Thursday, October 6, 2022


Do you get more exercise at home or when RVing?

Where do you get more exercise: when you’re in your sticks-and-bricks home or while you’re on the road in your RV?

It could go either way: You could go for daily walks at home, do yard work, go to exercise classes… Or, you could not do any of that stuff and you could sit around inside thinking about how badly you want to be RVing! And while RVing, you could be out on hikes and adventures every day, or you could just spend a lot of time drivin’ and sittin’. So what is it?


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Roy Davis
7 months ago

Define exercise as walking, climbing, and such then RVing wins. But when we are at our home base, there is a lot of things I have to do. I spend time on a tractor or mower, cleaning up and cutting up downed trees, mending fences. Then there is the updates and maintenance on the RV while it’s in “dry dock” as I like to call it. At 68+ I like to keep busy but don’t push it. If I get tired I sit and rest.

Vanessa Simmons
7 months ago

I walk 10k+ steps a day except sometimes on travel days I don’t get them all in. Having two dogs gets me out and about.

7 months ago

I work during the year and because of winter and cold I am home more but if I am out in the RV I am more apt to go exploring and walking more. If not off roading. But yes, give me an RV and I am out more. Done with winter ice and cold.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

We do a lot of clearing at home. That is running a chainsaw to remove fallen trees, trim trees, and remove invasive bushes and unwanted small trees. All the cutting generates brush that must be piled and burned (or used to fill mudholes). So, we typically are much more active at home than when we RV. We hike and walk our dog when we RV, but we also do those things at home.

Lawrence Neely
7 months ago

I try to keep them the same but with traveling and some campground setups does not necessarily work out

Bob Weinfurt
7 months ago

Just doing the chores at home is more exercise than I can handle. I like to take it easy and relax some when I’m camping. After all, isn’t that what the retired lifestyle is supposed to be?

Paul B.
7 months ago

What’s exercising?

Dan A
7 months ago

We fulltime, so there’s no delineation between the two.🙄

7 months ago

I do walk with the pups in campgrounds several times daily but at home Im on the treadmill every day! It doesnt fit in the RV!

7 months ago

We definitely get more exercise while traveling, mostly because we walk more. Our main reason for traveling is sight seeing. Be it taking in local attractions or just exploring nature.
Every morning starts with a walk around the campground while sipping our coffee.