Get rid of splattered bugs with Love Bug Eraser


There is probably not a single RVer who has not experienced pulling into a campsite after a day’s drive to discover a mass of dead bugs splattered on the front of his or her vehicle. The problem is that bugs are greasy little critters who are not only difficult to remove, but if not removed soon will leave lasting stains on a vehicle’s paint.

What to do?
A product called Love Bug Eraser gets rave reviews for both ease of use and effectiveness. Bugs come off easily using the eraser with car wash soap and water.

Here’s what Bob Livingston of Trailer Life wrote: “The Love Bug Eraser is an amazingly simple product that will change the way you tackle bug removal. It’s destined to allow owners to throw away most of the tools in their cleaning arsenal. . . . Just dip the eraser in a bucket of soapy water and clean away. It takes virtually no effort to remove anything in its path. It worked amazingly well, removing all the bugs in just a few minutes.”

Watch a one-minute video that shows the Love Bug Eraser in action. Or visit its website to learn more or order. The owners of Love Bug Eraser offer a money back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the product. The Love Bug Eraser products are also available at

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