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Do you have a current fishing license?


What kind of music should you listen to while you fish? Something catchy!

In March, we asked if you own a boat. While 66 percent of you do not, 34 percent of you do. If we had to guess, we’d say that there’s a good chance those 34 percent of you enjoy fishing. Are we right? There are many reasons to own a boat and not fish (especially those who own things like kayaks or rafts), but still, there’s a good chance you fish, or have fished in the past.

Last summer we compiled a list of things you don’t know about fishing, and might not have ever asked. Check it out here.

So, do you have a current fishing license? Please cast your vote in the pole below… oar you’ll be sorry!

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2 years ago

Some Free Fishing Days to note on your calendar (Most seem in May and June to “hook” you on fishing for the rest of the year). Verify before you go. Some states allow out of state and in state residents the experience. Some are in state only.

AZ: 06/01/20 –

CA: 09/24/20 and 09/25/20 –

FRESHWATER: 04/04/20, 04/05/20, 06/14/20, 06/15/20
SALTWATER: 06/06/20, 06/07/20, 09/05/20, 11/28/20

IN: 06/06/20, 06/21/20, 09/26/20 –

MD: 06/20/20 and 07/04/20 –

MI: 06/14/20, 06/15/20 –,4570,7-350-79119_79146_84107—,00.html

PA: 05/24/20, 07/04/20

TN: 06/06/20 –

TX: No Fishing License Required at the Texas State Parks:

TX: 06/01/20 –

WA: 06/06/20, 06/07/20 – (In State and Out of State Residents)

WI: 06/06/20, 06/07/20 –


02/15/20-02/17/20; 05/09/20-5/10/20; 06/20/20-06/21/20; 07/04/20-07/12/20 (Residents ONLY)

Oh heck…Here is a link to most all states:

Debbie Ballew
2 years ago

No fishing license needed in Florida once you turn 65. One of the perks of getting old. LOL

Tim L
2 years ago

I am heading from AZ where I live to Idaho in a couple of weeks where I plan to spend a couple of months. Last night I checked the cost of a non resident ID fishing license. Just under $100. Now the dilemma. $100 for a license, fish at the grocery store at $8-9 a pound. 10 pounds of cleaned fish in the hand versus $100 to the state of ID……………..
Ah heck, I will follow what the bible says in John 21:3 where Simon Peter says “I’m going fishing”.

2 years ago

Too many license’s for too many States.

I stopped getting a fishing license back when the government’s started demanding a Social Security number. The “excuse” was that they wanted to take the fishing rights away from dead-beat dad’s that didn’t pay child support. BUNK!!! I haven’t had kids in the home for years. NOW what’s the excuse? They don’t need your SS number to issue a fishing license. It’s more about control. I have found though that private property and some States allowing fishing from their property WITHOUT having to obtain a license. There are also special days that allow for fishing without a license. So opportunity still abounds and I STILL will not get a fishing license! ESPECIALLY for 50 States!

If a driver’s license is good for all States…

If a gun license is reciprocal for multiple States…

If a marriage license is good in all States…

If I can get my prescription filled in all States…

If my Passport is good in all 50 States…

If a GREEN CARD is good in all 50 States…

My Credit Card is good in all 50 States…

Why the H _ _ _ do I need to get a fishing license for 50 States?

I guess we are not the “UNITED” States after all.

Anyone else see the point?

2 years ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

I’m not a fisherman so I have never thought about this. Thanks for enlightenment me. We have thought about fishing but travel a lot and just doesn’t seem to be worth it to buy a license when we would only be in a state for a week or two. My grandparents lived on a lake and I grew up fishing. I love love love going to hatcheries. AS I write this I have come to the conclusion fishing licenses and fees are what prevents me from enjoying this sport

2 years ago
Reply to  Sherry

Especially when you obtain an Out-of-State Fishing License…They love to take you hook, line and sinker (pun intended) as compared to State resident license holders. It’s such a corrupt system. Why does it cost more for out of state persons? The fish are grown and put into the lakes and streams by the same Park system of that State. It doesn’t cost more to raise and put fish in a lake or river because out of state persons want to fish there. The park system people are not working overtime just because of us. Besides, isn’t that what keeps them in a job? If anything (aside a National license which it should be), the license fee per State should be exactly the same for resident or non-resident.

If you are in Texas and stay at a State Park, you don’t need a license there. Stay on State property. Check out your own home state. Confirm with each State park you stay in to make sure someone is not pulling a fast one.

2 years ago

Yes but I don’t fish. If you are in a boat with more poles than people, the Game Warden won’t believe you when you say ‘I don’t fish’. License was free so I got it. Expires on my birthday the year 2399. Anyone want to go fishing with me the day before it expires?

Dave Planitzer
2 years ago

Over 65 in NC you get a permanent license.

2 years ago

If you are a resident of Texas or Oklahoma and you are 65 or older, you do not need a fishing license in either state (OK and TX reciprocate). You do however need the Texas Coastal license addon though if you fish the Gulf.

2 years ago

I always tell people. Friday night,local tavern no stink, no license required. We in Wisconsin take our Friday night fish fry seriously. One thing we missed out in AZ. COD REALLY doesn’t cut it.

Mark B
2 years ago

Wow, the people in Florida are really psyched about the free fishing for seniors. But wait, there’s more. They have free, unlimited bait, too. Cockroaches are great bait. (Said with tongue-in-cheek. 🙂 )

Gary Smith
2 years ago

I’d love to go fishing but in Washington State it’s so expensive and complicated it’s just not worth it.

Bob Godfrey
2 years ago

Over 65…..don’t need one in FL.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

Here in Colorado we get licenses, plus the extra pole fee and habitat stamp. The money is goes to state hatcheries, maintenance of lakes and rivers and stocking of those lakes and rivers. That all costs money and we’re happy to pay it for great fishing experiences! Since the 70’s living in NM and CO I’ve been checked twice by rangers while fishing. That’s it!

James Dresser
2 years ago

FL resident seniors don’t need a license in FL.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

We always get fishing licenses but some medical problems took place during our usual fishing schedule. Drat!

Steve flippo
2 years ago

That generator was horribly annoying. But they were obeying park rules. If the criteria is to only allow campers who are unobtrusive and not annoying who want peace and quiet you could extend the complaint to any number of campers at national parks. How about banning the huge class a, fifth wheel, and diesel rigs? To many those are visually obtrusive and annoying. Even a quiet generator is annoying in a quiet environment, so should we ban even the Honda generators? They are intruding into my quiet space. For that matter, any trailer is an abomination to nature. How about if we only allow tent camping in national parks? Anyway, someone should have girded their loins and either asked the generator owner if they were going to run it all day, or else file a complaint with the park office and maybe they could talk to the owner.

2 years ago

Resident Seniors over 65 have an automatic hunting and fishing license in Florida.

David Poole
2 years ago

I have a senior license in S.C.
As I understand it, non residents must purchase a license, which is quite pricey.
I think that seniors should not be required to buy a license in any state. A senior fishing license should be valid in any state but they are only good in the state that issued them.

Seann Fox
2 years ago

Never had one never will get one

Bart Bartling
2 years ago

Over 65, don’t need a fishing license in Florida.

David Poole
2 years ago
Reply to  Bart Bartling

Aren’t non residents required to have a fishing license in Florida, (or any other state as far as that goes. )