Wednesday, December 2, 2020
The Super Bugger is a VW camper conversion made is the 1970s and increasingly rare.

What’s a Super Bugger? A VW camper conversion, of course!

By James Raia The Super Bugger was the result of a wacky idea of an entrepreneurial company in Costa Mesa, California. In the mid-1970s, the...

How many miles will you travel with your RV through the end of 2020?

We know it's been a weird year for traveling, but hopefully you've found safe ways to get on the road. Do you have any...

New Orleans: So much to see and do – even during pandemic

By Julianne G. Crane Writer’s Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, RV Short Stops is highlighting places that can be safely experienced from the road or...

Do you have a current passport? 

In one of our polls we asked you if, when traveling, you'd rather leave the country or stay in the U.S. By far, the...

Hot, hotter, too hot… The snowbird migration is changing

By Barry Zander With temperatures in the Southern Belt of America rising rapidly, the effect on snowbirds is already a fact. It’s a sign of...

Do you know what you’re getting into on a dirt road?

By Barry Zander How many spouses of RV pilots have questioned the decision to ignore good sense by veering off onto a dirt road? “What...

Is a trip with your RV on Route 66 on your bucket list?

Ah, the open road, quirky roadside attractions, ol' mom 'n pop diners, saguaro-studded sunsets... doesn't that sound nice? That's Route 66, and it's disappearing...

Our secret to finding the best places in a new town

By Barry Zander My wife, Monique, was prepared for the worst, her teeth already clenched in anticipation. She knew that I was about to make...

RV Short Stops: “Chihuly Garden and Glass” sparkles in Seattle Center

By Julianne G. Crane "Chihuly Garden and Glass" sits in the shadow of the Space Needle in the Seattle Center. Since 2012, this long-term exhibition...

How far will you travel by RV this month (September)?

We've got travel on our minds and we're sure you do too. How could you not when we've all been cooped up for so...

When did you last visit a National Park?

As we've said with many of our polls recently, your votes on this poll today might look different than they might have looked six...
2020 Volkswagen Altas

Best 2020 vehicle for RV families? VW Atlas

By James Raia The editors at Cars.com compile a lot of lists every year. For RVers with families, arguably the prominent site's most important list...

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