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In the past year, has a parts shortage delayed a repair on your RV?

Unless you’ve been boondocking for the last two years, you know there’s been a parts shortage for RVs. A bad parts shortage.

If you’ve needed to have anything fixed in or on your RV, you certainly know this, and we’re guessing you’ve had to wait weeks or months for that part to come in. Is this true?

In the past year, has a parts shortage issue delayed a repair on your RV? Was it a major or minor repair?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us what the part was and how long it took to get… if you even have it yet. Thanks!

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Dennis G. (@guest_182831)
1 year ago

We had two substantial delays in getting exhaust and suspension parts. The exhaust was delayed close to three months, and the suspension parts took 2 months. Reason for the delay (suspension) was a delay in steel shipments.

Cheryl Robinson (@guest_182565)
1 year ago

Been waiting almost a year for our propane regulator. Has been on recall. Received letter from Forest River in August of 2021. Still no regulator. And apparently dealer has no idea when we may get one. So no camping, I really don’t wish to blow up.

Andrea (@guest_182507)
1 year ago

Awning parts (Carefree of Colorado) delayed for nine months mid-pandemic.

Drew (@guest_182416)
1 year ago

I knew our coach had an inverter but had no idea that our built-in Onan generator had its own inverter. When the gen wouldn’t start it took a few weeks for an accurate analysis and we were then told there was a “National back order” on this part. Cummins could not help, Newmar would not help even though it was a warranty issue. We were told it would take 6-9 months. Had to yank some chains but finally got it fixed in about 6 weeks.

David Binkley (@guest_182125)
1 year ago

Had a Mach 8 Air Conditioner go out and took about four months to finally get a replacement unit. And of course I was in a Heat Dome with “feels like” temps at 106 degrees for a lot of that time.

KellyR (@guest_181677)
1 year ago

We have been very lucky. The only thing that sidelined us for a short time was a bathroom fixture — TP.

rvgrandma (@guest_181673)
1 year ago

Delayed only because they could not get the air bags so I found them online then they installed.

Linda Kay (@guest_181671)
1 year ago

Our commode broke and only a small piece was needed to fix it. The item was on backorder for months. We just changed out the entire thing instead of waiting for the part.

Jeff Craig (@guest_181665)
1 year ago

The only issue I have with my RV are the steps not staying out when the door is closed. has just been something I’m dealing with. RV repair facilities near me were all backed up and it was time and money I didn’t need to waste, yet.

Paul Schwengel (@guest_181646)
1 year ago

Only not available issue was my warranty parts were ‘lost’ in the dealers’ warehouse, for 2 months!!!

T Hartman (@guest_181639)
1 year ago

I needed to replace the inverter/charger. Tried to have old one repaired, but the shipping and repair would cost as much as new. So, tried to buy a replacement. None in stock and no shipping date. So I needed to find a different brand. Went through about 10 manufacturers before finding one that would fit, had good specs ( wattage, charge rate, pure sine wave) and a remote control panel, since the inverter would be buried In a bay.
Finally successful.

DW/ND (@guest_181622)
1 year ago

If you need a part chances are you will be able to find it by researching several dealers, Rv Salvage yards like Visone Salvage, and others. Ebay is another source for new or used parts. Many times it is some of the simple things which break. Somewhere there is the part you need; and as a plus you might save some money too. (Be sure to add the shipping charges!). Generally, insurance companies don’t replace parts with factory new parts.

Barry (@guest_181615)
1 year ago

Have been delayed for months due to tire shortages.

Jeff Arthur (@guest_181609)
1 year ago

Anything that has failed in the the past I have another on hand along with a few other additional things others have had problems with . 2 years ago we did have to cancel a national park trip because of a part & poor job performance from the dealer

Rod B (@guest_181595)
1 year ago

Coach sat for 3 1/2 in freightliner shop waiting for Cummins parts. At least it was inside the shop the whole time. Cold weather and not winterized.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Rod B

Hey, Rod. I’m guessing you meant to say 3 1/2 months. If that’s correct, I’ll go in and fix it if you want. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

Not Johnny Robot (@guest_181573)
1 year ago

When I was told by a mobile RV tech the part I needed would take 18 months to deliver, I got busy searching for options. Within a few hours of internet searching and phone calls, I found the part and had it delivered two days later to the RV park where we were staying. RV service providers don’t take the time to “look outside the box” for alternatives, they typically source from only one of several parts distributors.

DAVE TELENKO (@guest_181568)
1 year ago

Our Safe T Alert RV carbon monoxide/propane gas detector expired with in days of 5 years life span. Ours had the propane gas auto shut off (70-742 R). I’ve not seen one anywhere including Safe T Alert. They have the regular ones, but not the one I need with the auto shut off! I picked up one that doesn’t have the auto shut off till the right ones are back in stock!

Johnm405 (@guest_181561)
1 year ago

Due to carburetor shortages I had to wait almost six months to get my motorhome generator repaired

Rich (@guest_181532)
1 year ago

our catalytic converter was stolen. insurance claim settled in a few days. replacement found and installed a few days after that.

Sharon (@guest_181524)
1 year ago

Front wheel of trailer dropped off pavement when we made a sharp turn out of a campsite. Our fresh water tank and 4-season shield were ruined. Ordered replacement in October; arrived two days ago (May). Since ours is an older model, replacement parts were not in stock and had to be specially manufactured.

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