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M. Williamson
2 years ago

Chuck! How do you know when you click the link for that the sale is getting thru to the newsletter? Purchased a couple of items today 1/30/18 and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that you guys got any rewards for it?? ??? Thanks!

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
2 years ago
Reply to  M. Williamson

M. Williamson, You wouldn’t see any message about us when you shopped, but we do get the credit, as long as you go through any Amazon link on our site. Thanks so much for thinking of us.

Mike Sokol (@mike)
2 years ago

Talking about RV refrigerators, I wonder if any of you are using a 12-volt DC fridge using a Danfross swing compressor? It uses 12-volts DC directly and varies the amperage draw based on how much cooling needs to be done. The compressor technology doesn’t scale up to a full size refrigerator, but the trucking and marine industries make a bunch of mini-fridges that should be able to run from a modest solar panel array. Should Chuck and I do a survey about this? And I can probably get Engel to send me one of these for testing on a solar panel array.
So is there enough interest in refrigerator power draw of various cooling technologies that I should research it and do an article in my RV Electricity Newsletter on the topic? Let me know and I’ll make the call.

Steve Willey
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Sokol

YES! For 28 years we sold solar power systems for remote off-grid owner-built homes. We used the Danfoss compressor based Nova-Kool refrigerators. I still have one in my kitchen installed about 1980 that is working fine. In 1998 I took one small 4 cu ft unit with me to purchase a Pro-Van Tigert motorhome, to have them install it in place of the gas ref. Now I notice Pro-Van uses Nova-Kool 12 volt refrigerators in all their units I see in campgrounds. Nova-Kool, based in Vancouver BC area, make sizes that are exact replacement size for Dometic RV units. (see use FAR less power than a residential AC powered unit and can run of course, from a converter power as well as solar battery. Far fewer solar and batteries required.

Steven Scheinin
3 years ago

Chuck, you need to wake up to what is going on around you. If you notice at the RV show, a lot of the shoppers are like me, baby boomers. We are now retiring and looking for something to do. We are healthy and have money. We do not want to sit in a rocking chair on our front porch, like our parents and grandparents. I purchased an RV with a lot of the amenities you scoff at. I am not camping, I did that for 30 years. I am now sightseeing in my condo.

3 years ago

Hey Chuck, you really opened a can of worms! We fell into that trap of buying a new M/H in 2016. We were & still are planning an ALCAN vacation this June. When we were looking all the “A” seemed to only offer residential & up until then we were mostly boondockers for 40 years, hated hook uppers & generators, still do. Anyway we got a new 35′ with the residential refer & its awesome compared to the gas one! I’m still trying to get the amperage draw figured out so I don’t need to run the “YUK” gen! So far I bought 4 AGM L16, 390ah batteries. Have only one 160w solar & ready to install 2 more. But due to current roof issue I have to & see if that will cover my needs for a day without using the gen. If anyone has info on a real life usage with boondock camping with the residential refer, please let me know.

Tom becher
3 years ago

Back in the late 50’s early 60’s Chicago had nothing but gas refrigerator s . There was not enough wiring for electric refrigerators . The brand name was Servel if I spelled it right still used in remote areas for cabins That was called residential then Never heard of a fire. I like my Dometic, keeps things cold/frozen and I’ve never had a fire either

Steve Rosenlund
3 years ago

While in San Antonio area, recommend a few days in Fredericksburg. Stay at fairgrounds for $25. Lots of music and history including museum of the Pacific War. Luckenbach is a suburb and music starts at 1pm every day if you like old time country and gospel. Love your newsletter.

3 years ago

We are now in our 3rd motorhome in our lives, 2 of those as full timers (FT since 2009).

1st 2 rigs had propane fridge. Current rig has residential fridge (installed as modification after market, not from factory). We will NEVER go back to a propane rig.

We have three 8D AGM batteries and a quiet 10KW diesel generator in a quiet box mount. If you are not camped right next to us, it will not bother you. However, I just installed 1400 watts of solar panels to take advantage of “free” sunlight and ZERO noise.

And no our rig is not a expensive new motorhome. It is a high end 2003 Foretravel U320 40′ 2 slides. We have no sticks and bricks, and hope to never have one again. Love this lifestyle.

