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Shirley C

Question, we have 2004 nissan titan trk pulling 2008 jayco trailer. We keep blowing the running light fuse. All other lights work fine. How do we trouble shoot or fix this?


I love Progressive. RV insurance. They read to me what they cover and even if you hit a child? They pay for it while transporting little Johnny to the hospital. Got to check them out. We have not left yet. As for the dog thing? KOA has been charging pet fees for years. I just noticed they are limiting how many you can have. Although they won’t ask when you check in. We have three. One KOA said 2 was their limit and nothing was asked when we checked in. So it goes without saying. If they ask if you have pets say yes, if they say how many up to you how many but we have traveled with 3 and no problems yet. As for the refrigerator? Our door keeps falling off. We have one more road trip to go and then will make an appt next April to get it fixed. So far we have jerry rigged it to keep it on. Happy Camping.


So many people want to know how long it takes to drive to Hawaii, from Texas or another state. And when they get to Hawaii they want to know where the bridge is to get to other islands.


Love the Bumper Sticker and Joke of the Week in this issue!


Along the lines of RV insurance a year ago there was a problem with the GoodSam insurance website. When you choose your insurance limits the site would change some of the settings on other pages you already set up. I chose I wanted full coverage but after setting my limits I ended up with just liability and didn’t realize it. I brought it to the attention of a National General insurance agent manager and they didn’t seem to care.
I now have full coverage with another carrier for what I was paying for liability with GoodSam. Just wanted to make people aware if using the GoodSam website for insurance.


I handled and investigated insurance claims in my career. Failure to reveal information relevant to a policy is called material misrepresentation. It can result in denial of the claim and an investigation process you won’t enjoy. In the state I worked the company was required by the state regulatory agency to report all suspicious claims for possible prosecution.

Moreover, actual full timer coverage offers a homeowner type of liability coverage that provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage that you cause while away from the RV which is something a regular auto type policy doesn’t provide.


I don’t have a problem with ads anywhere as long as they are not intrusive or annoying. Ads pay for the content we read on the internet or watch on TV and inform me of sales, new products, services, etc. I may otherwise never learn about . I’m assuming the repeated ads (ads being shown twice one after the other) in today’s issue of this newsletter are merely a glitch but it unfortunately echos a trend that’s become common on over the air TV the last few years: showing the same ad more than once in a single commercial break. Besides being annoying, it’s also insulting, as though the advertisers think their audience is too stupid to get the message the first time.