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Lamborghini once made the “Holy Grail” of pickup trucks


By James Raia
Sometimes, bigger is better; sometimes, it’s not. Pickup trucks are no exception. Small, versatile pickups have their place. And there are also reasons for truck manufacturers to outdo each other with a simple motto: The more outrageous the better.

Lamborghini defines handmade supercar. But the Italian performance carmaker also made a giant pickup truck, the LM002. It came standard with a 5.2-liter, V12 with 444 horsepower. But there was also the optional 7.2-liter, V12.

The Lamborghini LM002 pickup truck didn't last long and only 301 were made.
The Lamborghini LM002 pickup truck didn’t last long and only 301 were made.

Following prototypes, the Cheetah and the LM001, the so-called Rambo-Lambo debuted. It had full leather trim, tinted power windows, air conditioning and a roof-console-mounted premium stereo system.

The LM002 was manufactured from 1986 until 1993, and only 301 were made. And it become known as the “Holy Grail” of trucks.

While intended for military use, the LM002 was not well-received. In fact, it was never tested because of its poor handling.

The production model was unveiled at the Brussels Auto Show in 1986. Lamborghini commissioned Pirelli to create the Pirelli Scorpion tires with custom, run-flat tread designs. These were made specifically for the LM002 and were offered in two different tread designs: one for mixed use and the other for sand use only.

Near the end of the LM002’s production, Turin-based auto shop owner Salvatore Diomante created a one-off “estate” version for the Sultan of Brunei by enclosing the back area and raising the roof.

An LM002 was featured in the films “No Holds Barred” (1989), “Toys” (1992) and “Fast and Furious” (2009).

A 1989 Lamborghini LM002 is currently for sale in Lynnwood, Washington, for $295,000.


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