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RV Doctor: Can RV be stored off-level without damaging the fridge?

Dear Gary,
I understand it is recommended that RV refrigerators be level when operating, but how far “off-level” can we keep the RV without damage to the refrigerator when the refrigerator is NOT in operation, i.e., when it’s in storage? And do you recommend it be slightly off-level for winter storage? —Pete S.

Dear Pete,
As long as the absorption refrigerator is completely turned off, the RV can be off-level to any degree (maybe not upside down) and not harm the cooling unit in the refrigerator. It is only while in operation must the refrigerator be relatively level in order to work properly and safely. So if the unit is turned off, there’s really nothing to worry about if you store the coach off-level over the winter. Here’s another explanation you might find helpful.

And if you’re really bored this winter, here’s a slew of other RV refrigerator questions and answers to peruse. Don’t worry, there will not be a test!

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3 years ago

Water tends to pool on a couple spots on my dual axle trailer. Is it hard on the suspension or tires to raise the front 6″ or so?

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