earn a million dollar bonus off your work without you, the people who have made it happen, getting anything at all. Nurses are starting to go “screw this” and wonder if there is something out there they would enjoy doing where their admin mantra won’t be “The Beatings Will Continue UNtil Morale Improves” And Yes, I’m a nurse physically unable to work anymore.

  24. What a sad day it is when we turn against our fellow man because of their beliefs. When hospitals are full of people from the flu or pneumonia do you state that they should not be allowed to be hospitalized because they did not get the flu or pneumonia shot? What about those that have smoked or drank for years knowing that their health would suffer? What about those who are obese and suffer from diabetes? No insulin for you? No transplants for you as you did not take care of yourself? If you are injured in a car accident because you are drunk too bad, so sad? You fell off a ladder while doing work on the house, that is your fault, too bad so sad stupid. Where does it stop?

    If you are vaccinated you should have nothing to fear, correct? That is what the Biden adm. is telling us but it seems that are awfully worried that they do not have 100% obedience. Is that the real issue here?

    • You are so right about that. I am reminded of the tactics of the Brown shirts in Germany before the war. The sad thing is this: If the SHOT (It is not a vaccine by any standards) is so effective, what does anyone that received the SHOT have to worry about? They are “protected” right? Just this morning I read an article from a “whistleblower” that was a nurse in a Hospital in Virginia. He, along with many others there, was fired for refusing to take the SHOT. He said there is not an actual shortage of beds due to the unvaccinated. Rather, there is a shortage caused because the Hospitals are “understaffed” due to firing many of their staff, thus creating a shortage of staff. So many beds are “available” but can not be filled because there is a Staff to Patient ratio that must be maintained by law! So the term “filled to capacity” is a misleading one! You are also correct about the “obedience” factor. That, my friend, is what they are truly after.

      • Yes we are protected, BUT should another emergency arise we are unable to get the treatment we need in areas where vaccine rates are very low, such as Montana. Plus we have not had a pandemic with the flu or pneumonia where there are refers in the parking lots of the hospital to put the dead. There were no funerals because people were not able to gather. Hospital parking lots are empty because visitors are not allowed in the hospitals. At our local hospital only 1 visitor is allowed in one day. Are you really that obtuse?

    • If you fall off a ladder, does that cause others around you to fall off a ladder? How about if you drink yourself to death? Most public places limit indoor smoking to prevent someone’s bad habit from causing harm to someone else. That allows you to make a personal decision to smoke or not.

      Just because someone is vaccinated doesn’t provide a 100% guaranty that he or she cannot be infected by someone else. It just reduces the likelihood of hospitalization or death from it.

      If it was a personal decision that only affected you, you might have an argument. It’s not and you don’t. Don’t be too sad about people turning against others because of their beliefs. It has been happening for as long as time. Remember the crusades or the holocaust?

      Unvaccinated people will get Covid. It’s only a matter of time. Will it kill them? Some. Will it change their lives forever? Maybe. Will they recover without any symptoms? Possibly. Like to gamble?

    • I am seriously considering dropping my health insurance which I pay over $300.00 a month for since I was refused entrance to my local hospital without a mask just for lab work And am sure a vaccine will soon be the next. Why have expensive health insurance that I am not a learning to use? This is a heavy decision but the consequences of surrendering this crazy scary socialism is 100%worse than facing a illness that has a 99% recovery rate.

    • Vaccinated people still have heart attacks and strokes, get pancreatitis, appendicitis, gored by their livestock, and are accident victims of drunk drivers. All of these emergencies require immediate hospitalization. If all hospital beds are filled, they can’t get a bed and die.

  25. We have our itinerary planned & reservations made for Feb – March, but won’t make a final decision until a week or two before we leave, depending on what the hospital situation in Florida & Mississippi looks like. Our somewhat snooty Northern attitude has been to judge sothern hotspots as dangerous, but guess what? Wisconsin is a mess, too. We’re vaccinated, boosted, masked…but what if we break a leg or something? And where’s the line between appreciate caution and running scared?

    • Spoken like a typical, brainless, loser! Last I checked, this is still America and in America we are :FREE” to pursue our dreams and goals without government interference.

      • With freedom comes responsibility. One can’t just decide to ignore stop signs or drive drunk without consequences. I have a sister-in-law with cancer that is having treatment delayed because the hospital 9s overwhelmed with COVID patients, almost entirely unvaccinated. Be free, but if that’s your choice don’t interfere with the health and welfare of others. That’s not one of your rights.

        • Apparently you did not read my response above, or chose to ignore it. Either way, YOU have no right whatsoever to demand ANYTHING of me! Plain and simple. Show me where it says you do. I will be waiting!

          • And “don’t tell me what to do” is patriotic?

            The country has fallen far from the civic responsibility taught by those who taught WWII.

