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How to remove in-dash TV


gary-736Hi Gary,
We’re new to RVing. We haven’t even taken it out yet as we are learning about our unit. Love the newsletter and have learned a lot.

We have a 2005 Fleetwood Terra 26Q. We want to remove the in-dash TV. We got it loose but can’t figure out if it is wired in or plugged in somewhere under the dash. It is an awkward spot under the dash.

We had thought of just cutting the wire from the TV and putting an outlet on it so we could plug something in that big hole in the dash. Hubby is a retired contractor and can do anything, but we are stumped. Don’t want to wreck our new baby. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. —Joan

Hi Joan,
Typically all televisions are simply plugged into a standard receptacle, either a simplex or duplex receptacle just like you’d find in a residential home. I’ve never seen one that was hard-wired into the AC system. Many RVers swap out the television, especially if it fails at some point. You just don’t see TV repair shops anymore, do you?

So you’ll have to follow the cord to that eventual receptacle. I certainly would not cut the cord and install another receptacle. That could compromise the code requirement for that particular circuit, or become a safety hazard. Granted, manufacturers don’t make it easy, but there’s a receptacle down there somewhere.

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5 years ago

There is a separate back up camera on the dash in our RV. We got the old tv out and hubby has replaced it with a very nice storage area. Pic to follow when he is finished

James Pollifrone
5 years ago

Hi Joan:
Are you sure that it is a TV and not a back-up camera screen? Most RV’s have Televisions above the driver compartments inside cabinets, I would check the rear of the RV and see if there is a back-up camera between the running lights below the roof.

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