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Steve Runice
3 years ago

I have a problem finding parts for my Rv’s manual overhead bed in. The rv is an 2007 Forestriver toyhauler. The beds wheels or rollers need to be replaced and I have tried for a couple of years to locate replacements. I’ve tried calling Forest river several times and have yet to get anyone to call me back. What can I do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Phil Atterbery
3 years ago

This comment is a little off from any of the topics in #793, but here goes.
Hi Chuck. A shelter structure built on a landscape/utility trailer. Is it a recreational vehicle (RV) or a tiny home? Is it manufactured house (aka a mobile home)? Is this a topic you want to open or let the sleeping dog lie?
Enjoy I90.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

Phil, I don’t know if that would fit into any specific category. I think you could call it whatever you want.

3 years ago

I want to be one voice encouraging Chuck to continue writing what he thinks. His work, ideas and opinions are very appreciated out here.

Mike Sherman
3 years ago
Reply to  Austin


Jerry X Shea
3 years ago

Mark Polk stated the weight of water in your tank and that you should not drive with full water. That works fine if you are going from one RV park to another. Not so when you tour the USA and don’t know how water works in different states. Just drove from SO. CAL. to Minnesota to an RV Park on opening day, April 28th. Made it a 2 week trip with a weekend in OK CITY. Spent 2 nights at Truck Stops (Flying J) and pulled into the RV Park with 2/3 fresh water and told it would be 3 weeks till the water is turned on. We are here for 5 months. Can’t use the showers in the bathrooms as they are closed (no water). Yes we have electric but the rest is dry camping. We bought bottled water and are doing just fine (Marine Showers anyone). My point, as a 12 year fulltimer, “alway have your water tank at least 1/2 full – you just don’t know what the next stop may bring.

3 years ago

Trivia: “The only fish that can blink with both eyes are sharks. Also, sharks have a mirror-like layer in the back of the eye which enhances the eye’s sensitivity to light (ten times more sensitive than humans’ eyes) so they can see better in murky water.”

Don’t know where this comes from, but I wonder???? Don’t think sharks have eyelids or nictitating membranes, so how can they ‘blink’ at all? Both these are land-related adaptations, and sharks (and other fish, too) haven’t been there and back. Must mean something else? Can’t figure. As to the tapetum (mirror-like layer), readers not knowing what to think may guess that the tapetum multiplies sensitivity 10 times, but not. It allows light reflected back to pass through the retina a second time, but with somewhat less effect, so it enhances the dim-light-vision less than twice; however the retina may be much more sensitive than humans’ to start with, adapted to dark waters. And, this won’t help much in murky water – they’d only see the murk better. It’s in dark water, deeper or toward nightfall, but clear enough to see through, that this sensitivity would help. REL.

Jimmy Allegrezza
3 years ago

Do you have a way to check on the settlement of the Etter Vs Norcold class action. Seems We should have received settlemets.

3 years ago

Yes, the RV industry has to refocus their market base to stay in competition. However, it is still the Baby Boomers that have the largest share of disposable income for the higher-end models that bring in the big bucks. Don’t count the ‘silver tsunami’ out of the picture yet.

Nancy Brookshire
3 years ago

On a billboard in Atlanta Georgia off I-85…..”We undo, I do”……of course an attorney advertisement!
Nancy Brookshire
Saluda, NC
I tried to send this to Diane(at) and Both came back as non deliverable .
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