            Freedom flows from responsibility, not kitschy phrases on hats, nor mutant flags, and certainly not conspiracy theories.

            You do have the freedom to believe and act as you want, even if that attitude is to your own detriment and those around you.

          • Yep, David, , and that is why they were called the Greatest Generation. They, and I for that matter, made sacrifices to retain those rights for us and many in Europe. We gave up our rights to buy tires for our cars, and many other things. I still have the WWII ration books to prove it. Our current generations may go down in history as being the Selfish Generation.

          • I read your response. It’s sad that people feel they have the “right” to do anything they want when it can and is having severe and deadly consequences to others.

          • You have the right to bear arms. You do not have the right to use them against another human being. You have the right to go to a crowded theater. You do not have the right to yell FIRE! You have the right to drive a car – but not on public roads with out a licence. ……… Some rights are held in reserve when it comes to care for other human beings AND animals when it comes down to it. AND I and the rest of the country DEMAND that of everyone.

          • You have the right to get the SHOT but you DO NOT have the right to demand that I get the “unproven” and ineffective SHOT! So what did we just accomplish with that exchange? NOTHING!

      • Ed D, why do you have to resort to name calling? Surely you can find a more civilized way to share your opinion without degrading others of a different opinion. Or is that not the America that you support?

        • Funny, I didn’t see where you responded to the individual who said that hospitals should refuse service to those that didn’t get the SHOT! Why not? Or is that YOUR view of what Americanism is?

    • Then smokers should be refused and drunks because they don’t take care of their bodies or people who shoot other people. Over weight people and drug people….I get your point an unvac person can infect someone else but if staff is vaccinated they can’t get infected……wait that has proven not to be true…..doctors and medical people in general take a pledge to treat people……period …..also a fireman won’t put your house fire out because you feel asleep smoking why should he risk his live for a stupid thing u did……so If you are only perfect you can be treated…..could go on but u get my point…..I’ve been vaccinated with 3 shots now because my doc said it would be good at my age (73) with NO health issues….I’m a happy camper and life goes on…..

    • Ron Sifford, I bet you are pro-abortion as well. That seems to be the rule. Those who claim to be Pro-choice are the most anti choice when it comes to Covid Vaccination, which as someone else pointed out isn’t really a vaccine. It’s modified RNA, an experiment foisted on our most unsophisticated citizens without ever being fully tested. I believe my chances are better with the disease than with the Experimental “vaccine”. You are all ignoring the “fact” that anyone who has had the disease has much better and longer lasting immunity to even the mutations. Why is there no allowance for those previously infected, but not vaccinated. By the way, for you yankees, we haven’t seen any funeral homes over burdened with corpses nor do I know of any hospitals refusing to treat anyone for anything here in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, or South Carolina. I have heard a lot of fear mongering from the Democrat’s in control of our large cities.

      • The “m” in mRNA means “messenger” not “modified”.

        It isn’t exactly new technology. Been worked on since the 70s. An ebola vaccine was created and deployed a number of years ago, but not in the US because we don’t have that issue. The flu shot every years is about as experimental.

        Now unfortunately, it is good you put “fact” in quotes, because getting covid does not give you a stronger immunity than getting vaccinated. When your body discovers unknown proteins it makes antibodies for anything which shouldn’t be there. However, being this is the type of virus which mutates it’s body parts quite a lot, building defences against parts you will never encounter again takes away effort for building defences against the stable part.

        The spike protein is fairly stable because it needs to bind with the ACE2 receptors on your cells, so the vaccine targets that. Except instead of getting that spike protein everywhere (heart, brain, lungs) when infected with covid, the vaccine stays in the muscle cells of your arm instead.

        But all that said, since you chose not to get vaccinated, I’m sure you have done everything else you can do to ensure you don’t spread disease to others. I’m sure you wear a mask and social distance where requested. I’m sure you are looking out for others, particularly the vulnerable, right?

        • Tell us another whopper David! By the way, can you tell me that the so-called vaccinated won’t spread the ccp disease to the rest of us? Or do you believe that because you took the SHOT that you are immune to the disease? I really want to hear your take on this!

          • Unlike you, I understand the biochemistry behind how the mRNA vaccines works. I’m thankful that I spent my life learning physics and mathematics so I could have a deep conversation with a biochemist to go over the mechanism in detail.

            I was on the fence about getting the vaccine, but needed to understand it first. Thankfully, because of a lifetime of labor I had the tools to do so.

            I lament that we don’t speak the same language. I lament that words aren’t enough to convey statistics nor biochemistry nor the depths of how much human knowledge had been extended in even the past twenty years.

            It takes mathematics to speak intelligently about how electrons are bound to atoms, about rates of chemical changes, about why evolution is a fact and we can watch it happen. It takes mathematics to discuss how the shock wave forms on a wing edge and how to circumvent the pressure differential to break the sound barrier. It takes mathematics to understand the data of the past one hundred years showing how we are changing the planet.

