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RV Daily Tips. Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Issue 1339
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anais Nin

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Crouton Day!

New Facebook Group: How the coronavirus is impacting RVers. Learn about park closings, cancelled rallies and RV shows — and more. Your input requested.

If you are a member of an RV club or are affiliated with an RV-related event would you please let us know if its gatherings, meetings, etc., are cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus? We’ll pass along the info to our readers. We appreciate any news related to RVing that’s being affected by the virus. Please submit it here. Thank you!

Tip of the Day

RV Education 101: Portable generator safety tip

With Mark Polk

If you ever use a portable generator set, make sure the exhaust is directed well away from the camping area, and that you have a properly operating Carbon Monoxide, CO detector. Move the generator the distance of your RV power cord, with the exhaust directed away from where you are camping. Remember, carbon monoxide gas is invisible, odorless, and deadly.

RV Safety Features, Tips & Tricks

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Bear charging you? Spray it!

Summer is almost here and for many RVers that means a visit to a national park or other rural or scenic area. In some of those places, humans are not the only creatures enjoying an experience with nature: among those other creatures — bears! Here are important tips to protect yourself in case of a bear encounter. And watch a video (in the article) of a bear spray story from Yellowstone National Park employees.

Yesterday’s featured article: Thinking of full-timing? Some basic advice. 

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Readers tell us

Do you need full- or part-time employment to make ends meet? See how fellow RVers answered here.

Here’s the latest pickup truck news. Did you see that truck sales sped past cars for the first time in history?

Helpful resources


Did you buy a lemon RV? Here’s more about RV lemons and lawyers who will represent you if you need help.

It’s Chuck Woodbury’s birthday, here’s a special note to him

By his daughter, Emily
Happy Birthday, Dad (or Chuck Woodbury, as you know him)!
My dad has been “stuck” (I say that lightly because actually he’s quite enjoying his desert-bathing time) in Arizona during the pandemic. I haven’t seen him since November, which isn’t too unusual for us, considering I used to live nearly 3,000 miles away from him. I go to his house (about 15 minutes from mine) every now and again to tend to his hot tub, run my dog in his beautiful backyard, and see what kind of shelf-stable snacks he and Gail have in the pantry (not much)… Continue reading.

50 States, 5,000 Ideas, the best book for travelers!
This book from National Geographic showcases the best travel experiences in every state, from the obvious to the unexpected. Sites include national parks, beaches, hotels, battlefields, dude ranches, museums and more. Each entry provides detailed travel information and fascinating facts about each state that will help fuel your wanderlust and ensure the best vacation. The book also includes a section on the Canadian provinces and territories. Learn more or order.

Quick Tip

Is buying a “deer whistle” worth it?

Worried about your RV being clobbered by a deer? Before you pump good money into “deer whistles,” do a little research. There’s little evidence that they work, and plenty of evidence that they just don’t work. In fact, some insurance companies recommend against using them.

Random RV Thought

Do us a favor and get up from this newsletter right now and go check that the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector (and any others that you may have) still work. Replace them if it’s been a while.

The newsletter will still be here when you get back, don’t worry.

Website of the day

Survival myths that could actually kill you
Have you been watching too many reality survival shows and think you can handle any type of emergency — like if you get lost in the woods on a hike, or your RV breaks down in the middle of the desert, or you get bit by a snake, or some other emergency? Well, here some myths are refuted and the facts are explained to help you survive in an emergency.

You don’t know how dirty your headlights are…RV Travel Newsletter Issue 916
When was the last time you gave those headlights a good scrub? It’s been a while, huh? Get yourself this 4-piece headlight restorer kit from Turtle Wax and have your headlights looking as good as new in less than 5 minutes. It can be used on all lenses, plexiglass and plastic surfaces, and will restore all dull, yellowed headlights. Learn more or order here.

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• Our “Super Lube” axle disaster. Is there one waiting for you?
• Do tips for fending off sleep while driving really work?
The new American RVer – not a pretty sight.


Whispering isn’t good for your vocal cords! In a 2006 study published in the Journal Of Voice, 100 subjects were tested while they counted from 1-10 in a normal voice, then again in a whisper. The study found that 69 of the participants put more strain on their vocal cords when they whispered.

