Bear rips apart side of RV, enters bedroom

    Photo courtesy of The Standard

    An Elliot Lake, Ontario, couple got a surprise after returning to their RV after a long weekend, according to the Elliot Lake Standard. What Roland Foisy and his wife Rita discovered was one side of their trailer ripped open. The culprit: a bear!

    The RV was parked near Ajax, northeast of Toronto, in a populated area that backs up to the bush.

    Roland Foisy reported that a neighbor heard a bear at approximately 3 a.m. on Sunday.

    When it was done, it had ripped open a section on one side of the trailer and entered through the hole it created in the bedroom. “I never thought they would do that in town,” said Roland Foisy. “They have to be really hungry.”

    Foisy said while there was some food in the trailer, it was mostly cans.

    Read the full story.

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