Another crazy RV paint job. Wow!


Last week we posted this RV, which we thought had the coolest paint job of any RV we’d ever seen. But this one might be just as neat…

Readers Doug and Linda (from Ohio) sent this in and wrote, “Here is a motorhome and toad with a matching paint job that we spotted last September in a KOA campground in Wells, Maine. We have been RVing for 42 years, and this is the most unique one we have seen. Of course, the plates were from California.”

Thanks for sending, Doug and Linda. Very neat!

Have you ever seen a painted RV or any other unique RV? Show us here.


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Richard Chabrajez
4 months ago

It’s a shame there’s no pictures of the owners; I’ll bet they’re just as colorful.

Two Buck Chuck
5 months ago

That’d be easy to find in a campground….yeesh.

Rory R
5 months ago

OMG, and it’s not just the paint jobs they have curtains hanging inside the rig to complete the look. Cool for anyone trying to attract attention, but not for me. As someone said in the comments, they don’t have to be concerned about the theft of the RV or the car…..LOL

5 months ago

I think it’s cute ! From the shape of the RV I bet it was an old one that didn’t look so good before the paint job. With a matching car !

5 months ago

I’m not impressed with this PAINT job… had they actually done the mosaic using actual tile and mortar, amounting to a few extra tons hanging on the body, then I’d be impressed… 😀

Two Buck Chuck
5 months ago
Reply to  Wolfe

If they had used ceramic it would weigh about 30 tons…

Larry Hilesheim
5 months ago

This one just left Jamaica Beach RV Resort here in Galveston Texas.

mike tomlin
5 months ago

one thing for sure no one would ever steal it

5 months ago

Should be easy to find in the parking lot 😜

Tommy Molnar
5 months ago

Obviously a lot of work and money went into these – BUT – I wouldn’t be caught dead in either of them. Ha.

5 months ago

Very COOL Paint Job! One of the best I’ve seen and I can only imagine what it cost them to have it painted?

5 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

It’s funny how often people ask what something cost to have done for them… most things like this, especially artistic things like this, are done by the owner during leisure time…