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David Satori
3 years ago

Just a quick comment about my latest MH purchase. I would highly recommend National Indoor RV in the Atlanta area. I have never been treated so good after the sale with service. They would get me in with little or no notice. Most dealers seem to ignore you after the sale, not them.

Joel Lefkowitz
3 years ago

I bought a new 2015 Born Free motorhome direct from the factory. We had a number of issues with a variety of 3rd party items. Only one item could be attributed to the factory. Born Free went out of their way to make everything right. I can’t say enough about their customer service department. They went above and beyond what would have been expected of a manufacturer to satisfy their customer. This is one manufacturer who tries to build a coach properly and safely but is sometimes stymied in their efforts by suppliers who do not have the same quality controls. There is no excuse for an air conditioner or exhaust fan etc. to fail within a few weeks of use. The industry does need to wake up. You seem to be one of the few voices in the wilderness advocating for the RV owner. Thanks, Chuck, for the good work.

Thelma Thomas
3 years ago

After reading the recent article about the nightmares of getting a lemon RV we were leary about buying new. But “knock on wood”, we have been very happy with our 2017 Forest River FR3 we purchased in December. We made the 1000+ mile trip to south FL with no problems. Everything works and its mostly us figuring things out. Colerain RV in Indianapolis were great to work with and said they even schedule a 30 day service visit to take care of any issues. So far so good!

Mel Goddard
3 years ago

Greetings Chuck;
In your editors corner, you were bemoaning the fact that many new RV buyers are swayed by the ‘Bling Factor’ rather than solid construction. We’ll, I’m not at all surprised.
Years ago, I attended a sales seminar on ways to sell automobiles. This guy was a ‘top Dog’ in the business, and his message was:
“Sell the Sizzle, and not the Steak”!
He went into some detail on how to do it.
And I wondered to myself: Are people that Stoopid?
Hell, I can make a piece of fat and gristle smell mouth wateringly desirable.
THIS is the sales pressure that people face when vulnerable to succumb to their desires.

As Forrest Gump said: “Stoopid is as Stoopid does”.

3 years ago

Only been a subscriber for a relatively short time. I really enjoy reading the information available. I see several places for comments, but I was looking to see if you have a ‘tips’ section from your readers that is unrelated to posted stories. I find my best help is usually from people that have been there, rather than documentaries. Sorta like the old ‘Dear Heloise’ columns.(showing my age). Simple ideas, hints, tips, and small DIY items are always valued.

Jerry X Shea
3 years ago

Our 2nd motorhome is an Allegro Breeze 32 BR by Tiffin that we bought new in Dec. 2014. In our 2 year period we have had both rooftop A/C units replaced, shipped for free and installation paid for by Tiffin. In December Tiffin shipped a whole new dinette seating system as the original material (seat covering) started to decompose. This was also replaced for free, shipping and installation at a RV Repair of my choice paid by Tiffin. Now that is a manufacturer that stands behind its product and warranty.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry X Shea

Jerry, Tiffin has an excellent reputation. That’s due to a large degree because owner Bob Tiffin is an RVer himself and understands and appreciates the lifestyle. He also believes if you build an RV you should build it well and make sure things are fixed if they are broken. I seldom hear a complaint about Tiffin, mostly praise from owners.


Howie and Yolo Hall
3 years ago

Thanks so much for the info. It’s very useful. It saves my wife and I lots of headaches

3 years ago

One thing folks seem to miss is to carefully pick your RV dealer. Yes, it is correct to do your best to pick the best RV, but the right dealer can make all of the difference.

We purchased a 2015 Keystone Laredo 322RL travel trailer. Two significant issues were apparent at time of delivery. 1) the underground storage area was supposed to be pass thru. Keystone eliminated the streetside door, which made accessibility impossible unless one crawled inside (not at 70 years old). The other was the lip created with the dining room slideout which created a hazard to sit at the inside of the table.

Keystones answer was “It was built as designed”. Duh, no sh%t…the design is wrong and needed to be corrected.

Keystone would do nothing, but my dealer (Flagg RV) took over. Added the door that was supposed to be there and made a special insert to fix the slide-out problem. They did this at no charge.

So, long and short of it…pick the right RV and also PICK THE RIGHT DEALER. There are many of them out there. The good survive.

3 years ago

2008 gulfstream tourmaster.
sicards rv in smithville ontario.

great article! you described us to a t, we bought the bling at the height of the recession.(newbees) and we got a great deal but…
1) we left the dealer and with in days were travelling to fl. to find warmth. when we arrived we had no sewer or water hoses. (i said we were newbees but ahhh so warm)
2) it took months to get warranty work done but it finally got done.
we are still repairing defective parts or just living with them now.
3) passenger chair started falling apart just outside of warranty.
4) generator failed because of defective control module outside warranty.(power tech.)
5) hydraulic jacks failed due to defective seals allowing fluid to leak into motor. (lippert)
these are just a few items where we have found many others have had similar problems by doing a little research on the internet.
i am going to make my $20 donation because it is good value for the service.
thanks Chuck

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stevieblunder

Thanks for the donation (is it Stevie!). Much appreciated. We’ll keep plugging away to better educate consumers and influence RV manufacturers to take quality seriously, which they do not (with rare exceptions, of course). — Chuck

Gerri and Dick Lilly
3 years ago

Thank you Chuck, for your efforts to have the RV industry be more vigilant and accountable in the manufacture and service of the vehicles. In 2009 we attended the Tampa RV show and purchased a Newmar Bay Star from Independence RV. We were very happy with their service department. Several years later we went through Nappannee, Indiana where Newmar is located and had some maintenance work done. We did the factory tour and were treated like family. Our service advisor was there for us every step of the way. Our coach is 8 years old now and I think that if we were to get a new one, we would probably get a Newmar.

