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Scott Gitlin
2 years ago

In this issue, clicking on a link to read further does not open a new window.

2 years ago

Living in hurricane country, my RV is always ready. Gas, bottled water, MRE’s and personal hygiene items, always there, always ready, during the season.
Spent the week after Michael, supporting the American Red Cross at shelters, providing amateur radio communication support. When the cell system is down, we are “the final mile.”

2 years ago

Regarding adding the magical 9 words to actually extend your warranty up to 4 year, be mindful that any contract additions, deletions and modifications require both parties to Initial their name and date it.

Jack Duncan
2 years ago

Can you tell me how. I am looking for a switch for my Aladdin monitoring system and it is no longer available.

Jack Duncan

2 years ago

Also lived in Chico in the past. Personally I know of four former acquaintances who have lost everything. Many extended families gone. The fire knew no social class. It took all. They need a place to live and a tent in a parking lot isn’t the answer. FEMA has got to move in the trailers. I know the people of Chico and Paradise, they are resilient and do not think the Government as their daddy. They just need shelter, temporary. Many won’t leave the the vicinity, they have so much family in the area. Family is who many are relying on now. God Bless my friends in Paradise and the many who have responded to help.

John Karlson
2 years ago

Where was the storage place near which border crossing. Any further info would be appreciated.

Joe Allen
2 years ago

Back in the early 60’s when I was stationed at Travis AFB, we volunteered to assist in a large wildfire. Scary to say the least. Nobody knows unless they have been there, how fast a fire can spread. Thanks go out to all the firefighters and volunteers who are putting their lives literally on the line.

2 years ago

I live in Chico and I want to comment about the Walmart. The Walmart has not asked people to leave the parking lot. It was a Facebook rumor. The people of Paradise are not being asked to leave!
I have allowed my neighbors friends family that were burnt out of there house to set up a trailer in front of my house so they could have somewhere to live. His trailer was burned up in the fire but another friend of my neighbor from Washington State brought his trailer down to Chico for their use. My neighbor winters in Arizona so his house that I keep an eye on is being used by another Paradise family that was burned out. The next neighbor over has decided to move in with her boyfriend and sell her house so others can move in. We have a very low housing market so there isn’t much to rent or buy. Everyone in Chico is trying to help but there are a lot of people. It will take years to rebuild. The schools need 100 trailers to house the Paradise students. This is a massive disaster. My son’s house is still in the line of the fire and the winds are expected to pick up. He is still evacuated. They say my house is safe for now. You should always have a to go bag ready! You just never know.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  BuzzElectric

Thank you very much for the info on the Walmart, Buzz. The article has been updated. Good luck! 😀 —Diane at

Ian Cook
2 years ago
Reply to  BuzzElectric

thank you for all your help. We all need a to go bag or box just in case. And do your best to protect your animals. God Bless

R.R. Torres
2 years ago

Great news letter.
If you are looking for hard to find parts for your RV.
Call the wrecking yards in the now depressed oil field areas.
When Oil workers left they left hundreds of RVs.
Many types and ages of RV parts available.