3 years ago

Josh the RV Nerd agrees with Chuck and this article on residential refrigerators. Josh is a straight-shooting RV sales person. I have never met Josh, but I do enjoy watching many of his videos. He discusses this topic based upon the experiences of his dealership here if you are interested.

3 years ago

Your Trivia info is not correct for all areas. I grew up in Mobile (home of the original Mardi Gras) and there is no state, city or county law requiring masks on floats. Instead, each parading society makes the rules and while all of the older ones have strict mask requirements, several (comic cowboys ex.) does not require masks on the floats.

Charles Yaker
3 years ago


For what it’s worth. I often like to check back on comments I make to see if there are replies. This is difficult at RV Travel – there are systems that allow for notification when replies are added. Never having investigated I don’t know costs but suspect others feel the same and might warrant your investgating

jane shure
3 years ago

We had a saying in the electronics company I work for over 35 years. Talking to the dead is only slightly more difficult than talking to an engineer and talking to a computer programmer is the dead. The upper level management does not have a clue about what is engineered, built and sold. The management and engineers should have to live in one of their designs for a few months and I will bet there will be some changes made. I have a passionate dislike for gas refrigerators because they are nothing but troublesome expensive pieces of junk which has been the cause of many a fire. The #1 complaint I hear out in the world of boon docking is the troubles people are having with their junk gas refrigerators. The engineers of these things should be casterated with a dull rusty knife. When people ask me what they should do when they have troubles, I tell them to get a picture of the CEO of the company who made their refrigerator. They should glue the picture of the CEO to the front door and drag the damn thing out to the gun range and shoot it with a high powered rifle aiming at the CEO picture. Also while they are doing it they should video record and put it on you tube.

3 years ago

Two things annoy me with RV,S nowadays.
First some engineer decided it was better to have an Rv fridge that requires 12 volts to operate on propane.
That’s going backwards in my books. The old ones only required the propane bottle.
The other is the lack of any improvement in efficiency with furnaces.
One could roast a wiener at the exhaust outlet on a furnace.

Alaska Traveler
3 years ago

Lots of comments about residential refrigerators. We have an RV refrigerator and dislike it’s ups and downs. The freezer gathers ice at the bottom and the refrigerator is impossible to regulate. We bought a tiny refrigerator and put it in the garage for salads, fruits etc that freeze in our RV refrigerator. Can’t comment on the big residential ones myself but I have friends I boondock with that have them and they have no complaints.

3 years ago

Also: We’re bringing back our Zip Code Contest next week. If you see your randomly selected Zip Code in this newsletter and are the first to tell us, you win cash. In the past, we given away as much as a few hundred dollars to individual winners.

Did I miss it?

3 years ago
Reply to  RV Staff


Kevin Hogle
3 years ago

I like my propane/electric RV refrigerator. Mine will operate at zero or -2 in the freezer and about 34F in the bottom when set on “6” out of 10. Uses a minuscule amount of propane. Either I got a good one or they have been around long enough the bugs are all out. I did have the option of a residential style when buying my 2013 Winnebago new but apparently now the choices are limited.

Steven & Trisha Ruth
3 years ago

We agree with you Chuck. Along with those residential fridges another thing the rv industry has done is to change out the style of windows. The new ones hardly open. If you are in an rv park with electric hook ups, you can run fans or air conditioning. But if you want to boondock, even in a Walmart parking lot while on the road, you can’t get hardly a breeze through those windows. We feel both windows and fridge changes are simply economics. They are cheaper for the manufacturer.

3 years ago

Good Lord Chuck- I didn’t know it was a debate. I just thought you were presenting some insight on new RVs. From what I’ve seen and heard, the residential fridge is for larger capacity- more food. Nothing more than that. Dude. (yeah, I’m chuckling)

David McKEE
3 years ago

Hey, you guys heard of solar powered fridges. Mine runs all the time, use as a spare beer fridge when laid up at home. Just remove a few beers and load up for the next trip. Does not cost anything. Sunlight is free in New Zealand.
David McKee

Ron Schulz
3 years ago

YAYYY. Three polls…

3 years ago

Please put the News section back where it was.