Dick Reymore
3 years ago

Traded in our 01 Safari Panther for a 33′ 2015 Palazzo because we wanted to downsize. Biggest mistake I ever made! There was no exhaust pipe which is serious on this chassis. Insurance Co. advised to not drive until fixed because of fire hazard. One company rep suggested to let it burn. Kitchen sink was loose and about to fall out. Just a whole bunch of defect and to add insult to injury, the black tank was compacted! Final issue was driving to Indio for the Rally in a rain storm last January. The lower storage compartments were flooded and of course everything was drenched. The same dealer, different salesman, sold us a 33′ Allegro Red. Tiffin quality is hard to beat.
I am a retired Gov’t production and quality engineer. How can I help your cause?

3 years ago

If you are looking for quality in a B+, look at Phoenix Cruiser. They don’t begin to build until they have your specific order, and each one is made with care and attention to quality and detail. I’ve had mostly questions rather than issues, but when there was an issue, it was resolved quickly. The follow-up help is excellent. Any time I am in the area, I stop by and they do a “once-over” and tweak anything that needs it. I cannot say enough good things about Phoenix Cruiser quality and service.

Phil Biggs
3 years ago

After a lot of research we purchased an OutdoorsRV 20FQ travel trailer. Three years in we haven’t had an issue with it yet and like the simple but workable floorplan. We visited the factory in LaGrande and came away feeling even better. Guys in the service area come out and gave us lots of advice on how to make sure our trailer stays like new for years to come. You might pay a bit more in price, but the quality is so much better than what you find at a Camping World or any big RV dealer lot. Oh, we also had to wait a month longer to get our trailer, but that is because they refuse to rush the production line and risk quality control issues. Quality isn’t something you rush.

Ray Moody
3 years ago

We purchased our RV, a used 2014 Winnebago Aspect from Motor Home Specialist in Alvarado, Texas, in 2015. They were very professional and helpful with the entire process. The coach was super clean, inside and out. We have had no problems with our RV. The prior party obviously kept it nice. We were amazed to find all the owner manuals inside the coach when we took delivery of it. The price we paid for the motorhome was well under book value. I just wanted to pass on a good experience. I would not hesitate to buy another RV from Motor Home Specialist again (MHSRV).

Fran Pearson
3 years ago

My husband and I just purchased (Nov 2016) a Crossroads Elevation Toy Hauler from La Mesa Rv in Mesa AZ. The quality of the unit is pretty much the standard. You have to be pretty handy to own an RV or pretty deep pockets. We are e Trekell happy with the Service we got from La Mesa. There were a few items that needed fixed on the unit, one of which was a one slide motor on a two motor slide. When they replaced the slide motor since they had it out they replaced both. Not many dealers would do this! We were extremely happy with the coach and the dealer.

3 years ago

Have a Tiffin RV and while we had a few very minor problems they were promptly taken care of by the dealer. If a visit to Red Bay is necessary the service there is tremendous and very reasonable.

Geoff Blair
3 years ago

Geoff Blair says:
January 7, 2017 at 1:30 pm
With regard to your weekly letter and specifically RV quality, I’ve always said whether RV quality of life in general….there will be problems but it’s how you handle it that marks the difference. I.E.: I’ve had several problems with my 2002 TIFFIN but Bob Tiffin and his staff have handled everything admirably. I have zero complaints. Bob TIFFIN has re-written the book on customer service.

3 years ago

We are very happy with our 2010 Tiffin Phaeton and extremely delighted with service from the factory in Red Bay. There have been some very minor issues which were efficiently taken care of, as well as some repairs and replacements at no cost to us, done voluntarily by the factory. I have seen floor plans I prefer to our Phaeton, but I would never consider trading it!
On the other hand, the Monaco we had before the Phaeton had nothing but problems, some of them very serious, and there was no help to be found from manufacturer or dealer. I am happy to report both have since gone bankrupt.

Dave Graham
3 years ago

We traded in a 2012 27′ Keystone Cougar for a 2014 32′ Forest River Crusader and neither one had any major problems, and any that we had were taken care of to our satisfaction. Both manufacturers were great to work with and with no out-of-pocket costs. We traded in the Crusader for a 2015 35′ Keystone Montana High Country because we liked the floor plan. The flooring buckled due to heat in Arizona because the manufacturer didn’t glue the flooring down. They said they don’t need to back east where it is not as hot. Affinity RV in Prescott Valley, Arizona (where we bought the RV) got approval and glued the floor down. It looks great. Other problems came about after they fixed the flooring. The fireplace quit working and the cold water hose under the sink was broken and leaked (fixed at no cost). Also they scratched to stainless steal refrigerator door panel and Keystone replaced the scratched door panel. However, the texture of the replacement did not match to other panels. Keystone sent a complete (4 piece) SS set that matched (at no cost). Yes there were manufacturer defects, as Chuck has mentioned, but, if you are lucky enough to find a good RV dealer with a great Service Dept. staff that works well with manufacturers, problems can be made simpler with less anticipated stress. We are probably a major exception but it is about time we found some luck in our lives. 🙂
Dave Graham
Flagstaff, Az

3 years ago

I recently purchased a new Airstream special edition Pendleton/National Park centennial model and we’re happy with it because of the very capable tech we have at Desert Autoplex in Mesa, AZ. This is our 3rd Airstream, and the previous one was worked on exclusively by the same tech, Nick Rodriguez.. He is the ONLY one I want taking care of my trailer. He did the PDI on the new one and we have had zero problems. A lot of people complain about their dealers or experience,( the Airforums are rife with complaints,) But we are very pleased with ours. . . In May we’re headed back to Alaska, this time on the ferry up the inside passage with 5 stops along the way. . . can’t wait, regards, Craig Bowman