Thursday, June 8, 2023


As a child did you read Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew books?

No matter the year you were born, we’re guessing there’s a pretty good chance you grew up reading at least one (but probably several or even dozens) of the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book series. Are we correct?

The books were so wonderful. They had it all: mystery, mystery… and more mystery! What’s a young kid not to love?

If you read either series (or both) tell us about it in the comments below the poll. Do you remember having a favorite book?


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7 months ago

I read every Hardy boys book and loved them to death. I also read many Tom Swift books which were a close second. It’s funny that now I prefer sci fi books to mystery books .

Ron T.
7 months ago

I know I read at least a few that I probably borrowed from my cousins (last name Hardy) who had a large selection.

RV Staff
7 months ago

My favorite was Jack London and his wild Alaska wilderness stories — hence my nickname, Mountain Mama, and my two license plates, MTNMAMA and MTNMOMA. Not to mention my 18+ acres of semi-remote, absolutely gorgeous mountain property on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, with Index Creek running through it. And it’s less than an hour from my home. A lifelong dream-come-true after growing up on Jack London’s stories. (Thanks, Jack!) –Diane

Last edited 7 months ago by RV Staff
7 months ago

Also read Trixie Belden books.

Dale Sain
7 months ago

Late in life I discovered Franklin W. Dixon was not one, but many writers with assignments. The formula worked, so why change it. As an adult I throughly enjoy Clive Cussler novels. It dawned on me that they’re just a grown up version of the same. Except now these writers get a bit of credit.

Jeff Craig
7 months ago

No love for Encyclopedia Brown??

Lawrence Neely
7 months ago

dune, the illiad, the odyssey (and other classics), the hobbit

Kit Vargas
7 months ago

Read both Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Also watched the Hardy Boys on the Mickey Mouse Club. Started my love affair with mysteries that I still enjoy at 73!! This week binge watching the old Murder She Wrote series in honor of Angela Lansbury.

7 months ago

In grade school the only books I read were “How to Build a Birdhouse” and Popular Mechanics. Mom really got mad when she found out that I had not read any of the assigned books – mad at the 1st and 2nd grade teacher for not letting her know that I had not done my homework for a whole year. I still have no interest in Fiction literature. Wife reads two books a week.

Gerry B.
7 months ago

I didn’t not read Nancy Drew as a child. But when my children were reading them I read one just to find out what they were reading. Same as when the Harry Potter came out and the grandchildren were reading them. I read all the Harry Potter books. Not bragging, just saying.

Bob p
7 months ago

They weren’t around when I was a child.

7 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

The first Nancy Drew book was published April 28, 1930. 92 years ago. You were a child for at least 10 years so congratulations on being at least 102.

The Hardy Boys were first published in 1927.

Dave Green
7 months ago

Tom Swift for me.

Steve H
7 months ago

I answered “no” because I only read non-fiction as a kid and still do as a very senior adult.

7 months ago

Read ’em all. Bought 99% of them at my local Woolworth’s for $1.57 each. Saved them all and gave them to my niece when she was old enough to enjoy them and her mother got rid of them all afterwards and never mentionned returning them. 🙁
Would have loved to have had them to pass on to my grandkids now.

7 months ago

When I was a kid I read every Nancy Drew and every Hardy Boys book that my school library had. I loved them.

Val Catena
7 months ago

I was totally into anything with animals, particularly horses. Walter Farley’s Black stallion series, and Marguerite Henry’s Misty series were favorites that I still have, 50+ years later.

7 months ago
Reply to  Val Catena

Don’t forget My Friend Flicka, Black Beauty, and Fury (the book and the tv shows). Pony penning day at Chincoteague Island is still on my bucket list!

7 months ago

I don’t remember reading any books when I was in grade school except school books. I was always outside as much as possible playing and exploring.

Gene Bjerke
7 months ago

I mostly read Dr. Doolittle. Those books seemed to have a more scientific approach.

7 months ago

Half of a Hardy Boys that was enough. Read Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field&Stream it was what my Grandfather read. And the odd western.

Last edited 7 months ago by Skip
Don H
7 months ago

Read every Hardy Boys book published. Saturday morning was “read-in” morning for me. I’d wake up, grab a book and read it through before getting out of bed!

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