Need a good meal easy? Tinfoil on the barbie, mate!



By Russ and Tiña De Maris

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While traveling does bring out quite an appetite, once you land in camp at the end of a road day, who wants to fiddle around with a lot of meal prep hoopla? It’s so much easier to cruise on into a McDoogie’s, but the nutrition is so questionable. Go some place with better nutrient values and less fat, you’re apt to spend a bundle. What’s the traveler to do? Pull out the barbie and the tinfoil and let the meal almost fix itself.

A couple of our favorite foil-wraps can be prep-worked before pulling out, then on arrival, fire the grill and toss a packet on. Go about the rest of your setup business, and in a short time the appetizing aromas will signal the meal is ready. Best of all, there’s not a lot of cleanup!

Foil Wrapped Burger BundlesToss a burger patty in the middle of a square of aluminum foil. Top it with slices of onion, potato, carrots, and chunks of celery. Dab on a small pat of margarine, season with a pinch of garlic powder, and (if you have it) a few drops of “liquid smoke.” Fold up the aluminum “bundle” to seal in the food good and tight. Poke the pack once with a fork and toss on the grill over medium heat. Cooking time will vary with the size and thickness of the hamburger patty — check it out at about 20 minutes, but it may take longer. When the spuds can be poked easily, she’s ready to eat. Be sure to keep the veggies on top, else they’ll burn.

Alternatives? Surely: Ground turkey is a hit.

Painless Foiled FishThis is one of our favorites when traveling through Native Fishery areas when the folks are selling fresh salmon by the roadside. Starting with a good-sized chunk of foil, lay the fish on the foil, skin side down. Butter the fish as you would a piece of toast and dash on lemon juice.  Salt and pepper to taste. Wrap up the tin foil and fold over tight. Poke once with a fork and toss on the grill, medium fire. Thickness of the fish determines cook time: 10 minutes per inch at the thickest point is a good starting point.

Alternatives? Forget the butter! Layer on mayonnaise instead. Wow!

Clean Up: Toss the “pan” in the trash!


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Sherry Dawson
Sherry Dawson

For a seafood meal, also prepare a separate foil bundle of favorite vegetables to cook alongside. I like bite-size chunks of any or all of these: yellow squash, zucchini, onion, carrots, celery, white or sweet potatoes, etc., with a few cloves of garlic tossed in with butter, salt and pepper. For dessert, prepare some thick slices of pineapple in advance and place them in a ziplok bag. Drizzle in some real maple syrup, agave nectar, or honey and store with the rest of the meal. When you remove the main courses from the grill, oil a section of the hot… Read more »