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Reader asks: What does your RV insurance cover?


Reader Kevin Parker sent us an email asking us to ask for your help. Here’s what he wrote:

“I got hit by a full-time RVer without insurance, driving a Class C motorhome. My insurance will cover all but several thousand dollars for my replacement (I have a truck and travel trailer, the accident totaled my 2017 Ford F250 truck). I feel sorry for the other guy. As far as I know, he has no place to go and my insurance company will pursue him ‘to the ends of the earth’ to recover their liability.

“I would be interested to know what your readers’ RV insurance coverages are? Like…

• What company and type of insurance?
• Minimum state requirements?
• Liability $50k or higher?
• Uninsured motorist coverage?
• Comprehensive?
• Collision?
• Medical payments?

“If you’re a full-timer, do you have a backup if your rig is totaled? What would you do?” —Kevin

Can you help Kevin out? Leave a comment below and start a conversation. Any advice about RV insurance is welcomed. Thanks!


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Dan Rathburn
2 years ago

I have some critical information that I wish I knew before our accident. I’ll try to minimize details. Me my wife and 18 yr old daughter have been full timers for a few years in our 36′ Georgie Boy. We install lifetime liquid rubber roofing on RV’s thus most of the time there’s a few hundred miles between jobs. Our home base is Sacramento CA and last November we were in Ukiah at 3 way offramp stop when I proceeded to turn left when out from the blind bend in the 35mph road comes a Subaru Impreza nearly in a 4 whl drift at around 80 mph I floored it and almost got out of his way but he slammed into us right where my wife was sitting in bed with her back against drivers side wall. Thank God the car was 5″ under her slamming into to frame. Our first mistake was calling our insurance because without telling us it’s like us asking our insurance (Geico) to handle this accident. Well our full coverage only paid $1000 emergency hotels and food. They only gave us $6k for our $20k RV and left us homeless until my uncle loaned us $ to by an older RV for $15k. We are still going after his insurance but this RV we called (Good Sams) National Insurance and they cover our RV for the $15000 we paid regardless of current value and we said we live in it so we now have a blanket policy which is similar to homeowners and covers alot more personal belongings and liabilities with $100k injury and $50k property damage for under $100 a month! Thankfully the 17 year old kid whom I thought was dead but only suffered a glass cut on his pinky is an example of just how safe those Suburu’s are with full wrap air bags. The 22 billion dollar (lizard) insurance company whom is getting fully reimbursed as his company accepted full liability still lowballed us they even overpaid our lienholder by $3k . We are insured great now but I cannot stress enough how important it is if you have Geico to change immediately they have 20 pages of fine print that basically leaves you without insurance but you do get a DMV proof of insurance. We’ve got a lawyer thx to my own company when if we hadn’t called them the other company would have had to handle our vehicle loss. Live and learn. Sorry for going on and on.

Dennis H Gregory
2 years ago

My advice is to ALWAYS ask for and read the “exclusions” page first. This is where the insurance company will manage your claim from. Many times, you will find the large print giveth and the small print (in the exclusions) taketh away!

kevin parker
2 years ago

Dennis, Thanks; giveth and taketh, that’s funny but true. I had uninsured underinsured coverage that, except for the $1000 deductible, covered replacement.

2 years ago


Gather up as many receipts, photos, hours of labor, and any other supporting info you have regarding your mods. Submit them to your insurance company. They should reimburse you for the value those things cost when they were completed. My wife is tireless when dealing with our insurance company in these matters. I have no patience with them so she’s great. We’ve had a few large losses in the past that have all settled fairly because of her diligence. Our Progressive rv policy was written over a decade ago and included total loss replacement/purchase price- which they no longer offer on new policies. We found out last year when we did some shopping around. Probably “water under the bridge” in Kevin’s case.

