Tuesday, October 4, 2022



Got a toy hauler? Get your stuff off the floor – and on the wall

By Jim Twamley

toy hauler rails detailIf you have a toy hauler you may have found a frustration issue in the “storage” area. It seems most haulers don’t have rails or cargo-fastening devices installed in the back. That’s probably because everyone wants these devices in different places, depending on what kind of cargo they are hauling.

toy hauler rails overviewOne RVer we met wanted a place to strap stuff to the wall in his toy hauler, so he built and installed these “moving van”-type cargo rails on the walls. He also wanted to protect the finish on the walls and these rails are just the ticket.

These are easy to make, and I recommend building them from hardwood because softwood will not support a load as well as hardwood.


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