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Do you have a friend from high school who you still see?

High school was either the best time of your life or the worst time. It’s hard to find anyone who thinks otherwise. Your experience in high school probably depended a lot on who you spent your time with. If you had a good group of friends in high school, they were probably some of the best friends you’ve ever had.

Think back to those friends or that group… Do you still talk to them? Do you still see them? If so, how long have you been friends for? Please vote in today’s poll then feel free to answer those questions in the comments below. Thanks!


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Steven N
1 month ago

Yes, my wife!

Glen Cowgill
1 month ago

Last reunion 2019, which was the last reunion, there were 10 of us left out of a graduating class of 289. I believe we are down to 4 of us left now and only 2 of us still are able to travel. I will have dinner with one when I go to WV this summer if I am able. I am 81 now.

Last edited 1 month ago by Glen Cowgill
Lindalee Sorrells
1 month ago

Actually, we met in junior high – what might be called “middle school” today – in 1960! We will both be 75 this year 15 days apart! That is a LONG time to have a friend. I also have one that I very rarely see that I met in the 10th grade in 1963! I feel very fortunate to call these two remarkable women my friends!

1 month ago

Many of my fellow graduates meet every month for lunch, when we are not traveling I join them.

Jeff Roller
1 month ago

Have a friend from Junior High and High School that I still see each week and text all the time. There were times in college we disconnected but one day I walked into a class and sat next to each other like no time had passed.

1 month ago

I voted for rarely, but, I married my High School Sweetheart and also keep in touch with one of my classmates on Facebook. The fact of me entering the military and remaining away from my hometown may be a factor in my not staying closer to more classmates.

1 month ago

All my good friends from high school are dead. Motorcycle, drinking, and smoking took them.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

Aside from my wife, I only have one friend from high school within 500 miles and we don’t see each other outside of class reunions. Most of my high school friends are dead, which really limits the possibility.

Terri S.
1 month ago

I married and am still married to my high school sweetheart, Steve. Also still see and go camping with my best friend from high school, Diane.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

I rarely see them but we do keep in touch on Facebook.

Marilyn M
1 month ago

We winter down in San Felipe Baja California Mexico. Imagine my shock when, out of the blue, a former friend from High School messaged me to say that a friend (whom I knew!) had told her that she was in the same little sleepy fishing village as I!! And in the next-door Campo! 45 years since we had seen each other It was incredible and marvelous!

Mark Sampson
1 month ago

I married my high school sweetheart, so yes, I see her every day.

Brian Burry
1 month ago

Absolutely! We both became police officers, after both being in combat in Vietnam, and he went on to become a great Police Chief with a law degree and I while being an officer, joined my wife in real estate, therefore working two careers simultaneously. He and I still get together periodically and enjoy his company as always. My wife is my other high school friend who I married about 9 years after graduating and 48 years later are also still BEST FRIENDS and Husband and Wife! I am truly blessed.

Caren Kelly
1 month ago

My best friend dates back to toddlers (66 years). Our mothers were best friends and we lived across the street from each other. We don’t see each other very often but distance and time don’t mean a thing. Each time we speak or see each other it’s like yesterday. We are now at the wonderful RV resort in Arizona for 5 months together with our spouses and are having a fantastic time. If only it was a little warmer.

Don H
1 month ago

Every day! I married her…

Judith Roales
1 month ago

We were renegades together in Freshman year, and now — almost 65 years later — still are when we get together. Which isn’t often enough. I am fortunate to have several best friends, but she is my oldest and dearest and the only keeper of my hardest secret.

1 month ago

No I don’t see or talk to any friends from high school. I didn’t really enjoy high school that much. Wanted to go to a small school but ended up going to the largest high school in the state with almost 550 in my class. Since my wife was in my class, we do go to the reunions held every 5 yrs, next year will be our 60th.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
1 month ago

I have a few friends from High School that I am friends with on Face book (3) and since high school , 45 years, I have met with two friends. Didn’t leave anything back there

Scott & Beth B - Altoona PA
1 month ago

We text quite often (nearly daily) but due to distance we don’t see each other. Its sad as time flies by and we age, losing loved ones makes us feel more and more vulnerable yet life keeps us from doing everything we would like to.
I do hope to make the time to travel (many states away) and visit, just to hug and say Hey!
Our wives have only met once and that was his wedding, so there’s lots to catch up on. Some day hopefully!

Judith Roales
1 month ago

Scott, plan it now. There is no someday on the calendar.
1 month ago

I get to see lots of high school friends at the biennial 60s Class Reunions held in my hometown. We also have a facebook group to keep everyone informed of the comings and goings – now mostly goings – of each other. Before I moved 500 miles away 33 years ago, I worked at the local grocery store saw a lot of some classmates and even worked with a few.

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