Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Climb to your roof easier with a ladder extension


There is a saying that “Sometimes the first step is the hardest.” A lot of RVers would agree when it comes to mounting their ladder for access to the roof.

But good luck finding a factory-equipped ladder that extends down below the bumper.

What this means is that we’re often forced to climb awkwardly onto our RV’s bumper to get onto the first step, or find a stool or chair to give us the extra lift. This isn’t always the safest approach.

Here’s a solution — Surco’s two- and three-step ladder extensions that make getting a leg up on your RV ladder a lot easier.

• The ladder extension slips easily onto the bottom rung of your permanent ladder and secures with twist hooks.
• Fits on the ladder of any RV with a one-inch tube.
• Twisting hooks make for easy on-off with no tools required.
• Two-step ladder extends down to bumper, providing starter steps from the bumper to the first rung of your RV ladder.
• Three-step ladder extends fully to the ground for even easier access to the regular roof ladder.
• Wide, nonslip steps provide sure footing and added safety.
• Manufactured from heavy-gauge aluminum with a bright dipped finish.
• Lightweight aluminum construction, fully assembled and easy to store.

We found both ladders at at good prices.  Two-step ladder. Three-step ladder.

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