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Are you mostly left-handed or right-handed?

We know some people have the ability to do things left-handed even if they’re right-handed, and vice versa. But are you mostly right-handed or left-handed?

About 85-90 percent of people are right-handed, while only about 10-15 percent are left-handed. It’s pretty uncommon to be completely ambidextrous (using both hands equally), but it is possible.


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Deborah Mason
17 days ago

Took years to discover why a few things had to be done right-handed. I’m left handed, but right-eyed. So, archery, rifle, anything where the dominant eye is critical, I do right handed. All else left-handed.

Tommy Molnar
24 days ago

I am absolutely right-handed. Not mostly. So, I won’t go into the horrible experiences I had 30 years ago when I broke my right shoulder and had my arm in a sling for a month. What an experience!

24 days ago

I write and eat left handed but do other things right handed. I can use my left to do most things I do right handed but not as well. My son is the same. My grandson is totally left handed.

25 days ago

I have 5 brothers and the oldest and youngest are both lefties, the other 3 are all right.

Roy Davis
25 days ago

I am left-handed. They say that, if you’re right-handed, they all Your brain impulses come from the left side of your brain. However, if you’re left-handed, all the brain impulses come out of the right side of your brain. Therefore, only left-handed people are in their right mind! LOL

Tommy Molnar
24 days ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

I like it!

Gerry Brine
25 days ago

Right handed but can do a number of things well with the left hand as my dominate eye is my left eye. Shoot pool left handed, shoot a shot gun or rife left handed, can switch to my left hand if necessary when playing pickle ball. My mother was left handed and my father was left handed as a child but they made him right handed. Two siblings were right handed and one was left handed. Mother golfed right handed and dad golfed left handed.

Last edited 25 days ago by Gerry Brine
Dean Yoesting
25 days ago

My grandfather was left handed. Each of his 5 kids had a number of kids and there is one left handed child in each family. NONE of my grandfather’s 5 children are left handed. When I was in the first grade they tried to make me right handed so the teacher tied my left hand and arm to the chair. I stuttered so badly my mom spoke to the teacher and they let me be left handed. All men’s zippers on their pants are for right handed people.

Bob p
25 days ago

I’ve always joked that my left hand keeps my wrist watch from falling off. My left hand assists my right in two handed operation, but the right hand does 90% of the work and it shows it with arthritic joints in all the fingers. Lol

Neal Davis
25 days ago

I am right-handed as defined by sports (i.e., bat right-handed, throw right-handed, shoot right-handed), but I rely on each hand, arm, leg, foot for different things. Each does at least a few things better than the one on the opposite side. Generally I rely on my left side more for strength and the right side more for precision.

25 days ago

I golf and bat left handed. Right for most everything else.

Last edited 25 days ago by Snayte
25 days ago

I am right-handed for everything except—I deal cards and shoot pool left-handed.

Gene Bjerke
25 days ago

I am primarily right-handed, but I bat and sweep left-handed, so I consider myself “semi-ambidextrous.” Incidentally, I am right-footed, but left-eyed (I sometimes needed a periscopic attachment to operate a motion picture camera).

Leslie Schofield
25 days ago

There is a saying…
”everyone is born right handed….only the gifted overcome it!”
😊As a leftie, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Roger Worley
24 days ago

First time I’ve heard this. I like it

25 days ago

All right handed. My older son is left handed out of our 4 children. Makes it a little difficult in finding sporting gear from ball gloves, golf clubs to hunting gear. My joke with him was I could never find a left handed bat.

25 days ago

I write left handed and do most other things with my right. But I can write with either. My son is totally left-hand.

Ron T.
25 days ago

Born left-handed but I’ve taught myself to do a few things right-handed where they come in handy – painting or doing anything else from a ladder and working with tools in tight spaces.

25 days ago

You don’t need a survey to show the small% of left handed people

Larry Lee
25 days ago
Reply to  Engineer

Ah yes, but what about the as yet unknown % of left handed RV people?

25 days ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Google says that 10% of people in the world are left handed. This survey says 14% of RVers are left handed. Maybe RV marketing people need to look into this!??

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