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I used the “members” link and got a page denying me access. Here’s part of the message:

Your access to this site has been limited

Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

Reason: Exceeded the maximum number of page requests per minute for humans.

The last i checked, I’m still a human… so apparently the silicon entity guarding the site refuses us “meat” entities entry to the site. I’m logged in via the “guest” interface to post this message.



Still have spinning beach balls this morning. Tried clearing browsing history, no change.


I get spinning wheels here, and the bragging map lacks public authorization to view (still locked unpublished in draft mode).


Chuck, you and staff put together a quality newsletter this week. Thanks


Now on to the rocks question. Be careful of how big the rock is and where. It is a felony to take a rock from federal land aka national parks. If it is small enough to hide fine but watch how big it is. I was told this from our tour guide who saw my mother collecting rocks. The rocks I collected was one each for a gravesite. So unless you are going to do a rock garden? I suggest putting them back if you really don’t need them. Still cleaning out my camper and car from the stones we found and they found us.


We are still recovering from a 3 week journey to Colorado Utah Arizona and home. It was the best trip we ever did. What I recommend after going thru Denver I 70 is that this is the best route heading to Utah. Great views of the Rockies and the top half of Colorado. Once you enter Utah I recommend exit I believe 149 or 148 south to Escalanti Bryce Canyon. Avoid 12 south like the plague unless you are not towing. The local who runs the gas station at Torrey told us O NO Problem using 12. It was a nightmare with a trailer. I have learned my lesson not to listen to the locals. Ever. They hate tourists and those just passing thru. So take it from me. Avoid 12 south. It is scenic but nightmarish with a trailer. We headed home from Mesa Verde. No way easy to go east except thru the mountains. You can go an hour south to avoid it or directly head on. We did the head on. Did it and won’t do that again. 10,856 at the Continental Divide top. Scenic. We did all three states and are done. Now on to Alaska. Now I am working on a photo album thru an on line service. Should be done in a month. Happy Trails.


No problem with web links or spinning beach balls with me this morning


Digital map article says cannot open a draft.

Gary Reiter

I’m having a little trouble with the news letter this morning, I’m getting a lot of spinning wheels, some things are not loading and some links are not working. Just to let you know.