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Have you ever visited Yellowstone National Park?


Yellowstone is one of America’s most beautiful, and most popular, National Parks. It’s also one of the largest parks. At more than 2 million acres, you’re sure to find a sight to take your breath away!

The park has more than 900 miles of hiking trails, 67 species of mammals (such as bears, elk, bison, wolves, moose and bobcats), 330 species of birds, and 12 campgrounds. All that should keep you busy for a while!

Have you ever visited Yellowstone? Tell us in the poll below. Thanks!

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1 year ago

We went at the end of June 2011 and did a 3 day tour of Yellowstone. There are three sections to Yellowstone and we did all three of the tours. It was phenomenal. Loved it. Have not been back since. Saw things that regular tourists won’t see and we did. We are now done with west of the Mississippi thing. Texas is my next adventure.

H AL Gotelli
1 year ago

Have been lucky enough To visit Yellowstone Numerous times Starting in the early 1960s. It was a great place then almost no people. That isn’t true now. It’s still a great place a great place to visit but way too many people. The Tetons are an alternative. All the great beauty. Not so many people. Just don’t try the book Coulter bay Without 2 years notice. Keep on Rving

1 year ago

We spend fall, winter and spring in the Park… When you live 80 miles away it’s a must to go there often… except for May, June, July, August and early September. Those months we leave to the tourists. So fortunate to live here and enjoy the beauty and wildlife!

Roy Davis
1 year ago

My wife thinks I am nuts but I want to go in January at least once. We have a real 4 season RV and we love staying in ski resorts so we’re not newbies at cold weather camping.

1 year ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

Highly recommend it. I rented a snowmobile and went from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful. Great trip.

1 year ago

It’s in the plans. Though I. I want to camp outside the park. I’m just not into large crowds of tourist. But to drive through the park would be just once. I have done many national parks and state and many through our GREAT neighbors to the north. Just something about our great Canadian friends.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Went there as a kid, and took the family on our first big RV trip after we bought our rig. Stayed in FIshing Bridge (bring a good stand for your sewer dump hose!) and had a great week.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff Craig
Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I’d sure like to but we haven’t gone that far west.

1 year ago

We worked at a campground in West Yellowstone during the 2020 season. Want to avoid the crowds? Go during the last week (or two) min May or during the week in September. Plan on several days. It’s a big park and after a whole season we still didn’t see all of the areas we wanted. Of course we’ll go back.

Gary Byler
1 year ago

In May ‘12 between volunteering at Canyon de Chelley NM enroute to Stub Creek Cabin NFS, CO we received a call from a NPS Ranger we knew who asked us to come to Yellowstone as he needed a volunteer for the summer. Much to our chagrin, we had to decline as we were committed to Stub Creek. While we did visit YNP a couple of times never worked in a volunteer stint there. We sold our 5th wheel in January ‘21 and are no longer volunteering. SIGH

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Byler

You probably meant to say Canyon de Chelley is in Arizona.

1 year ago

We last camped in the park in 2001. Spaces were so tight you could practically pass the Grey Poupon. It’s better now. We prefer to camp outside the park and drive in early in the mornings, like 6:00 AM. In summer, crowds aren’t too bad until around 10:00. Sadly, for us anyway, bear sightings have been very rare and only through binoculars. Our most recent trip was September, 2021. Lots of elk and bison, no bears.

Diane Mc
1 year ago

Been several times. Last time, several years ago, the first of June. Got lucky and snagged a spot in Fishing Bridge because of a cancellation. Got snow first night (enough to break an arm on our awning 🙄). Rest of time, weather was beautiful. It is magnificent. Definitely would never go in summertime. Crowded in the old days. BTW, I believe Fishing Bridge was closed for rennovation. Not sure when it is reopening. Hopefully they enlarged the sites a bit. It was like a “sardine” can as someone mentioned. But we were out sightseeing most of the time, so it was ok.

John Koenig
1 year ago

I spent 11 days in Yellowstone NP back in 2011. I DEFINITELY want to get back again; WELL worth the trip, especially if you’ve never been there.

1 year ago

I went with my parents when I was a teenager back in the mid-70’s. I loved it then. We’re going next summer and I can’t wait!

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
1 year ago

In 2012 we decided to take three months to do all the National Parks on the East side of the Rockies and side trips to any other events like Cody, WY, Cheyenne Rodeo, Coors Beer, Air Force Academy, too many to list. Of course we did Yellowstone. You can not spend too much time in Yellowstone. There are three rings of sights and trails and so much. It was in the early fall and the rut season. We were in a Bison Jam (traffic jam caused by people stopping there vehicles to view the Bison, there are also Bear jams and others). We were smart to stay in our SUV while others walking got caught when the Bison herd decided to cross the road. Some cars got minor damage. A Ranger was trying to get people back into their cars and got chased by this big bull Bison. He fled into the front door of a large tour bus just as the Bison hit the bus just as the door closed. He knew these tour bus drivers know what is going on and were ready to assist. The people on the tour bus got an education.

1 year ago

More times than we can count. Beautiful place and we do something different every time.

Sharon L Boehmer
1 year ago

We enjoy going last week of May and first week of June. We make it a 2/for and include Grand Teton NP. Weather is cool, but enjoyable, still no big crowds and the animals are out and about.

1 year ago

Been there a couple of times but will never go again, just too many people anymore.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I passed through there in 1979 on my bicycle. It was a zoo back then. I can’t IMAGINE what it’s like now!

Joe Allen
1 year ago

If you really want to spend some quality time in a National park, consider volunteer or part time job there. We have spent just over 1 year in this wonderful park and still did not see it all. One of the best, in my opinion!

Thomas D
1 year ago

Been once. At the end of the season..they were pushing everyone into one campsite. Really crowded. Fishing Bridge I think. So very busy,one could not enjoy. Id love to go back but really don’t enjoy being a sardine in a can. Seems everyone has the same idea, wait until school starts and then go. There are a LOT of us old fogies that have the same idea. Enjoyed it’s neighbor Grand Teton very much. I believe it was too late to go to Glacier also

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