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Can you use your RV’s toilet with the slides in?


Now, don’t go thinking this is a dumb question. A couple of weeks ago we asked in another poll if you could easily use your RV’s kitchen with the slides in. Why would anybody buy an RV where you couldn’t do that — like when you pulled into a rest area and wanted to make a tuna fish sandwich?

And yet, 17 percent of the more than 1,800 readers who responded said they could not use their kitchen with the slides in. Another 11 percent said it would be difficult to use the kitchen with the slides in.

So let’s see about toilets. Can you use yours when the slides are in?

This should be interesting.

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Donald N Wright
4 months ago

Some RV bathrooms so small you cannot close the door.

4 months ago

A good idea is to be wary of RVs with slides containing plumbing fixtures. This includes water and propane. Plumbing is more secure when it remains stationary.

Carol Noll
4 months ago

We can. It was a requirement when we were shopping for an RV that everything was accessible. We have a 2018 Gulfstream Conquest Class C motorhome.

4 months ago

If you are in the bedroom you need to go out side and back in but since I reversed the door swing on the bathroom you can get in with the slide in from the main room.

Dale Gilbert
4 months ago

yes and the stove sink and frig

John Koenig
4 months ago
Reply to  Dale Gilbert

Same here. I know there are MANY RVs where, when the slides are in, the RV is virtually unusable.

Solar Steve
4 months ago

I would not buy any RV that cannot use ALL appliances and bed etc with slides in.

Byker Bob
4 months ago

First requirement for our toy hauler, need to access bathroom and kitchen/refrigerator. And we can and even the bedroom

Diane Mc
4 months ago

Yes, and everything else. Refrigerator, microwave, shower, bed (north/south). Love our motorhome even though it’s 20 yrs old.

Michael Butts
4 months ago

I bought an $85,000 porta potty on wheels. You can be darn sure that we checked that we had full access to the facilities.

4 months ago
Reply to  Michael Butts


4 months ago

Yes, we have 2 doors on our Travel trailer. If you need something from the kitchen, use the back door, if the bathroom, use the front door!!

4 months ago

That’s the great thing with a 5er. We never need the kitchen. Small cooler in the truck with snacks. And if stopping to eat we eat where we stop.

Sally Harnish
4 months ago

Absolutely! Wouldn’t be any other way. A salesperson can’t tell me what I don’t or do need!

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

We have a pass thru mid bath in our triple slide Class A, so we can access the fridge, microwave/kitchen and both sides of the bathroom while cruising down the interstate at 65MPH. Many years ago, on a cross country express trip for a funeral, I even took a shower while my wife was driving through Missouri, (with our daughter providing shotgun duties), and other than bouncing off the stall a few times, it actually worked out pretty well.

Matt Colie
4 months ago

We are in with Ed K. We don’t have slides at all. If I had to replace this coach (new are not available) having access to essentials would be a determining factor.

4 months ago

There are 2 toilets in our motor home. One of them is easily accessible with the slides in. The other is accessible with significant difficulty.

Del W
4 months ago

Everything in our trailer is accessible with slide in. Would not have it any other way.

Randy A
4 months ago

Well.. this was a mistake I made when I bought my 5th … I would have rethought the model I purchased.. GD 260RD it has 1 slide (Schwintek I Don’t LIKE.. ) and it blocks the bathroom .. She’s not to happy…!

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
4 months ago

Most of the time, when we are traveling. I will pull into a rest area and use the RV toilet rather than the rest rooms.

4 months ago

Yes! We purposely chose our Montana 3121rl because of this. The “argument” toward a class A was that “you can get up and walk around while on the road”.

We can get to the fridge (residential), the bedroom and the bathroom all while the slides are in. We do have to get out of the vehicle to do so however we get out to stretch, let the puppies do their business, or to fuel up. It’s not a big deal!

4 months ago

When we bought our Lance TC with a slide I had the dealer close the slide to ensure we could use the entire camper with it closed. We are big people but can still fit through to have complete access to the camper.

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