Wednesday, November 30, 2022


How to add extra shelf space in your RV


By Russ and Tiña De Maris
It seems like there’s never quite enough “space” for everything in the RV. Sometimes an off-the-wall idea can help. Actually, in this case, it’s an on-the-wall idea:

Need a handy spot for small stuff you need beside the bed at night? Tired of knocking pill bottles, glasses or that paperback book off the nightstand? Pick yourself up a single-layer wooden space rack and mount it on the wall next to the bed. You’ll find they’re just the right size for some of those small items you need close at hand.

Some RVers just can’t get along without a few knick-knacks. Where do you put the durn things? Again, shelves would seem a natural, but how do you keep the stuff up there? Try some non-slip shelf liner cut to fit the shelf — you’ll find it by the roll at Camping World, even Walmart. Some complain the stuff tends to lose its grip. Au contraire! What probably happened is you’ve picked up some unwanted dust in the mat. Simply wash the things with soapy dish water, dry ’em out, and they’ll stick again.

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