Friday, June 2, 2023


If there were a permanent moon base, would you spend a week there if invited?

Some people dream of going up in space or landing on the moon; others wouldn’t accept a trip even if it were free! What about you? If you were invited to a permanent moon base, would you spend a week there? If so, would you be excited about it or would you be scared?

After you vote in today’s poll below, please leave a comment and explain your answer. We want to know if you would, or wouldn’t go and why. We think we’d go… See you there (or not).


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Neal Davis
1 month ago

I am in the midst of watching a Smithsonian Channel series on air crashes. Given how little can bring down an airliner, I have no interest in space travel.

Sue B
1 month ago

I would absolutely go! Imagine being able to see the earth from space. Stargazing would be fantastic. Bouncing around with less gravity would be a blast. What an amazing adventure!

Edward Wilkinson
1 month ago

If you read of the physical and mental issues reported by many very much in shape astronauts after their visit to the moon and other outer space ventures….well, I’m older and only in decent condition…I don’t think I’d come back from a moon vacation in anything but a depleted condition. And anyway, I’d only remember it into the next month, like the trip we took somewhere to celebrate my retirement.

You might fare better, though. Are you astronaut tough?

1 month ago

I think I would do it. I like to try new things.

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

I am a curious person, that’s a big reason why I wanted the RV and to see “every inch of the US” – so, if I was offered a free trip to the moon, I would probably take it, just to see what it was all about! …then couldn’t wait to come back and blog about it to share with everyone else! LOL

1 month ago

Go to the moon? No. I would only get as far as the Air and Space Museum – indoor RV parking.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

I’d do it in a heartbeat, but it won’t be practical until we figure out how to manipulate gravity for lower power requirements to launch and overcome inertia when accelerating and decelerating, but also gravity plating so our muscles don’t atrophy while in low gravity environments.

Maybe in another 100 years? I still want my flying car.

1 month ago

If I knew there were some long term health benefits to this travel like cures for diabetes, heart disease, different sorts of cancer than yes and I get a ticket for someone else to travel. Not sure if continued poking a hole in the atmosphere is a good idea. And there is so much to see here on earth and fix I think I’m booked to the end of my time trying to help for moon travel.

Gary W.
1 month ago
Reply to  Skip

Poking a hole? lol.

Thomas D
1 month ago

No. It takes more than a week to adjust to our bed in Az when we snowbird. I don’t appreciate the backache that goes along with the move.

Calvin Wing
1 month ago

There’s so much to see here on earth that I’ll never be able to see it all. And there’s colors galore.
The moon has only varying shades of gray. No breeze’s and little shade.

1 month ago

NO WAY, don’t even like going up in tall buildings!!!

Sandi Pearson
1 month ago

Husband answered the poll today..he was a YES…I’d go to be with him just in case…he’s dieing to rock hound the…me…I’m content with my present gravity …

1 month ago

If they’d take a 70’s someone I’d go in a heartbeat.

Seann Fox
1 month ago

As long as it’s not “Moon base Alpha”. (Very old Sci-fi show).

1 month ago

It depends… full hook ups?

1 month ago
Reply to  Gene

LMAO. 😆🤣

James LaGasse
1 month ago

At 70 I’m a bit to old to make the trip, at 40 to 50 I would be racing to sign up.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

As a teen I was given permission to stay up and watch the fuzzy live video of the 1st humans on the moon. I was convinced that spaceflight would match the pace of airflight and while ridiculously expensive, commercial travel would be commonplace by the time I hit middle age. Then BAM! we stopped flying beyond low earth orbit.

My timetable has been reset by two generations. I think my grandchildren will be able to buy those tickets about the time they reach middle age.

Bob P
1 month ago

I don’t even go to foreign country’s so why would I go to a foreign object in space? Maybe after the bridge is built because I don’t fly. That’ll be after a bridge is built to Hawaii.

1 month ago

What! No Walmart?

Bill Bamber; Edmonton Alberta
1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

Too Funny!!

Kevin G.
1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

No. Just a Dollar General.

1 month ago

What would we do for a week there? Look back at the earth and wonder if my lawn is being mowed? A week inside with limited activity would drive me batty.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

Exactly. A day, maybe 2, but not a week. The weightlessness would be cool but the landscape would get old pretty fast.

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