            I lament all I have to try to explain it are words, which can be disregarded and ignored. So many folks never learned to speak mathematics because they were taught to hate it.

            I am truly and deeply sorry for my inability to teach you of the things that will harm you and others, for you have decided to no longer learn.

          • Thank you, David. I try to keep my mind open and to understand others’ points of view. I love to learn something new every day (even at 75). But I’m distressed and depressed to see so many whose minds are made up, i.e., “closed,” possibly to their detriment and those around them. And it’s been a very depressing day for me trying to moderate hundreds of comments from so many people who are “right” and everyone else is “wrong” – so they slam others’ views and call them names, etc. You can state your views and get your point across without being so negative and demeaning and hateful to others. It doesn’t matter what you believe – please just respect your fellow human beings and their right to their views.

            I could have shut down the comments and deleted them all, but I asked others here and they said to leave the comments open and “let them talk.” Having known several people who died from COVID (before shots were available), I am especially upset that this pandemic is somehow a political issue. It’s about people’s lives, not about who you voted for. I know I’m going to get negative feedback for these comments, but that’s OK. Everyone has their own views and their own reasons for their views. Please just quit taking it out on each other. Aren’t we all in this together – everyone on this earth?

            I hope you all have a good night, and stay healthy. –Diane

          • Thank you, Diane.

            I’m glad you have not deleted the comments, despite the difficult conversation and struggle in moderation.

            A short RV story, to be back to the topic of the site.

            We had a dream of full-time RVing for many years – we watched many videos, read many articles and discussed many plans. We planned a pull behind Taj Mahal, then a fifth wheel, class a, class c. And finally, since we had restored a 1990 Ford F350, bought a water damaged truck camper for the back.

            This was February 2020, and we had some inklings something bad was coming. The camper was cheap, needed a lot of work, so we decided it was worth a boondoggle.

            Many months of work on our driveway, pandemic around us, we learned and built out our new home (a low point was seeing the driveway from inside and wondering if it would ever be repaired).

            We wanted to travel, but never wanted to hurt another because of our dreams. We understood the quarantine period for covid so designed everything around visiting town only every 14 days (which worked out well for blm land).

            We left in November 2020 to stay in the LTVAs in our newly constructed solar charged, lithium powered, Taj Mahal in a tiny camper.

            When we arrived in the LTVA, we thought we made a mistake. I’m 43. I expected to be on the young side, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was running into politics and selfishness and the first time I was ever physically bullied since I was a teenager in high school. What did I get us into?

            Fortunately – we are a year on. We’ve spent time in places most campers can’t get – thanks to the 4×4 truck. We are still enjoying the lifestyle and we have met great friends on the road. Some younger and some older.

            And this year we will return to the LTVA.

            Because this article and the comments have reminded me: don’t get cynical. Not everyone is selfish, and not everyone older than myself thinks the same. And even those who appear selfish aren’t bad folks – there is just some information missing or some fear unaddressed.

            I am hopeful that we will all get past this as a country and that wisdom will prevail. None of us is alone in this journey, particularly those of us with independent spirits who are supported by all the rest.

            Thank you.

          • Diane, my mind is not closed! I have decided that I do not wish to play Russian Roulette with my life by taking the SHOT! You make the comment about having known several people who died from covid before the SHOT was available. There are people who have taken the SHOT that have still gotten covid and still died from it. So the SHOT is not by any means a cure-all for covid. My problem with certain individuals on here is that they wish ill on those of us that do not believe the SHOT is in our best interest. I am not saying I am right, I am just saying that I have the right to choose what goes into my body. That is the short and the long of my beliefs. I agree, we are all in this together. You have a good night as well Diane.

          • As I asked you previously:
            By the way, can you tell me that the so-called vaccinated won’t spread the ccp disease to the rest of us? Or do you believe that because you took the SHOT that you are immune to the disease? I really want to hear your take on this!”

            So instead of answering my direct question, you deflected with “mathematics” and how you “lament” about not speaking the same language as myself.
            But let me make one thing clear, I do not down you for taking the SHOT and I do not question your reasons for doing so. What I have an issue with is those that wish hospitals would not accept anyone who has decided that the SHOT is not in their best interest. I would like you to tell all of the families that have had relatives and loved ones that died from taking the SHOT. Tell them how much you lament for them!

          • That is simply not true.

            Hospitals accept folks first come first serve. When over capacity they have to make triage desisions based on likelihood of survival, which often means a covid unvaccinated person will be treated, while someone with an emergency surgery but potential complications will not.

            I suppose capitalizing SHOT repeatedly has some rhetorical effect, in your mind, to the validity of your fallacious arguments.

