Tuesday, October 4, 2022


My ‘trip of a lifetime?’ No, no! Please!!!


By Chuck Woodbury
I cut this ad out of a magazine a long time ago. I pasted it up on our office wall, where it stayed until just recently. My staff and I, along with our visitors, often entertained ourselves howling with laughter at the idea of this being our “trip of a lifetime.”

As someone once said (maybe it was me), “Having some old guy hanging onto my back as we walk across a swimming pool. . . well, that’s a few thousand light years away from my idea of a ‘trip of a lifetime’!”

Now, this is just a guess, but I think if I were to be a really bad person for the rest of my life, then this is where I would end up spending my eternity.

To whoever dreamed up this ad — “thanks for the laughs!”



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Bob Trapp
5 years ago

We’re halfway through a 35 day trip with Passport America. We’re stopping and seeing places we wouldn’t have on our own. Very well planned.

Ron Pollock
5 years ago

RV tours area great way to see the country, no worry’s , everything planned for you ! Adventure Caravans is another great company !

5 years ago

While this picture wouldn’t be my trip of a lifetime either, I really enjoy traveling with Fantasy RV Tours. I haven’t been offered the opportunity of a swimming pool conga line but have met some wonderful, interesting people and a relaxing trip while they did all the work except driving. Somehow this picture seems a little outdated.

5 years ago

Can you imagine this after going for lunch at a Mexican Resturant? Think I’ll pass thanks.

Steven M Jenkins
5 years ago

FMCA sponsors these RV fantasy tours. If you are a member, you get these offers all the time. My wife and I signed up for one to cover the national parks of the Southwest this Aug-Sept. I’ll let you know how it turned out. Sounded great, and no photos like the one you show here.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago