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Need a step up when hitching up your fifth wheel?

By Deanna Tolliver
As a vertically challenged person (i.e., short), and the owner of a fifth wheel, it’s difficult for me to reach over the bed of the truck to either hitch up or unhitch. I’ve carried a step stool and I’ve also had small side steps attached to the side of the truck. But I’ve found another, better, option: the HitchMate TireStep, by Heininger.

Designed to fit over almost any tire, the TireStep allows you to reach three important areas of your truck or SUV: the engine compartment, the roof, and the bed.

If you own a diesel pickup, you may have to add DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) to your truck, like I do. In some models, like mine, the opening is in the engine compartment. The TireStep makes it much easier to access this area while trying to hold on to (and not spill) a large container of DEF.

Maybe you carry a kayak or storage container on top of your vehicle. The TireStep can give you the leverage and height you need to maneuver awkward items in this area without dragging out a step stool.

For fifth wheel owners, the TireStep may be the helper you’ve been wanting for a long time and just didn’t know it. Reaching over the truck bed using the TireStep is not a problem while hitching or unhitching your rig. I also use my step to reach the fuel cap on the external fuel tank.

There’s no assembly – the TireStep is ready to use right out of the box. It’s adjustable to both tire width and height.

The entire step folds up to a manageable 3” deep and 22” wide, and is able to support up to 400 pounds. A storage bag with handles is included, which I thought was a nice touch; if muddy shoes leave their mark on the step, the bag will protect the storage area from getting dirty until you can clean it.

My TireStep has certainly generated an enthusiastic audience in campgrounds. I think it’s a great idea for RVers, and encourage you to look into getting one for yourself. Click here to learn more or to order.

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1 year ago

Been using them since 2001, when I bought my first dually. Don’t travel without it (when L’m in the dually that is)! So handy!

1 year ago

I bought one of these for my custom van (not this model I believe) but have problem using because running board/skirting. Does work good on my pickup.

1 year ago

I don’t use a step of any description yet my feet never leave the ground reaching over my dually to attach my safety chains. I bought 1″ conduit and cut it into 2 – 3′ pieces. At a bicycle store I bought brake levers, brake cables and hand grips. I used a gear clamp to hold the hook which sits in a slot opposite the grips and lever. The cable pulls back the safety lever (drill a hole in the lever for the cable) to hook and unhook my chains. It works for me!

1 year ago

We have one of these steps. It fits just right in our “basement”. The Spousal Unit has a padded bath mat that he lays on the truck so he doesn’t scratch it when he leans over. He wraps that around the folded up step when he stores it.

4 years ago

I use a plastic milk crate.

4 years ago

We have this tire step. Yes you will need a place to store it when not in use. Husband says this works well on our Ford dually.

4 years ago

Had an older friend who owned one of these steps.
It was heavy, and had a large footprint for storage and when not used tok up valuable space.

You want to make sure you remember to take that thing off before you move, after just one time and plenty of fender damage, you’ll find that those little $10 plastic foldout steps are a bargain.

4 years ago

I been using one similar to this for a couple of years and it’s great. I have a Ram 4×4 dually. it helps me reach my 5th hitch, cleaning windshield, and engine compartment

4 years ago

I use a little 2ft. Step Stool I got at Lowes for about $15.00. I have to use it myself to get up over my Dually Hump and reach the Trailer Saver Air Ride Hitch. Has worked well for many years. Made of Aluminum and holds up to 300 pounds. And I just set it in the back of the Truck bed when I’m ready to go.

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