Tuesday, November 28, 2023


How often do you have ice cream in your freezer?

Mmmm… ice cream! We know people (maybe ourselves… shhhhh…), who eat ice cream every day and other people who never eat ice cream. (We even know people who don’t like ice cream!! Shocking!!) Where do you fall on the ice cream love spectrum?

Do you have ice cream in your freezer all the time? Sometimes? Never?

Oh, shoot. Now we want ice cream…

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Kurt Shoemaker Sr (@guest_196540)
1 year ago

I’d rather not take a chance at having melted ice cream in my rv freezer. If I want ice cream, there is usually an ice cream selection at the camp store, or an ice cream shop in a local town.

Donn (@guest_196529)
1 year ago

Assuming it is meant that home freezer and not camper freezer is the question?

vanessa (@guest_196528)
1 year ago

It’s in there but I don’t eat it. Just moved a bag of tater tots and found a carton I didn’t know I had when I bought the carton on top of the bag of tater tots.

Betsy H (@guest_196515)
1 year ago

The only reason I rarely have ice cream in my freezer is that our ice cream becomes soft serve in our RV freezer. No matter where I place it in the freezer it never stays frozen hard. As we live in our RV, I have no other place to store it so when I want ice cream, I usually buy a pint and share it with my husband.

Ken Andrews (@guest_196511)
1 year ago

Actually I seldom eat ice cream but regularly eat the non-dairy options, Like oat milk or almond milk frozen desserts.

KellyR (@guest_196504)
1 year ago

Uhhh! What other reason is there for a freezer?

JPM (@guest_196475)
1 year ago

My son works at Blue Bell Creameries so it would be unusual to have less than 6 different flavors in my freezer. Visitors can expect to be offered a flavor of their choice, maybe two. He’s worked there for over 20 years, so it’s become a family tradition to explore the newest flavors. Happy. Happy.

Diane Mc (@guest_196472)
1 year ago

Chocolate Mousse Royale from Baskin Robbins or lately, Signature Select (Safeway’s brand) Denali Mousse Tracks…lots cheaper & just as good. Small bowls, so they last a long time.

James (@guest_196462)
1 year ago

Bryers low carb, like 4 carbs

Grant Carroll (@guest_196460)
1 year ago

Ice cream is one of the five basic food groups… 😉

Richard (@guest_196453)
1 year ago

I’m not to be trusted with ice cream.

Deborah Johnson (@guest_196450)
1 year ago

Always have ice cream and popsicles when my granddaughter is coming to visit.

Tom Gutzke (@guest_196439)
1 year ago

Usually have ice cream but sometimes go without.

Lisa Adcox (@guest_196435)
1 year ago

Always. Even when fulltime RVing. I had a great fridge so ice cream stayed frozen. It’s one snack I am a fan of. I do not eat chocolate, nuts and such but give me a bowl of ice cream and I am good.

kat (@guest_196429)
1 year ago

I clicked never but meant to click rarely. It is in the freezer twice a year for birthday celebrations. Neither one of us can control ourselves with ice cream in the freezer, so it is only for birthdays. This does not mean we don’t jump on our bikes to go for an ice cream cone though!!

Spike (@guest_196457)
1 year ago
Reply to  kat

Exactly! Same for us.

Skip (@guest_196427)
1 year ago

Home always in the 5er never. We usually go out for ice cream when traveling. The adventure of exploring.

Ed K (@guest_196425)
1 year ago

In the S&B most of the time, in the coach, seldom. We just search for the local ice cream parlor when we need a fix.

CAREN KELLY (@guest_196423)
1 year ago

Our Moho freezer freezes everything but ice cream, not sure why, but we can wish.

Bob p (@guest_196468)
1 year ago

If your Moho is a gas/electric refer it will never get down to zero to freeze ice cream unless it’s cold outside. We even tried ice cream treats and they melted, so if your going to have it keep it in a container and enjoy soft serve.

Paul S Goldberg (@guest_196491)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

Our Dometic 4 door gas/electric is just fine for keeping ice cream frozen harder than my wife likes. There are always two flavors, hers and mine!

Wayne (@guest_196421)
1 year ago

After 6 RV’S I’ve not found one that keeps ice cream frozen. So when we do buy ice cream we anticipate a nice milk shake

Barnjai (@guest_196417)
1 year ago


RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Barnjai

Yay, Tillamook! Delicious ice cream, not to mention cheese and other dairy products! I took my then-young sons down the West Coast to California once upon a time. Stopped at the Tillamook Creamery for the self-guided tour, which was very interesting. Got to the gift shop at the end of the tour and my younger son, then about 6 (now 43 and a Marine combat veteran) asked, “When does the tour start?” 😆 Have a great day, Barnjai. 😀 –Diane

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