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Readers reveal their favorite RV mods or add-ons, Part 3


About a month ago we asked you about some of your favorite things you’ve done to modify your RV. Here are Part 1 and Part 2. We got dozens of emails and comments, so now we’re back with Part 3. What have you added or done that is far and away the best tweak to your RV?

From Gary L. Bloomfield
“We have an overhead linen/ storage compartment above the headboard in our class C. Now, I’m not really lazy but sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I wonder what time it is. We’ve stopped using battery-powered clocks in the bedroom and use our cell phones for any alarm clock needs. I found a small, red LED clock online and using a Dremel tool I cut a small rectangular hole to mount it next to and power it from the overhead light. Now I really only have to look up with one eye to see if my wife wants me out of bed. It’s the only clock in the camper we’re allowed to keep on military time… 😉

From Larry H. Lee
“When planning to mount solar panels on the roof of our DP, I wanted to avoid any possibility of shading due to A/C units, etc. Since we have 2 A/C units, that became both the problem and the solution. I replaced the bolts on top of the A/C unit with bolts just 2 inches longer to accommodate 2-inch diameter electrical conduit pipes stretching from one A/C to the other, about 20 feet. With those 2 pipes in place, I then mounted the panels onto the pipes thereby totally eliminating all shadows cast by objects on the roof from interfering with the full output from my solar system. Two years on with no problems other than it works so well I bought 2 more panels to add for this summer!”

From Vernon Webb
“My favorite mod is the side window awnings we had installed. For instance, I used a temperature gun on the shady part of the fiberglass siding just below the window and the temperature was 97 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature just down from that, in the sun, was 128 Fahrenheit.”

From Grace Wilfong
“My favorite modification is our drop-down counter. Our trailer is very small and didn’t have much counter space. My husband built a drop-down counter in the space between the sink and the bed. It is down out of the way most of the time but when I want to cook (especially dinner), I can just flip it up and use it, then wipe it down and flip it back down. It worked great this fall when we were camping with another couple and they and my husband would sit at the table and I still had counter space to prepare the food and set the serving dishes.”

From Gerald Kreimeyer
“In 2019 I decided to add two major upgrades. I removed the original toilet and added a composting toilet by Air Head. Never again to dump black water. Fresh water lasts longer since no water is used to flush. Black holding tank became part of venting drain compost purposes. Best decision ever, and I’ve only changed compost every 3 months, super easy. I also purchased a 150-watt suitcase solar panel. This keeps batteries full and can be directed to the sun for optimum charging throughout the day. These upgrades have made me fully off-grid.”

From Leslie Pederson
“We added the MORryde Independent Suspension with hydraulic disc brakes. Our VanLeigh Vilano 375fl is heavy (18,000) and the axles were 7k. We drove to Elkhart, Indiana, in February of last year, and got the much-needed upgrade. Now we have a fantastic smooth ride, and the best part, no shackles, axles or leaf springs to worry about!
We also added Mopeka propane level indicators. They work excellent and we’ve had the same set for over 3 years. Still working great. We can check our propane tank levels from inside our house or on an app.”

Do you have a favorite mod? Tell us by commenting on this post, or by clicking here.


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2 years ago

Absorption refrigerators can overheat even if kept fairly level. Recently I invested in a Fridge Defend controller to reduce this risk.

The Fridge Defend concept (patented) and quality seem good, but the installation is a bit of work.

To assist others, I created a “Fridge Defend User Notebook” as I did the install:

Hope this is useful to others considering or installing this product!

bill pearson
2 years ago

to Grace Wilfong for the COUNTER DOWN, FOOD UP. I have been looking for a set of prints to build the same thing. Would he be willing to share his idea? the shelf part is easy but how to make the folding part still baffles me.

2 years ago
Reply to  bill pearson

Your local hardware store (not big box) will have folding supports that will work. They are often called lid supports and are used on kid’s toy boxes.

2 years ago
Reply to  bill pearson

Also try Rockler and Woodcraft (woodworker hobby stores)

Cushman Phillips
2 years ago

How do I obtain additional information regarding these mods?

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