Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Fire-chasing weird RV conversion!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Most kids run to the sound of a fire engine siren, and those kids grown up probably do the same thing. There’s just something that compels some folks to chase after fire apparatus. Maybe that’s why those noisemakers are called “sirens.”

Anyhow, grownups need hobbies, and maybe collecting fire trucks is one. Of course, if your wife is anything like the wife in our team, just “buying junk” for the sake of collecting is a no-go. But the kid in the husband says, “If I can just figure out a way to justify the purchase!” Turn that big yellow fire apparatus into a truck camper toter!

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2 years ago

I’d LOVE to have a fire truck tow vehicle. Always have wanted one.

Glenn Abbott
2 years ago

It doesn’t appear to be overloaded. Must not have much chassis flex.

2 years ago

I drove yellow fire trucks for over 20 years. It does my heart good to see one re-purposed as an RV. Is the “Q” still connected?

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