*Where is the oldest operating bookstore located?
A.) London, England
B.) Lisbon, Portugal
C.) Athens, Greece
We told you the answer yesterday

Leave here with a laugh

“To be or not to be a horse rider, that is equestrian.” — Mark Simmons, comedian

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  1. I won’t drive any vehicles without “Deer Whistles”. I have seen them work personally and saved me thousands of dollars in repair bills plus injury to myself and passangers. I’ve had several deer at full run, put on the brakes at the last second before entering the hyway and turn back into the woods, field, etc. They are worth there weight in gold to me. Now, they don’t work under 35 mph, so watch out.

  2. Happy Birthday Chuck – Too funny about the Good & Plenty, Cheri and I keep a box in the glove compartment of my truck and eat them during our RV travels.

  3. Happy Birthday Chuck. Your daughter Emily penned a terrific tribute. She obviously loves her dad and appreciates all the fun, educational and eye-opening travel experiences that you shared with her over the years. I’m sure she has as many stories to tell as do you. As we now sit in place, social-distancing (oxymoron) and waiting for the world to re-open, I think we can all be patient and look forward to better times in the future. Stay safe and keep writing.

  4. Happy Birthday! I immensely enjoy the newsletter and contribute to it financially.
    Keep up the great work-we all appreciate you and your staff.

  5. Happy birtbday Chuck!!!! I love this newsletter SO much!!!! You can do no wrong with it!!!! Thanks for keeping it going so well!

  6. Re the Survival tips that can kill you: While punching a shark in the face isn’t effective, using the sharp, jagged bone that remains would be more of a deterrent…..

  7. Happy Birthday !!!!
    We appreciate all you and your staff are doing to keep us informed with the truth about the RV industry. Keep up the great work !

  8. Happy Birthday! Emily’s post was priceless, and a joy to read.
    Have a lovely day and wonderful year 🌞🎈🎁🎂🎉🎈

  9. I love the quote of the day! I can draw a parallel with the thought of the country and world coming out of this dreadful Coronavirus crises!

  10. Happy Birthday Chuck! Really enjoy your news letter! “Today’s Thought” sure is appropriate for the times! By the way, I stole this one for a post on my Facebook page and gave credit for where it came from, hope you don’t mind!

  11. Happy birthday Chuck! Our smoke detector chirped last week and for the first time ever it was NOT the middle of the night!

  12. I learned at 3 am today that you should change out that battery in the smoke detector on a routine basis. Otherwise you will miss out on sleep listening to it chirp every 2 minutes.

  13. Hippo Birdy Chuck! As one of my friends say. Another milestone accomplished! Leave no stone unturned. 🍰🍧🍩🏜

  14. As I read this, my wife is still in bed asleep. I doubt very much if she would appreciate me setting of the smoke detector. I think I will wait till later.

  15. I have a question about the SOFTSTART I keep reading about on this site. Where do you install it and does anyone have a copy of the installation instructions I could review prior to purchase? Thanks in advance for this.

    • I don’t have a SoftStart, but if you word search the name and the words ‘user guide’ or ‘user manual’, you can generally find a pdf you can open up and print or screen-read. Sometimes the manufacturer’s own website will have these manuals in their support sections.

      I don’t keep manuals any more…not enough space for all that extra paper!… so I always find and download manuals when we get some new toy.

      Good luck!

    • I just had our soft start installed at my favorite RV repair place. I was too chicken to install it myself. If you are handy, it did not seem to be a big deal. After it got installed, my part in the process was to start it and let it run for about 15 minutes and then off for about 15 mintues. You are to do this 5x. It sets the “memory” of the soft start. The only reason I had to do the restarts is the day I had it installed it was too cold outside and the mechanic said it needs to be warmer so the compressor starts up properly. If its to cold outside it does not turn on apparently. The day of my install it was 30 degrees. I waited a couple of days until the weather was warmer. I’m very excited, as we wanted to be able to only carry one of our Honda 2000i;s (the companion one). I have a friend who has his Honda 2000i companion set up to be his lone genny and all works great. Like us, he has a 30amp unit with only one air conditioner.

    • A quick trip to YouTube and you’ll find several videos on how to install this unit. Mine is on the way as I type . . .

    • Go to Micro-air Soft start website. You can look at their install instructions and look at the Utube videos on installing the Micro air soft start. That’s what I did prior to purchasing and installing myself.

    • Hi I installed one last summer. It works well with my Honda 2000 genny. The instructions were not that easy to interpret, though and it took the rv teck awhile to get it straight.

  16. “Today’s Thought” — Very appropriate considering all of the travel restrictions imposed by our governments.

  17. I’m not sure what was funnier today’s laugh or the ad that FEMA was hiring. Though the fema ad was probably from google.


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