            Any mind which could be changed has been, and any which could not has not. Therefore this is no longer a conversation but verbal deflection akin to a tennis match and not worth continuing.

            Therefore, this is my last comment, sir. You win and may have the last word. Match, point.

      • Marvin, you will just blow their minds presenting actual facts! These people have already succumbed to the government overlords and won’t ever accept anything you, or I, say as being valid! Nice comment though. Too bad there is no room for reason, or a difference of opinion here!

      • You can’t speak for all of Florida. Fortunately not now, but we went thru full hospitals AND out clinics, because those Docs were called to hospitals. I was denied surgery for SCREAMING sciatic pain and put on drugs for almost 6 months until things calmed down.

  26. The vast majority of the readership of this newsletter is in the age group 50 & above, which is heavily vaccinated, around 90%. It’s extremely rare for a vaccinated person to be hospitalized by Covid. These hospital cases are 99% un-vaccinated. I would not be afraid to visit Montana just because of fear of catching Covid. However your main point about being unable to get medical care for an unrelated issue is completely valid. Another way to think of this is: If Covid 19 didn’t exist & had never happened, would you visit a state that had no functioning hospitals? Probably not, especially if you’re over 50, or have existing health issues.

    • ” It’s extremely rare for a vaccinated person to be hospitalized”, not where i live, there were 30 people in the hospital here with covid and all 30 had been vaccinated.

      • How many were there at the same time who were unvaccinated?

        If something is 99.9% effective at keeping you out of a hospital, but there are 30000 people, then 0.1% of them (30) would still get hospitalized.

        It is disingenuous to imply that it doesn’t work by cherry picking one fact and not others.

  27. I think the hospitals should start turning away un-vaccinated people and admit vaccinated people who are in need of emergency surgery or any medical emergency needs. That may just be the catalyst to get more people vaccinated and reduce the overloaded conditions in our hospitals. There are numerous places that are turning away un-vaccinated people, so why not the hospitals too.

    • Perhaps they should also reject smokers, drinkers, motorcycle riders, rock climbers, bicyclists without helmets, etc. Same theory applies. Why single out the unvaccinated? In my local hospital we have a lot more smokers on ventilators than we have Covid patients on ventilators. Hospitals are overcrowded because years of under-reimbursement have forced hospitals to run very “lean” with little-to-no excess capacity. Small rural hospitals have, for the most part, been forced out of existence by appalling Medicaid payment rates.

      • Doesn’t matter to me cause it’s “your right and freedom”, are you vaccinated? No problem with your comment or anyone else’s, it’s just your opinion. Also, what’s your profession, you seem to know a lot on health care, just curious.

          • Dr Richard- the opposing team does not believe in having to choose reputable sources with scientific backing. In my high school or college debate squads this would mean the opposition had gifted us with a win with no need to do an of debate summary and support the background for your sources.

          • “EDUCATED opinion” my dear. Quite a difference between an EDUCATED OPINION and an appeal to Common Knowledge. When a forensics team would appeal to Common Knowledge we knew we had a TKO in the bag!!!

      • “appalling Medicaid payment rates”, that speaks volumes. So the solution to hospital finance is for the government to provide more money to pay for welfare, illegal immigrants, and other low/no income persons? What about those of us that have worked all our lives, and still pay out of pocket for Medical Insurance into retirement that can’t get decent medical care?

        • No, the problem with rural hospitals is that environmental concerns have wiped out the jobs in their areas, at least in the East where I live. Domestic lumber is essentially gone and mining is very restricted. Manufacturing has moved overseas, for many reasons. Take a drive along US Route 6 in Northern PA and you will see dozens of poor towns over hundreds of miles with formerly-grand Victorian mansions and shuttered stores and malls as evidence of their former prosperity. Houses lost their value and many people, especially the elderly, were trapped in poverty. People wound up on welfare or with meager earnings, thus had nowhere to turn for health care but Medicaid. Even the elderly on Medicare only had Medicaid for their secondary coverage. The payments were less than the costs, so rural health often evaporated, or was relegated to satellite “clinics” owned by giant regional health systems with the nearest hospital sometimes hours away.This problem has nothing to do with any outside issues, it’s just the collateral damage from an over-reaching Federal government. I suspect it is the same in many areas out West.

        • Have you looked at your Medicare statements? My doctor gets paid very little for her services. I’m not illegal or welfare or low income, though retired . I’m getting the Medicare I paid for all my working life. The gov’t “insurance company” isn’t paying my doctor the going rate. That’s the point.

    • That is why I am glad I live in Florida where I have the right not to get the SHOT! It is NOT a vaccine, it does NOT prevent you from catching the ccp biological weapon and it does NOT prevent you from giving it to another so-called vaccinated individual. You people are sounding more and more like Gestapo Agents every day!


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