Saturday, October 1, 2022


Have you ever had groceries delivered to you in your RV?

Grocery delivery was, and still is, a booming business during the pandemic. Who doesn’t want to save a trip to the grocery store? But did you know you can also get groceries delivered straight to your RV? It doesn’t have to be just to a sticks-n-bricks home!

Have you ever had groceries delivered right to your RV’s door? If so, will you tell us and other RVers about your experiences with it in the comments below the poll? Thanks!


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7 months ago

I’ve had really good experience both at home and on the road. I use Instacart, and while there are often items I select that are not available, they wouldn’t be available if I went myself either. The shoppers stay in constant contact via the app, and get the OK for any item substitutions. If there are any discrepancies, Instacart makes it right immediately.

We first used it when we stayed at Disney Fort Wilderness – I ordered two hours before we expected to arrive, and because our site was not ready when we got there, the Instacart shopper brought us our groceries in the overflow parking lot.

I use it at home when I am busy and don’t have the time to shop myself, which is common the day before we roll out in the RV.

I pay $99 a year for express, and only pay an additional tip, and no service fee.

7 months ago

We just did this for the first time last week. Both of us were down with a bad case of Covid. I was so sick, I really didn’t care what they picked out. I was just so happy that I was able to get food. Also, there was zero chance of me infecting anyone, so win-win.

Roy Davis
7 months ago

My wife and I are both very picky when it comes to groceries. I can spend 5 minutes just picking out bananas. We look at coloring and the amount of fat on meat products and we check sell-by-dates on things like eggs, milk, and bread products. This is important because it is just the two of use. While you may get everything you ordered, it may not be the freshest of the selection.

Cheryl Sheldon
7 months ago

We flew into Las Vegas and rented an RV through Outdoorsy. My daughter had placed a grocery order with Walmart where we stopped to have the groceries delivered to us in the pick-up location. The Walmart security stopped to check on us thinking we were going to park overnight in that spot.

7 months ago

Did it one time at home when we both had covid. Got better service from the picker/delivery dude than I would have from friends & relatives. And didn’t infect anyone.

Cost me $20 including tip. Rather pay than inconvenience a friend. Would rather just go myself.

Deborah Johnson
7 months ago

Never to my Gas RV, but I did have groceries delivered to my Wind RV in Ego Alley in Annapolis, Maryland. Call me lazy if you want , but my dinghy doesn’t do well on asphalt.

7 months ago

nope. we once tried home delivery from a store offering a “free trial”. too many missed items and substitutions. that was our one and only try at home delivery. We do all of our shopping in-person even during the height of the pandemic.

Last edited 7 months ago by Rich
Gary G
7 months ago

No, and never had groceries delivered to our sticks and bricks either.

7 months ago

I have been taking advantage of the Pickup service at grocery stores for the last 2 years but I have never had a delivery to a campground. For my fruits and vegetables I go in person to Costco.

7 months ago

The question was specific to groceries, so I answered “no.” We don’t trust that a “picker” is going to sort through various items to choose the best quality. We always check bacon to be sure it’s not just a package of lard, or dates on milk jugs. Does anyone think a picker will choose the best fruit or veggies?

We have had pizza delivered a couple of times.

Barbara Brooker
7 months ago

Early pandemic, we had them delivered. Once was enough. We think because we are old they gave us all low-fat and low-sugar versions of what we ordered. Not happy!

7 months ago

No. I am still capable of moving about and making my own choices of quality. I have watched the pickers at Wal-Mart and am not impressed with their produce picks. Maybe when I can’t drive anymore .

John M
7 months ago

We had a pizza delivered one time in a small town. We did order from Walmart and then go pick they up when this cramp first started but then Items, we had ordered before started showing up as instore purchase only so now we just go get what we want but now have to travel to two or three stores to get what we use to be able to get at one.

7 months ago

We have had food delivered once, I think it was a pizza.

Leonard Rempel
7 months ago

Boy, how lazy does a person have to get.

David Stansbury
7 months ago

Just like most things, there’s a time when you need to do this. Quit calling people lazy unless you know their personal situation. Jeez. I don’t call people lazy that have an automatic leveling system on their RV. Etc. etc.

7 months ago

Some of you complaining about others being lazy, or unimaginative, is being a little shortsighted. There can be good reasons for ordering groceries online. Covid, temporary sickness, vehicle problems, fuel savings, etc. Costco is a good example. They don’t have stores on every corner like Walmart. So, several times, when we wanted some Costco items, & there wasn’t one within a hundred miles, we ordered online & had the stuff delivered to the rv. There’s no way I’d spend $30 or $40 in fuel to go to a Costco when I can have it delivered to my door.

Last edited 7 months ago by Fred
7 months ago

Are you serious!

7 months ago

Welcome to the RV lifestyle, Gen X and Gen Z.

Deborah Johnson
7 months ago
Reply to  Dan

I doubt Gen X and Gen Z are RVing. They’re more into AirBnB , hostels, and VRBO.

7 months ago

Didn’t you not run a story where a FedEx package was delivered at entrance of CG and those RV’ers were escorted out the CG by law enforcement? So why poll this when there are CG policies that restrict having items delivered to their CG?

7 months ago
Reply to  G13

Did G13 get out of bed on the wrong side this morning? Campgrounds that don’t allow deliveries are rare. In 12 years of fulltime travel (over 200K miles), we’ve only encountered one campground that didn’t allow deliveries. This is a totally appropriate survey question.

Rosalie Magistro
7 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Most state parks do not allow campers to receive packages.

7 months ago

Point taken. We rarely stay in state parks, maybe once every couple of years.

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