Wednesday, January 19, 2022


How many holiday presents will you give this holiday season?

Perhaps this year you’re seeing more friends and family for the holidays – you feel safer being inside and less at-risk for getting severely sick.

If you are seeing more family this year, or even if you’re not, how many holiday presents will you give this holiday season? Just a couple? Quite a few? A whole lot? Feel free to leave a comment after you vote in the poll. Thanks!


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Bill N Stacey
28 days ago

Holiday Presents?? Christmas presents is what they are traditionally called…

29 days ago

I absolutely love Christmas.

29 days ago
Reply to  Patty

Ohhhh, at least 50 presents

Jeff Craig
29 days ago

Christmas has become a joke. I’ve been making donations instead. My family has more than enough of everything they really need, so better to use the money for those who need some support.

Roy Davis
29 days ago

I honestly can’t say because I just don’t count and have no desire to figure it out.

Brian Burry
29 days ago

What “Holiday”? We give Christmas Presents – but have never been given Halloween Presents, or New Years Presents?! If a person is so politically correct, that they are afraid of offending someone – so what! Say what you prefer, as we still have freedom of speech and we learned very young, that names will never harm you!

29 days ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

You said say what you prefer, Well the person who wrote the question said what they preferred and you seemed to have a problem with that. In this country we have freedom of religion, which to many Christians seem to forget so for all the non Christians happy holidays.

29 days ago

Too many so we give money! They can get their own stuff!

Kenneth Fuller
29 days ago

We’ve always enjoyed the blessing of giving. One day we will depart this earth and we have never witnessed a U-Haul behind a hearse, so we like to share/give to others while we are still able too.

29 days ago

Well, we can start with 8 Grandkids

Wayne Braxton
29 days ago

2 grandsons get several presents, one special neighbor, a single mother who excels and a dear friend.

David Stansbury
29 days ago

3-10 for us. And that includes the whole family.

29 days ago

We celebrate Christmas with at least 4 different friends and family groups. So we have a spare room that gets filled with all the presents. 3 days to get them wrapped and ready for some fun gatherings. We are blessed to be able to share with our loved ones.

29 days ago

With three kids, seven grand kids, two in laws (brother/sister). Boss at work, well you get the idea.

Glen Cowgill
29 days ago

I do my shopping at the credit union while DW buys presents/ Four Children, ten grandchildren and various other family members makes for a fairly large amount. We just try to keep it simple. The grandchildren are old enough now where money seems to work best.

Ed K
29 days ago

Depends on how you define a present, one wrapped package containing eight separate items. One present or eight.

Bob p
29 days ago

All ready gave DW her new tablet, she just hasn’t started using it yet.