James Hamilton
2 years ago

State Farm covers everything we own: house, motorhome, cars, umbrella liability policy. The motorhome is insured exactly like the cars with full liability, medical, comp, and collision, plus under insured/uninsured drivers. When we have an accident, there is no question about coverage overlaps with multiple companies involved. Our motorhome was rear ended by an uninsured car driver. The police arrested her and impounded her car. State Farm covered all the repairs including medical coverage. Yes they did pursue her to recover money, but the old saying about blood out of a turnip applies. State Farm also covers roadside assistance for emergency events, but CoachNet is much more efficient about providing roadside help and I do not have to pay the tow truck out of pocket while waiting months for a refund insurance check.

2 years ago
Reply to  James Hamilton

Your motorhome should not be insured exactly like your cars – you should make sure you are also covered for the contents/customization and modifications in the house part of the motorhome, and covered for liability while camping/living in it.

2 years ago

I was covered by Allstate when I had two blowouts on the same side of my 5th wheel two days apart. Damage to the slide was extensive and insurance would only cover the damages up to the fair market value. Even though I had put 10’s of thousands of dollars into upgrades. In effect I lost the entire use of a beautifully maintained trailer and all the improvements along with several thousand dollars in replacement costs. While it was 10 years old it was impossible to find another as the maker was out of business and quality of another unit was inferior. Such a shame insurance companies can do people this way.

Ray Cordero
2 years ago

We also have Progressive Full-timers insurance. It includes coverage for a place to stay while our RV is being fixed for covered repairs but there is a $ limit.

2 years ago

We are fulltime and use Progressive fulltime RV insurance.
We have used Progressive many years and always had good service and response if needed.
We have coverage for all areas sited in article.
I wouldn’t feel to badly about your insurance pursuing the other party. No one should put others at risk by not having insurance. Everyone’s circumstances are unique but it should not allow them to be irresponsible.

David Ozanne
2 years ago

I have the Hartford insurance on my motor home and cars. It has been the least costly and the most effective insurance I have. They have a coverage for full timers and I am sure that it is also as good. AARP sponsors this, but once you have it, it is yours even if you leave AARP.

Bob p
2 years ago

1st question how did the other party get his registration? I thought all states required mandatory insurance. 2nd question what about uninsured/underinsured coverage on your policy? I know that coverage is optional for your policy, I never want to be in your position so even though it may seem like a waste of money in this case it would’ve been worth the extra $25 ea 6 months.

bill allen
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

Buy the cheap monthly insurance most places set up next to the motor vehicle they will give you form to get plate once you have the plate in hand cancel insurance

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

Answer to the 1st question: Owners take out a policy to get the registration, then drop the policy. This happened to me in El Paso and USAA was unable to collect from the other driver.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

With regards to uninsured/underinsured coverage, here in FL it covers bodily injury only, not physical damage.

Jennifer A Stoffa
2 years ago

Progressive, covered with full timers’ insurance. Would not full time without it.

Earl Balentine
2 years ago

Since I’m one of the people that take my financial advisor seriously about switching insurance every year for the best price, I found Nationwide insured my $40k 5th wheel for only a $150 a year and said if I drive my truck and trailer over a cliff and total both they said they would replace both at market value.
I have sent many hours evaluating insurance company’s and their coverage. The biggest rip off is when they say if you bundle we will give you 10 or 20% discount. The problem is you are already over paying 20 or 30% by adding everything into a bundle is still more than if you price out each vehicle and to house. Example: your house insurance is $600 a year but they will cover your RV at a 10 or 20% discount for bundling. At another insurance you can get your house covered for $400 instead of $600 saving $200 a year. Some insurance company’s will cover your car for a great price but don’t offer RV insurance. Some insurance company’s don’t want to insure RV’s but will do it at a high price.
Best advice is shop all your vehicles and home among several insurance company’s for the best price. Don’t pay high insurance just to get that birthday card in the mail or have that friendly agent hand shake. The reason some people switch every year or so is because the insurance while quote you a price for the 1st 6 months or year but those premiums will starting climbing little by little before you realize it you are paying a lot more than you thought. Remember big corporations shop around even contract for the best price for service and products, why wouldn’t you?

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