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Today’s thought

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days.” ―Zig Ziglar

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Girlfriends Day! (And if you don’t have a girlfriend, you can still celebrate because it’s also National Raspberry Cream Pie Day!)

On this day in history: 1893 – Henry Perky patents shredded wheat.

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Tip of the Day

Watch in horror as this semitruck slides down the highway. Know these safe driving tips

By Nanci Dixon
What would happen if you were in the situation in the video below where a semitruck (or box truck which appears is being towed by a similar truck) was sliding straight toward you? What would you do? It would be hard enough in a car, but can you imagine trying to maneuver a 20,000- to 40,000-pound RV around a sliding truck speeding toward you on its side? This driver did an impressive job, but we can’t imagine everyone would react like this. Study the safe driving tips below so you know how to react in case anything like this happens to you.

Watch the short video and read Nanci’s tips

Today’s RV review…

Note: Tony is tied up on a special project, so asked us to rerun this review from a year ago. He mentioned that a friend just picked up their inTech Terra Oasis on Saturday. Tony added, “They really haven’t changed, but they are pretty awesome.”

2021 inTech Terra Oasis Travel Trailer

2021 InTech Terra OasisIn today’s column, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the 2021 inTech RV Terra Oasis. As he reports, “This might be one of the better new trailers I’ve seen on the market in a while… and I have seen a lot of trailers. While it’s certainly not inexpensive, it seems to be a decent value for all the thought and components that have gone into its design.”

Click here

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

I want to remodel my RV. How do I know where I can drill?

Dear Dave,
I want to do some remodeling on my RV. For example, I want to take the sofa out and add more counter space. But to do so, I will need to screw into floors and walls. My questions: How do I know where it is safe to drill? How do I avoid wiring? Is there a diagram of what’s inside the walls? … I’ve seen a lot of videos of RV remodels and people seem to just pop screws in all over the place. No one ever discusses how to do this properly and safely. Thanks! —Connie, 2017 Thor ACE 29.4

Read Dave’s answer


Why does the 30-amp plug burn up with two air conditioners?

Dear Mike,
I purchased and installed two compact SoftStartRV modules in our Dometic rooftop air conditioner units about a month ago. Until recently, we haven’t had the opportunity to test the SoftStarts using 30A service. A few days ago we stayed at a park that only had 30A service, so we tested the SoftStart by running our two 15K BTU A/C units and it worked! But, doing so caused us to pull all 30A available from the power post just to run both A/C units….

Continue reading the question and Mike’s answer

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Video of the day

22 brilliant RV hacks that will cost you less than $3!

By Cheri Sicard
Free RV hacks? You bet. Well, they’re mostly free…

None of the practical tips and RV hacks in this video will cost you more than three bucks and most of them are, indeed, free. (And who doesn’t love free?)

But don’t let the lack of cost fool you. These brilliant RV tips can still help you save time and money, and protect your RV, too.

Watch the video

Professional photographer says this tripod is best for RVers

By Nanci Dixon
I need to preface this by saying I was a professional photographer with access to everything photographic – and I mean EVERYTHING. Every lens, camera, film (in the old days), printer, computer, strobe units and tripod ever made. When I retired, for better or worse I ditched it all. I said goodbye to my camera closet and decided to use only my cell phone. The worn phrase “The camera you use is the camera you have with you” is so true. But I’ve found the perfect tripod for RVers. Continue reading.

Well, if you ever wanted to have a wild dance party in your bathroom… this is where to start! Wowie!

Reader poll

Do you know how to drive a vehicle with a “stick shift” (manual transmission)?

Tell us here

Quick Tip

Prevent birds from stomping on your roof

If you have problems with birds on your RV roof that sometimes sounds like they’re playing football, toss up a rubber snake you bought at the dollar store and it will keep the birds away. To be environmentally friendly, attach some monofilament fishing line to its tail so you can pull it down before you head down the road. Thanks, George B.!

Website of the day

The 8 Best U.S. National Parks for People Over 65, Experts Say
Okay, 65-and-betters. These are the best National Parks for you (well, according to some…). We think all NPs are for you, but these are especially accessible and easy on the knees.

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Recipe of the Day

Chicken Tikka Masala
by Georgane Vann from Clifton, TX

We were pleasantly surprised by this flavorful chicken tikka masala. It’s not traditional, but quite tasty. The seasonings on the chicken breasts are not overly spicy. The sauce is savory and creamy thanks to the coconut cream. Serve over steamed rice and with Naan bread for a quick weeknight meal.

Click here for the recipe


According to Toyota, only 18 percent of American drivers know how to drive a vehicle with a “stick shift” (or manual transmission). (Do you?)

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Heidi is a rescue West Highland White Terrier that has won our hearts. Heidi has taken over our RV as her personal domain. Her roost is our dashboard, when we park, where she has a view of the entire campgrounds. Pity the poor squirrel that crosses her path; she will literally jump the tree in pursuit.” —Michael L. Parks

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

Here’s everything to do if you lose your pet. This is an excellent resource

Leave here with a laugh

What do you call a medieval spy?
Sir Veillance.

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20 hours ago

I have rescued dogs for over 30 years and had to heart breaking send them over the bridge. The latest last May. As for driving defensive? It all depends on the road and what the options are. Otherwise as they say in driving class if you see a deer? Head on.

9 days ago

I just have to say that I am SO pleased that most of the Reader’s Pet of the Day pets are rescues! THAT tells me that RV people have hearts!

Donald N Wright
9 days ago

I like the rubber snake idea, but what about squirrels up in the trees who start dropping nuts at midnight ?

10 days ago

Mystery Product: Yep, I need something else to clean when I clean the toilet!

Chiara Colella
10 days ago

For the person wanting to know where the wiring is located in the walls of their RV, I had a similar situation. The answer for me was a stud finder. I have one that detects not just wood but metal and live wires. Hope this helps😊

Rosalie Magistro
10 days ago

Ummm. The birds tip .. every dead snake I’ve seen on a road or trail have birds eating them.
Especially owls..

10 days ago

Those must be big birds if you can hear them tromping on the roof. In my stix n brix, I do hear the cats running across the roof at night – I guess that is why I don’t have birds on the roof. Maybe on your RV you could …. No I won’t say it.

10 days ago

The tip about putting a rubber snake on the roof doesn’t always work. I’ve seen crows munching on snakes on the side of the road. If it doesn’t move they try to eat it. People have tried Owl decoys with the same result. It doesn’t move and it’s not a threat. My neighbor tried that around his pool. The birds were walking right past them.

10 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Lol. I’ve used the owls and the birds use them for perches and crap all over them.

Bob p
10 days ago

Title to bridge mishap is mislabeled, driver didn’t misjudge bridge height, stupidly didn’t pay attention to all the warning signs or stupidly doesn’t know the height of the RV. Either way you can’t fix stupid!

Mike Albert
10 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

Agree, BUT. Did I miss a story?

10 days ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

It’s a story from the past. It’s in “Popular Articles….” about half way up the page from here. Some sad, expensive stories of preoccupation, following a GPS or for whatever reason. Know your height and width! Always look up for power lines etc………

Bob p
10 days ago

Quick tip? How do you toss it up on the roof and get it to land right side up? If it lands upside down the birds will think it’s dead and will try to eat it as a snake tends to turn over as it dies.