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More microfiber uses—this time in the bath towel department

If you go to enough RV shows and FMCA events you start running into the same vendors over and over. Such is the case with Almost Heaven Microfiber, a company that sells microfiber products. While a lot of what they sell is for detailing the RV, and we have much of these products despite how dirty our RV usually is, what I have recently found I liked was their bath towels. 

Recently, Gail Marsh did a story about why you need microfiber towels in your RV, which prompted my own look at these nifty items. I agree with all the things she wrote in her article but allow me to add one more to the list—bath towels. 

Like probably everybody else out there, I love big, fluffy towels. Since we’re still RVers who have a sticks and bricks home, we have the kind of towels there that you can almost move into, provided the post office will change your address to your bath towel. ,

But on the road realities are different. We all know that taking a shower in an RV is quite different than doing so at home, particularly when boondocking. So when my wife suggested we try microfiber bath towels, I was a bit skeptical. After all, the experience would be much different. 

But there are reasons why she was right. You see, Dear, it’s here in writing!

First of all, microfiber towels are much lighter than the traditional towels we may all love. They dry very, very quickly. And we can wash two of them in the portable RV washing machine I wrote about a while back. 

The experience

One of the nifty things about microfiber is that it seems to be really, really thirsty, so it absorbs water quickly. So drying yourself off with one of these is different than a traditional towel. Instead of rubbing, it’s more a pat dry type of thing and it works very quickly and efficiently. 

While normal towels feel wet for a good long while after you’ve used them, microfiber seems to dry more quickly—which is another reason we like these. 

If we’re using these in the bath, then simply hanging them up results in a nice dry towel that’s still as soft as the day before. But we also really like these as pool towels. We can hang them on our trailer’s bike rack and they’re good and dry when we want to go back to the pool. 

Since Gail did such a thorough job of describing microfiber, I won’t go into any more detail.I’ll just note that every time we end up at a place where RVers gather, we seem to add to our microfiber collection by visiting Almost Heaven’s stand. And, of course, we did so again at Quartzsite.

One more thing

This whole addiction to microfiber bath towels started when my wife bought a microfiber “turban” for her hair. Since I am quite unqualified to write anything about the hair one can grow on their heads, I’ll have to take it from her that this was also a good purchase. 


Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


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1 year ago

We have two sets of microfiber bath towels, one set is more traditional microfiber, they are absorb quickly and dry quickly, so they stay fresh longer! Take up 1/3 the space of a traditional bath towel. The second set are the first microfiber I found on a backpackers site 17 years ago. They are very thin, they take up about 1/2 the space of my other microfibers bath towels, were expensive, but but light weight and were great back in the day with our tiny camper. When using these, you pat dry. I also found tea towels for the kitchen.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Backpackers have used these for years, but they are not cheap.

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